Unleash the Fury! Achievement in The Incredible Hulk

  • Unleash the Fury!



    Get the Enclave off your back.

    How to unlock Unleash the Fury!

    What you need is to let one of the brutes with the stun rod hit you with an attack that will knock you down, while 2 or more brutes are close by. He will put his foot on your back, while the others jump in. i got it three times in a row, by letting him knock me down. The regular brutes don't seem to be able to knock you down, so look for the ones with the stun rods.
    Just fast-tap whatever button it asks to fill the bar, Hulk will knock them all off and unlock the achievement.

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  • Didnt find these guys till the mission "A Mass Mind Control Device - Part 1"
  • Correct...these fellas (Barbaria with Stun Guns) don't come until later in the game...once they are there, let them stun you, play the quick mini button mash game, and there you have it...achievement unlocked.

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