- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 20 [1000]
- Approximate amount of time to 10005-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 60 [50 of YDKJ 2015, 1 of Fibbage XL, 1 of Drawful, 3 of Lie Swatter, 3 of Word Spud]
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty settings.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: PC, Tablet or Phone.

The Jackbox Party Pack is a collection of party games created by Jackbox Games, the same company that made You don't Know Jack. 

The collection, along with all other Jackbox games, is special in that instead of using controllers, players use their Laptops, tablets or phones as a controller. This allows for a large number of people to play together on a single console. The Jackbox Party Pack consists of five games, You Don't Know Jack 2015, Fibbage XL, Lie Swatter, Word Spud, and Drawful. Each of the games is described in greater detail in the Games section below.

Joining a Game:
No matter what game you are going to play, the procedure is the same for every one. First, start up the Jackbox Party Pack. Once it starts up, choose the game you want to play. Every game, with the exception on You Don't Know Jack, will take you to the main screen of the game, which will display the room code used to join the game. (You Don't Know Jack gives you the option to play with controllers or devices, so you must choose first)

Once the game is up and running and you have the room code, get onto your device and go to jackbox.tv. Upon loading the site, you will see the screen displayed below.

Once you are at this screen, simply enter the four-letter room code and the name you wish to use in game, and then hit play. Once this is done, you should appear as one of the players on the Xbox. Once enough people have joined, there will be an option on your device that says "Everybody's In." This button will start the game once everyone has connected.


You Don't Know Jack 2015
You Don't Know Jack 2015 the sequel to the Xbox 360 game, You Don't Know Jack. 
Genre: Trivia
Max Players: 4

The object of You Don't Know Jack is pretty simple. There are three rounds. In the first round, their will be a series of five questions to answer. Based on whether you answer correctly or incorrectly, you will gain or lose money respectively. The second round is exactly the same as the first, with the exception that all questions are worth double money, meaning you can gain (or lose) even more each question. The third and final round is the Jack Attack round, which will be explained later in the guide.

Jack Attack
The Jack Attack round is the third and final round in every episode of YDKJ 2015. At the beginning of the jack attack, a clue will be given to you that will help you match the correct answer later on. Once the clue is given, an item will be put in the middle of the screen, and a series of other items will appear on the edges of the screen. The goal is to simply press the  when two items that match up based on the clue are on screen at the same time. You get $2,000 for answering correctly, but lose $2000 every time you choose incorrectly.

Question Types
There are eight types of questions you can be asked.

Basic Question: 
A standard question and the most common. A question is asked and four choices are given. Answer right, you gain money equal to the amount of time you have left (ex. if you have 19.58 seconds left on the timer, you will gain (or lose) $1958), answer wrong and you lose it.

You will be given seven items. Four each of the items, you need to choose which of two categories it fits into. Gain $300 for each correct answer, lose $300 for each incorrect answer. At the end, you will receive the sum of all the money from each question, plus a time bonus for how much time you have left.

Kangaroo, Peanut, Albert Einstein or Uranus: 
A question where the answer choices are... you guessed it: Kangaroo, Peanut, Albert Einstein or Uranus.

Who's The Dummy: 
A question read by Billy, the host's ventriloquist dummy. He has a serious lisp, so basically its a question read with a heavy lisp.

Foggy Facts With Old Man: 
Old man will describe something, and you have to choose what he is describing.

Cookie Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie "Fortune Cookie" Masterson: 
Questions that are prefaced by a fortune from out of a fortune cookie.

Put the choices into order then buzz in and see if you are right question: 
You will be given three items and are asked to put them in some sort of order.

Funky Trash:
You will be given a list of items and choose what person all of the items are related to.

Wrong Answer of the Game
Each episode will have an answer that while wrong, has something to do with the episode sponsor stated at the beginning of the episode. Choosing this answer when it comes up will net you big cash and a prize.

Fibbage XL
Genre: Bluffing
Max Players: 8

Fibbage XL is the sequel to the popular X1 game Fibbage. It is played the exact same as Fibbage, only with new questions.

The basic premise of the game is that everybody will be shown a question. Each player must then input their own lie to the question with the goal of getting other players to choose your lie. Once all lies are entered, players get a chance to choose what they believe to be the right answer. Choosing the correct answer gains you 1,000 points, someone choosing your lie gains you 500 points. Sometimes the game will put in its own lie, choosing their lie looses you points, so try not to choose them.

There are three rounds in a game. The first round consists of three questions. The second round also consists of three questions, but all points are doubled. The third and final round is the final fibbage round, which consists of a single question where all points are tripled.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Genre: Drawing/Bluffing
Max Players: 8

Drawful is very similar to Fibbage. At the beginning of each round, each player will be given a phrase and be prompted to draw it on their device. Once everyone is done drawing, the round proceeds with each drawing being displayed, players entering a lie as to what they think the phrase was, and then everyone choosing what they believe to be the correct answer.

Lie Swatter
Genre: Trivia
Max Players: 100

Lie swatter is a Trivia game that can be played by up to an insane 100 people at once on a single console. The game consists of 3 round of 7 questions each. Each question will provide you with a statement, and you simply have to choose whether that statement is true or false. Get it correct, gains some points, get it wrong and get no points.

Word Spud
Genre: Word Game
Max Players: 8

Word Spud is a word game where players try to string words together. Each turn, a player is presented with a word. They simply need to enter a word or phrase that strings with the word given. Once this is entered, the other players vote on whether they like the entry or not. You get one point for each person that likes it and lose one point for each person who doesn't. Gameplay consists in a rotation until the timer runs out and the game ends. 

[XBA would like to thank datmanydocris for this RoadMap]

The Jackbox Party Pack Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Get all questions right in an episode


    As the description suggests, this achievement simply requires you to get all questions right in any episode. Simply play through the episode, noting the correct answers for each question, then play through a second time and answer them all correctly.

  • Come from behind to win during the Jack Attack

    The Jack Attack is the final question in an episode. It works fairly simple. A word or phrase will appear in the middle of the screen. The game will then proceed to flash several other words or phrases on screen. Simply tap  when the flashing word or phrases and the word or phrase in the middle match based on the clue Cookie provides at the beginning of the question. Simply over take the leader during the Jack Attack to net the achievement and 50.

  • Ace a DisOrDat


    A DisOrDat is a type of question found in You Don't Know Jack 2015. A DisOrDat is always given to the person in last place, while all remaining players get a chance to steal the points if they choose the correct answer and the player answers incorrectly. Simply put, two different categories will be placed on screen, and several things will be put on the middle of the screen. If you match the middle topic to the correct category, you win $300, match it to the wrong one, and you lose $300. This achievement simply requires you to match all seven topics to the correct category before time runs out. This can easily be done at the same time as "Drain the Main Brain" by playing an episode that contains a DisOrDat, noting the correct answers, and playing through again answering all questions correctly.

  • Win all Wrong Answer of the Game prizes


    Each episode of YDKJ contains a single wrong answer that has something to do with the sponsor of the episode. Choosing this answer will award you big money as well as the prize if you have not previously chosen the answer.

    The "Wrong Answer of the Game" for each of the 50 episodes can be found below.

    The following are formatted as such:

    Episode: Sponsor
    (QUESTION #) Answer (Button)

    Episode 01: The San Francisco Otter Choir
    (6IX) Odder 

    Episode 02: Flavored Eye Drops
    (4OUR) Lens Crafters 

    Episode 03: Slightly Used Balloons
    (8IGHT) Pop 

    Episode 04: Teen Sasquatch
    (3HREE) his big FEET 

    Episode 05: Kale Mart
    (1NE) the Greens 

    Episode 06: The Anti-Pedestrian Council
    (9INE) Abbey Road 

    Episode 07: Hoarder Helpers
    (2WO) a horde of zombies walking in circles 

    Episode 08: Vegan Cannibal Supply Co.
    (7EVEN) What's Eating Gilbert Grape (March 4, 1994) 

    Episode 09: Oopsie Daddy Male Pregnancy Tests
    (10N) She won't have another "time of the month." 

    Episode 10: Is It A Dog? The Game
    (6IX) Brian 

    Episode 11: The 24-Hour Wicker Store
    (4OUR) The Wicker Man 

    Episode 12: Indoor Sunglasses
    (6IX) adding NEW SHADES to the hue of his wardrobe 

    Episode 13: The Devil
    (2WO) 5000-****-****-0666 

    Episode 14: Stop Sign Quaterly
    (4OUR) a fuzzy octagon 

    Episode 15: MWC: The Mime Weather Channel
    (7EVEN) Don't Speak 

    Episode 16: Giant Kitchen Appliances
    (1NE) The Jolly Green Giant 

    Episode 17: Accordion To Jim Accordion Store
    (6IX) a POLKA DOT dinner jacket 

    Episode 18: Spray-On Sunburn
    (7EVEN) Mr. Burns 

    Episode 19: Sculpt-By-Numbers
    (5IVE) Michelangelo's David 

    Episode 20: The Alliance of Mole People for a Better America
    (9INE) mole sauce 

    Episode 21: Legal Puppets
    (3HREE) Pinocchio 

    Episode 22: One-a-Month Vitamins
    (1NE) The March Hare 

    Episode 23: Overgrown Backyard Supply Store
    (9INE) The Backyardigans 

    Episode 24: Neptune
    (5IVE) Planet Hollywood 

    Episode 25: Hats for Rats
    (7EVEN) "Giant Monster Rodent Infestation" 

    Episode 26: P-N-Pool Pool Toilets
    (7EVEN) Dropping the kids off at the pool 

    Episode 27: Nose Candy Co.
    (2WO) Yes's and No's 

    Episode 28: Shrunken Heads Superstore
    (9INE) "Head Cheese is the Cheesiest" 

    Episode 29: Rocks That Kinda Look Like Things
    (1NE) Dwayne Johnson 

    Episode 30: The Banana & Hammock Store
    (6IX) Brady Bunch 

    Episode 31: Peeping Todd's Pervert Supplies
    (7EVEN) A Peeps Polar Bear 

    Episode 32: Bland McDally's Incorrect Maps
    (6IX) Atlas Shrugged 

    Episode 33: Luxury Tin Foil Hats
    (3HREE) "I showed an old lady my FOIL..." 

    Episode 34: Angry Mob Superstore
    (3HREE) Mafia 

    Episode 35: Butt Busts
    (3HREE) Pirate's Booty 

    Episode 36: The Finger of the Month Club
    (8IGHT) Chicken Fingers 

    Episode 37: Edi-Bowl Edible Toilets
    (2WO) Craps 

    Episode 38: Cattle Pults
    (6IX) The Chicago Bulls 

    Episode 39: A Hole Premium Holes
    (10N) A Swiss Cheese Sarah Michelle Gellar 

    Episode 40: Corn!
    (6IX) Abraham Lincoln's Ear 

    Episode 41: The Vatican Gift Shoppe
    (4OUR) Cardboard Pope Hats 

    Episode 42: Mother Trucker: Truck Store for Women
    (1NE) 52 Card Pick-Up 

    Episode 43: Chemi-Cal's Chemicals
    (2WO) Beaker 

    Episode 44: JFN: The Junk Food Network
    (5IVE) SWF Seeking JFN 

    Episode 45: Optome-Tricks Novelty Eyewear
    (1NE) Contact 

    Episode 46: The CIA Outlet Store
    (8IGHT) Ciao Ciao 

    Episode 47: Underwear Innovations, Inc.
    (7EVEN) "No matter what you do, don't let any boxers in." 

    Episode 48: Just Bats
    (2WO) Bruce Wayne 

    Episode 49: Fun-Plus-One Sidecars
    (6IX) In the seat next to me 

    Episode 50: Cookie Masterson's Closet
    (7EVEN) Lots of extra closet space 

    Credit to Birth Mark for the Wrong Answers of the Game.

  • Fool every other player with a Lie in a 3+ player game


    Simply write a lie that sounds convincing. if you're lie is convincing enough, people will choose it. If you play this game for fun, this achievement should come naturally. If you don't want to wait to get it naturally, simply connect three computers and have both of the other pick your lie.

  • All players find the truth on a question


    Once the question appears, simply pause the game by hitting  , and look up the answer. Once this is done, have all players choose the correct answer to net yourself the achievement and 50.

  • Enter the same thing as another player


    This achievement should come naturally, especially if you are playing with friends. As soon as two players submit the same lie, the achievement will unlock. If you don't want to get this naturally, simply log in two computers and have both write the same lie.

  • Write a Lie that's actually the Truth


    This achievement is fairly simple. You can sometimes get lucky and just happen to think of the truth, but the easiest way to get this achievement is to choose a question that you have already had (and remember the answer to) and write the truth as your lie. Or, you can always just pause the game and look up the answer, or if you're quick enough, you could change tabs and look up the answer before time runs out.

  • Draw something that everyone guesses correctly


    This is pretty simple, just draw a decent enough drawing that people will actually be able to tell what it is. Once everyone guesses the correct answer for your drawing, the achievement will unlock.

  • Win a game by more than 3000 points


    There are two main ways to get points, either get people to guess your drawings correctly, or get them to choose your titles for other people's drawings. Simply put titles that sound plausible and seem likely based on the person's drawing.

  • Fool every other player with your title of another player's drawing


    Simply write a title for another drawing that sounds plausible.

  • Guess every drawing correctly in a game


    This can be a pretty difficult achievement. If you want to get this achievement legit, its best to play with people who are good at drawing. I personally find it significantly easier to draw on a tablet than on a phone or PC, so I would suggest having everyone use tablets if possible.

  • Play a perfect round


    This achievement simply requires someone to answer all questions correctly in a round. If you play the game enough, sooner or later someone will be bound to get all of them right. If not, simply pause the game and look up the answer to each question.

  • Play a game with 10 or more players


    Pretty self explanatory, simply start up a game with ten computers connected. The achievement will unlock as soon as a game with 10 or more players is started, so it is not required that you actually finish the game. 

    *For this achievement, along with any others involving a certain amount of players, it is possible to have multiple "players" on a single device. Each web browser you use will allow you to enter a different "player," and you can have an additional player per browser if the browser has an in-private browsing mode, as this will also allow for a separate player. For example, if you have IE, Firefox and Chrome all installed on your computer, you can have up to 6 players on that computer, the first in IE normal browsing, a second in Firefox normal browsing, a third in Chrome normal browsing, a fourth in IE In-Private Browsing, a fifth in Firefox private browsing mode, and a sixth in Chrome Incognito Browsing.

  • Win three games in a row


    Again, pretty self explanatory. Simply win three games in a row. You can either wait to get this legit, or simply connect two devices and try to have the same one get the questions right.

  • Play a full 8-player game


    Simply start a game with eight players. 

    *For this achievement, along with any others involving a certain amount of players, it is possible to have multiple "players" on a single device. Each web browser you use will allow you to enter a different "player," and you can have an additional player per browser if the browser has an in-private browsing mode, as this will also allow for a separate player. For example, if you have IE, Firefox and Chrome all installed on your computer, you can have up to six players on that computer, the first in IE normal browsing, a second in Firefox normal browsing, a third in Chrome normal browsing, a fourth in IE In-Private Browsing, a fifth in Firefox private browsing mode, and a sixth in Chrome Incognito Browsing.

  • Play a perfect round where all words get accepted


    Just have every player accept every word. Once the round ends, so long as no words have been denied, the achievement will unlock.

  • Win three rounds in a row


    Just have one player win three rounds in a row. This is easily accomplished by having one player have all of their words voted yes, while the other player has all theirs voted no. It should display your current win streak at the top of your device's screen.


Secret achievements

  • Enter one of the 7 bugs' secret names as your name


    This achievement simply requires one of the players to put one of the secret names as their name when entering the game. When connecting at jackbox.tv, simply enter the room code given on your X1, and enter one of the secret names as your name, then hit play.

    Currently, the only know secret name is the name "Sparkles."
    This guide will be updated to include new names as they are found.

  • Type the word "nugget" and get it accepted


    There are two ways you can do this:

    1. Wait until a word comes up where nugget would make sense as the next word and hope that the other players vote yes.
    2. Boost with a partner (or simply just connect two devices). Have one type nugget and the other accept it.

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