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There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • You reported the lightning rod at the Monastery and became one of the loyal Queen's Guards.

  • You helped Tobias escape the Monastery prison and he has accepted you as his apprentice.

  • You avenged the crimes against the ratinity by killing Tobias on Gok's request at the Monastery.

  • You found a pack of brathers who accepted you as one of their own. Respect the Ratvolution!

  • You avenged all the Naboru killed in the previous ratkin uprising by executing the captive ratkin.

  • You defeated Marco in your first duel, against all odds. Rough beginning to a wonderful friendship.

  • You managed to hide the lightning rod, saving the Keepers from Her Majesty's wrath. For some time.

  • You had second thoughts again, and betrayed poor old Regulus instead of killing Her Majesty.

  • You gave Paak the cadaver of Bufus, so he could get the praise he deserved for his heroic feats.

  • You assassinated the Queen in cold blood. It was nothing personal, though.

  • You made it to the very end of the game! Well done. May you ascend in tots.

  • You stood by Hadriana's side all the way to the romantic, pragmatic royal wedding. Congratulations!

  • You reunited the whole of Wardenia and brought peace to Naboru and ratkins alike!

  • You took the bribe from Ilvar and let his crimes against The Naboru Empire slide. Cunning!

  • You ignored Ilvar's bribes and handed him over to the Naboru. Justice, thy name is Silver!

  • You executed Ilvar's orders and killed Yosi. So much for that new-agey non-violence bullcrap!

  • You let Gok and your Ratvolutionary brathers ransack the holy Citadel of the Naboru. Such fun!

  • You rejected Grachus's offer and stood firm in supporting the Ratvolution. Respect!

  • You ratted on your furkin brathers to Grachus, so they could be slaughtered by the Naboru army.

  • You decided to break the shackles of Ilvar's command and did not execute Her Majesty. Nice!

  • You gave Marco the general's head and orchestrated his marriage with Hadriana. Majestic matchmaking!

  • You showed Brian that you mean only well for the mission and for the Naboru Empire. Good job!

  • Your devotion to the ratkins' well-being melted Petra's heart. She is now your faithful friend!

  • You turned the other cheek and released Maltis from Ilvar's prison. How big of you!

  • You asked Ilvar to help find the compromising letters between Grachus and Regulus. Oh, the irony!

  • You saved the Naboru refugees from the wrath of grandmother Gyung. Peace still stands a chance!

  • You gave Draap's head to Yosi to bring peace to all the ratkins of Wardenia. How spiritual of you!

  • You decided to spare Ilvar's life. Maybe he planned for that, too, but he might prove useful later.

  • You formed an unlikely alliance with Ilvar's hench-alien Zarath. You two were made for each other!

  • You didn't back away from the heavy lifting at the Bridge and got Ilvar back to safety. Fattastic!

  • You discovered why Tobias hates the ratkins—they've eaten his niece! Or at least he says so…

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The Last Oricru Achievements FAQ

  • How many The Last Oricru achievements are there?
    There are 31 achievements to unlock in The Last Oricru worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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