-Estimated Difficulty: 2/10
-Estimated time for 250: 5 hours.
-Offline: 15 (250)
-Online: 0
-Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 1
-Missable Achievements: None! (levels can be replayed if needed)
-Glitched Achievements: None!

The Maw is a simple and entertaining game, with pretty straightforward achievements. If you follow the guide, you will get everything with no problem. This map is meant to serve as an overview of when you can expect to unlock the achievements, playing from beginning to end.

Abbreviated Overview:

-Crash Site: All Growed Up
-Bulb Valley: None
-Chaindown: Time for BBQ
-Dirtlands: Ground and Pound
-Looferland: Eyes of the Beloofer
-Mesas: Destroyer of Yums, Energize, Tastes Like Snot
-Beetull Smash: Hard Headed, That's Just Gross, Little Planet of Horrors
-Planet Maw: You're Totally MAWESOME!

Six Meals A Day - Load up levels at different times of the day and quit so it saves. You can change the timezone on your xbox to do this fastest.

DLC (Brute Force, River Redirect and Speeder Lane)
These DLCs give you a new level each to go through and eat everything you can find so you are fat enough to finish the level.

Brute Force
Continue to burn and destroy everything in your path in order to release all the yum-yum so you can maximize your eat-a-thon. By the time the big beetle opens the door you should have eaten 30 critters. If you haven't scout around and find more before you proceed as you can't go back.
Before you open the metal door in the water, break rocks to release more yum-yums and torch the flower for the Snuffle. Once you have all the creatures eaten you will be big enough to finish the level and unlock the Brute Force achievement.

River Redirect
Again make sure you destroy everything in your path as you should now be accustomed to. Once you have the ability to fly, make sure you fly up to the high ground in the middle as once this ability is gone it is gone for good. You will eventually come to a Gastro. Make sure you have eaten at least 38 creatures before you eat him else you will have to restart. The Snuffle is right near where you start, next to the first bridge you disable. Once you have 100% eaten, finish the level for the River Redirect achievement.

Speeder Lane
This level is different from what we are used to. You will be flying a little bike that drops bombs when you press . You are invincible for this, so it shouldn't pose too many problems. just destroy everything you come across. Hover over any soldiers that come out and The Maw will eat them automatically. Look out for the snuffle before the last pre-boss area. You will see a some huge rocks at the top of the screen. Destroy them both and the Snuffle will appear so you can gobble him up. When you get to the boss, just destroy the generators and then fire explosives at him with The Maw until he is dead. Speeder Lane unlocked. DLC Done.


[x360a would like to thank ThrawnOmega for this Road Map]

[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for this Road map addition]

The Maw Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Help Maw grow for the first time.

    This unlocks after you've fed the Maw enough to earn his first size increase. It will unlock early in the first level.

  • Find and eat 200 Yums.

    Will come naturally as you play through the game and work on "Little Planet of Horrors." I earned it during Level 6 (Mesas).

  • With the Bulbous power, electrify at least 50 objects and/or creatures.

    You'll first earn the Bulbous power in Level 2. Use it to shock all the creatures that can be thrown to disable shields, and as many Yums as possible. There will be a lot more targets to zap on Level 6 (Mesas), so don't worry about getting it right away.

  • With the Loofer power, laser at least 125 objects and/or creatures.

    You'll obtain this powerup in Level 5: Looferland. While riding the Maw, press to shoot lasers from the Maw's eyes. There are more than enough objects around to get you this achievement during Level 5.

  • With the Gastro power, flame at least 150 objects and/or creatures.

    The Gastro power is first earned in Level 1. Walk around with the Maw and torch every plant in sight, and Yums, where possible. There probably are not enough objects in level 1 to earn the achievement, but you'll get Gastro power again in Level 3: Chaindown, and can finish it then.

  • Complete the entire game.

    Complete all 8 levels to prove your MAWesomeness.

  • With the Beetull power, ram at least 50 objects and/or creatures.

    You'll first see a Beetull in level 3, but you won't earn its power until Level 7: Beetull Smash! Press to have Maw charge ahead, dragging you in its wake. There are more than enough objects to earn this achievement during Level 7.

  • Find and eat all the Snuffles.


    Crash Site: In the river area with the plants that need to be burned, look for a side path blocked off by a large rock. Move the rock, and you'll find the Snuffles at the top of the path.

    Bulb Valley: At the beginning of the level, behind a rock. Move the rock, and continue on with the level. When you have the bulbous power, shock one of the creatures that are thrown to disable shields. Pick it up with and bring it back to the beginning of the level. Throw it with to disable the shield.

    Chaindown: Behind the pirana plants that need to be burned down.

    Dirtlands: In the middle of the level, there are several islands with vents aiding in jumping from one to the next. Take the first vent to the left, and fly straight into another vent that will send you to the island with the cage. Smash the cage with the Maw.

    Looferland: Once the Maw has laser powers, head to the the back of the first open area. You'll see a side path to the left (or to the right if you're facing the green path that leads deeper into the level). You'll find the Snuffles in a cage at the end of this path. Laser the cage and eat your prize.

    Mesas: See the area where the Bulbous are gathering their explosive pollen? The Snuffles cage is on top of a peak nearby. Once you have the Puff-tor power, smash the rock at the back of this area to reveal a vent that will blow you right to the cage.

    Beetull Smash!: Near the end of the level, you'll be in an open area with a solitary rock spire in the middle. Ram the spire with the Maw to knock the Snuffles to the ground for easy consumption.

  • Get 100% Eaten in each level.

    When you've eaten everything in a level, you'll receive a message that says "100% eaten!" so you'll know you're done. Snuffles DO NOT have to be eaten to get 100%. Finish every level with 100% and the achievement is yours.

    TIP: Smash/flame/laser everything! Trees or mushrooms (even some rocks) release Yums that you need to eat for 100%

  • Find and eat 30 Gloobers.


    These are the snail-like creatures with the rock shells. Grab them with , then throw with to break their shells, and make them edible for the Maw. They first appear in Level 3 (Chaindown), but you won't have eaten enough to get the achievement until Level 6 (Mesas).

    For the ones in Level 5 (Looferland), you can use your laser ability to destroy their shells. By level 6, Maw will be so huge breaking shells is no longer necessary for him to be able to eat them.

  • With the Puff-Tor power, smash at least 50 objects and/or creatures.

    You'll encounter these guys in Level 4 (Dirtlands). With the power, press to jump into the air and then to smack objects. There are more than enough objects in level 4 to get the achievement.

  • Play during Maw's six meal times: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dunch, Dinner, and Midnight Feast.

    You can mess around with the time zone setting on the 360, load up a level and then quit out so it saves. Keep changing time zones and doing this until the achievement unlocks. (Thanks to Hayden for this tip) Alternatively, you can keep playing the game at various times of the day until it unlocks.

DLC: Deleted Scene - Brute Force

There are 1 achievements with a total of 15 points

  • Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in Brute Force


    The things you can eat are:

    • Yums:64
    • Salamanders:3
    • Snuggle:1
    • Bug:1
    • Human:1

DLC: Deleted Scene - River Redirect

There are 1 achievements with a total of 15 points

  • Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in River Redirect

    The things you can eat are:

    • Yums:33
    • Salamanders:3
    • Snuggle:1
    • Worm:1
    • Human:1
    • Snails:32

    NOTE: its 10 yums in the first field, not 9

DLC: Deleted Scene - Speeder Lane

There are 1 achievements with a total of 20 points

  • Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in Speeder Lane

    So, on this level you can only eat humans, but be sure to check all the buildings you destroy for humans. If you get stuck here are the videos and the snuggle is on video 1 around 9:30.


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