- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 39 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 8 to 10 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: Calling Out to Me (40G), Puzzling Out the Past (40G), Devouring Darkness (40G), An Unknown Outcome (40G), All That's Left Unsaid (40G), Followed the Trail (40G), and Phantom (40G)
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

"So it all starts with a dead girl..." Welcome to The Medium, the first Xbox Series exclusive by Bloober Team. You play as Marianne, a medium hurtled into a psychological horror mystery who is needing your help, and along the way, have other spirits help you. The game borrows elements from Silent Hill and the Resident Evil franchises but takes things its own way as well when you play two versions of yourself... at the same time, in the material world as well as the spirit realm. So hang on as you outrun a monster that wants to wear you as a skin, solve puzzles with the help of yourself, and free lost souls.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The game itself isn't difficult to complete due to its lack of boss fights as some just play out as cutscenes. Some of the real true challenges come in the form of collectibles and going for that Phantom (40G) achievement and whether or not it was done properly. So please follow those specific achievements in the guide below as it comes in sections as it basically comes down to - don't get caught. Some of the combat, if any, comes when you're playing as Spirit Thomas where you get attacked by tentacles as you parry them with your shield. Manual saving isn't a thing here but the game does save your 7 previous checkpoints as denoted at the bottom right corner of the scene as a butterfly icon in case you've missed something and have to backtrack to retrieve it. Please note that if you do do this, you MUST collect everything again as the game does NOT save what you have collected. Use Insight (lb.png) to highlight important items in a section if you're stuck and, at times, you must use Spirit Marianne to help your progression forward as, in the material world, a door may be locked but not in the spirit world.

This section would only cover if you happen to miss picking up a collectible or echo in a previous section of the game that you cannot return to since there is no chapter select or the section is blocked off. Hence you must start a new game or load a previous checkpoint the game saves for you. Remember - if you do happen to load a previous save, you MUST collect everything again, or it won't add up to your total count collected.

The game overall was really enjoyable to me. I especially loved the third-person view of things, although the fixed-camera angles were a bit annoying especially when being chased by Maw, I would take an ugly angle turn and I'll be facing a direction I wasn't going for. The graphics powered by the Unreal Engine were stunning and absolutely beautiful, even with the sweeping, glide shots of Marianne. The story did drag a bit during the Spirit Thomas sections although they did provide some backstory on why some characters did what they did as we, the audience, tried to also understand their motives. I ran into no known bug or glitch, although playing yet again on a different account, I noticed that when using Quick Start on the Series X, the achievements weren't popping up until I closed the game out completely and relaunched it. In all, the game was very good despite its short runtime. Give this game a shot and come to your own conclusion on what happens in the end to Marianne. Make sure to stick around after the credits as we do get a Marvel-like post credit scene.
[XBA would like to thank Redemption Mode for this Roadmap]

The Medium Achievement Guide

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There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Use Insight for at least 15 minutes.

    As soon as you enter a room looking for Jack's tie clip in the first chapter, you'll gain the option to use Insight (lb.png). Just leave it on (use toggle option instead of hold) whenever you can use it.
  • Find an Echo.

    Please see Caught the Scent (10G) for more info.
  • Find all Echoes in a single playthrough.


    There are a total of 32 echoes in the game but 31 nets you this achievement. Some are story-related items, some are really out of the way so please follow the video below for their precise locations. When you find an echo, you must use Insight (lb.png) for it to count as found.

  • Reconstruct a Memory Shard.

    After the moth shield section in the hallway, and getting the old key, you'll drop down to a lower floor, Ursula's room. You'll head into a room, next to a window you'll notice white debris scattered. Interact with it and the achievement will unlock.
  • Reconstruct all Memory Shards in a single playthrough.


    There are a total of 15 Memory Shards in the game. Some you will have to find and the others are tied to the game's progression. This one is considered missable but the game makes multiple saves for you for to backtrack just a bit just in case you may've missed one. Please follow the video below to find them all in one go.

  • Find a page from a mentor's diary.

    After dropping down into Ursula's room, head to the Spirit well, go up then right then walk towards the screen, You'll end up in the bathroom. Look at the sink, the diary page will be in the sink next to an echo pill bottle.
  • Find a note from a troubled man.

    In the Niwa hotel resort section of the game, and after using Spirit Shield against the moths a second time, you'll enter a room at the end of the hallway on the left. It'll be in a basket along with an invoice.
  • Find a postcard from the groundskeeper.

    Once you get off your bike after the opening credits, you'll be in front of a locked gate. Head to the security office to the left of the gate. The postcard will be in a suitcase.
  • Find an Echo of a mysterious caller.

    Once you exit the collapsed tunnel area, continue following the road until you reach a parking lot. Head to the entrance until you hear a ringing telephone. Answer it and use Insight (lb.png).
  • Spend 10 minutes outside your body.

    During the Niwa hotel resort section of the game, you'll gain the ability to be Out of Body by holding button-b.png when using the elevator. Be cautious though, as you do use a bar that depletes when using this new ability. This will come naturally during gameplay.
  • Escape the creature without alerting it.


    This achievement is a little deceiving since in a few encounters with Maw, he is chasing you. This all takes place in Niwa Hotel and ends after you've figured out who Nicholas is. Please view the video of a better presentation on what to do.

    Note: If Maw catches you in an encounter, DO NOT continue or load your previous save. Pause the game when he grabs you, exit out immediately, close the game then relaunch it. This way the game recognizes that you were not caught.

  • Inspect 25 objects in a single playthrough.

    Please see Psychic Sleuth (50G) for more info.
  • Inspect 50 objects in a single playthrough.

    Please see Psychic Sleuth (50G) for more info.
  • Inspect 100 objects in a single playthrough.

    This one will come naturally as you progress through the story.

Secret achievements

  • Send Jack's spirit away.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    After putting on Jack's tie in the prep room, you'll have to head back up stairs. The achievement unlocks after you receive a phone call from Thomas, and the opening credits finish.
  • Reach the hotel.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    Once you exit the collapsed tunnel area, continue following the road until you reach a parking lot. Head to the entrance until you hear a ringing telephone.
  • Meet Sadness.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    In the Niwa hotel resort check-in counter, after answering the ringing bell, you'll meet Sadness.
  • Survive a monstrous encounter.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    In the Niwa hotel resort section of the game, when reaching the second floor and developing the photo in the secret room, the Maw will start to chase you. After an intense chase and a sneak section (please see Phantom (40G)), you'll Spirit Shield yourself from some moths and have to shimmy a ledge right before you fall.
  • Experience your first vision of Thomas.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    After finding all of the piano sheet torn pieces and solving the globe passageway, you will need to head down some stairs with Spirit Shield. Once down there, follow the Spirit trail and interact with the objects. Once you sit down on the wheelchair, a cutscene will play out.
  • Send the Childeater away.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    After the section with Spirit Thomas, you'll return to a cutscene as Marianne. You'll forgive Richard.
  • Find the Red House.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    This will occur after Spirit Thomas' second vision and the cutscene between Marianne and the Hound.
  • Experience your second vision of Thomas.

    Story-related; unmissable

    After lifting the engine with the winch to find the hydraulic handle to help lift the garage door in the tool shed, you'll come up on a burned down house. The lighter you interact with on the ground will trigger a cutscene with Spirit Thomas.
  • Send the Hound away.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    After the second vision segment with Spirit Thomas, a cutscene with the Hound and Marianne will take place.
  • Uncover the mystery of the burned down house

    Story-related; unmissable.

    When arriving at The Red House, you have to find the face masks, place the pictures on the mantle fireplace and place butterflies in the right order for you to place the face masks on the kids at the tea party.
  • Make it through the pump station.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    When solving the water pressure problem and finding the missing turn wheel, you'll head back into the control room and drain all of the water in the central chamber.
  • Complete the broken mirror.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    After a fuse blows and you must find a replacement, you'll return to the power conduit to distribute power to 50. The sequence is ON-ON-OFF-ON. From here, you'll have to find the missing pieces of glass for you to cross over. All three missing pieces are in the rooms that opened.
  • Finish the game.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    After crossing over and meeting Spirit Thomas after fixing the mirror, you'll head to the lake to meet Lilianne. Once there, a cutscene will take place.
  • Find all pages from Richard's diary in a single playthrough.


    There are a total of 7 pages to find from Richard's diary but they're listed under "Mentor's Diaries." The first one can be found in Ursula's bathroom after jumping down the hole. The next five are found relatively close to each other in the Dayroom and the last page can be found after going down the stairs through the moth formation. Please follow the video below for their exact locations.

  • Find all of Thomas' notes in a single playthrough.


    There are 19 notes from Thomas scattered in the game. As there is no chapter select, if you miss one, you have to start a whole new game if you missed it in earlier levels, although you can backtrack up to 7 checkpoints the game automatically saves for you. Please follow the video for their exact locations.

  • Find all of Frank's postcards in a single playthrough.


    There are a total of 11 postcards to look out for. Because there is no chapter select, this achievement is considered missable and you'd have to restart the game all over again if you miss any from a previous section. Please view the video below for their exact locations.

  • Find all of Henry's Echoes in a single playthrough.


    There are a total of 4 echoes from Henry to look out for. This is considered missable since you can't return to this area going forward but since they're so close in proximity, they should be easy to find. Please follow the video below to find their exact location.

  • Feed the cat in Jack's apartment.

    At the start of the game, exit the room you're in and cross the hall. Go straight and enter the first door on your right. Head to the kitchen count and grab the can of cat food. From here, head to the doorway you've just entered and press button-x.png, select the can of cat food to serve it.
  • Acquire the razor.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    During the moth Niwa hotel resort section, you'll have to drop down a level to use Out of Body to reach a bathroom to acquire the razor.
  • Acquire the bolt cutters.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    After freeing the spirits of Tori and Nicholas, it will lead you to a mirror swap where you can finally obtain the bolt cutters.
  • Use a mirror to cross over.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    Still at the Niwa hotel resort but Marianne can't progress due to a lack of bolt cutters, you'll interact with a mirror and you must follow the Spirit trail to use Insight on kid toys and objects, it will lead you to a locker that holds a cat figurine. Take it and head back to the mirror to use.
  • Defeat the creature in the flooded ruins.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    To defeat Maw in the Ruins, you must collect the gas container, and a level to gas up the generator and to open the gate. Then push the cart into the water to shock Maw.
  • Burn through the moths using Spirit Shield.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    After dropping down a level in the Niwa hotel resort section, you must get your Spirit bar back up. To do so, you must use Out of Body (hold button-b.png) to get the razor from the bathtub, then cut through the skin to go through the doorway. Then pick up the flower from the vase to use it at the Spirit well. When heading into the hallway with the moths, just hold rb.png to get through them.

    Note: While using Spirit Shield, run (hold lt.png) at the same time to conserve Spirit energy.
  • Use Spirit Blast to create electricity.

    Story-related; unmissable.

    Once you have enter collapsed tunnel, head left to a Spirit well. Press button-a.png to observe the energy then head back to the electrical box. Hold rt.png then let go to release an energy blast by the electrical box.
  • Run 2 kilometers.

    This one will come naturally as you progress through the story. To run, hold lt.png. Also, progression does count if you happen to reload an ealier save.

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