Long Jump Achievement

  • Long Jump



    Jump 300 feet.

    Find a hallway with high walls. Shoot one portal high up on the wall and then one on the ground. Keep falling through the portals WITHOUT hitting the ground or walls. You will get it fairly shortly.

  • A good place to get this is Test Chamber 16. As she's waffling on about the chamber not being available, shoot portals on the ceiling and the floor. Shoot at the ceiling, then carefully pull the Left Stick down (no left or right movement), as this can cause it to be misaligned.
  • do not pause or interrupt the game while jumping
  • Sounds a bit hard for 5G, but I guess every point counts.
  • This is killing me, got the 30000 feet one, This ones harder in my opinion.
  • I got this in the final level, in the room with the turrets in the wall. Specifically, I put a portal on the lower sloped wall segment and jumped towards the other side, putting secondary portals on the floor and wall as needed. I think I had to connect on 5-6 secondary portals before it unlocked.

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