- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 25 [490 ]
- Online: 16 [510 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 40-50 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

The game itself is not hard and it has a pretty good fun factor, it can however get rather tiresome. The online will take some time, which is why it gets a 6 for difficulty.

Welcome to The Outfit, a fun third-person shooter with a little bit of RTS flare thrown in the mix. The game has 41 achievements and requires only one playthrough. Of the 41 achievements, only one can be unlocked just by playing through the story, that’s if you don’t do any bonus objectives. The remaining 40 can be unlocked by completing the bonus objectives and by playing online and meeting certain requirements.


Step 1: Campaign
There are 12 total missions in the campaign and all of them have two bonus objectives that unlock achievements. For the objective requirements, you can either look in the achievement guide below or you can go to Messiadbunny’s Single Player Medal Guide located here. All missions are very simple and should cause no problems. At the end of the campaign you will have unlocked 25 achievements totaling 490 .

Step 2: Online
The online achievements are not hard, but some can be time consuming. Since there is no online community in this game, it is best to look for a boosting partner in the Achievement Trading Thread here. Look in the achievement guide for tips regarding the specifics for the achievements. To make things easier play in the Estate Assault level, since both players start closer to each other. The 16 online achievements will net you the remaining 510 .

At this point you should have your 1000 or are most likely missing a couple of wins and losses, but keep at it. The online requires a minimum of two players, so grab yourself a boosting bud and start achieving! If you missed out on any campaign achievement you can replay any mission at any time. Good Luck!

[XBA would like to thank CienPR for this Roadmap]

The Outfit Achievement Guide

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Awarded for victories totaling 1000 Command Points in Ranked Quick Match games.

    At the end of a match, the amount of command points you win by is your command points minus their command points. This is a cumulative number, so it doesn’t have to be done in one match.

  • Awarded for 250 emplacement kills in Ranked Quick Match games.

    This means destroy 250 emplacements. Have a friend make a bunch of machine gun nests and you blow them up.

  • Feared



    Awarded for more than 20 enemy player kills in a single Ranked Quick Match game.

    Simply kill your friend more than 20 times in a match.

  • For killing enemy players faster than 1.7 per minute of play in Ranked Quick Match games.

    Wait at your friend’s base and spawn kill him/her. (You can change the spawn delay to none to make this easier.)

  • Awarded for victory over evil in France!


    You get this when you complete level 12.

  • Awarded for achieving a score greater than 350 in a single Ranked Quick Match game.

    You’ll pick this up along the way while collecting the vehicle or emplacement kills.

  • Awarded for accuracy greater than 40% in a single Ranked Quick Match game.

    While using the method stated in "Lightning Victory", make sure most of your shots hit and you should get this.

  • Awarded for an average score of over 18 per minute of play in Ranked Quick Match games.

    Following the method listed in “Lightning Victory”, you will get about 40 points per win. This is higher than you need, so it won’t be long before you get this.

  • Awarded for 1000 infantry kills in Ranked Quick Match games.

    Have your friend call in a bunch of reinforcements and you’ll pick this one up eventually.

  • Awarded for accuracy greater than 25% over your Ranked Quick Match game career.

    Keep your accuracy up. I believe your “game career” requires at least 20 matches before you will get this.

  • Awarded for capturing more than 10 objectives in a single Ranked Quick Match game.

    Take all but one of the objectives in a level. Have your friend take the objectives. You then re-take them until your total captured objectives is ten.

  • Awarded for winning 500 Ranked Quick Match games.

    Repeat process in “Lightning Victory”. This takes a really long time, but keep at it and you’ll get it.

  • Awarded for 200 vehicle kills in Ranked Quick Match games.

    This means kill 200 vehicles. You may use a vehicle for this if you want. Have a friend make a vehicle and wait for him/her to get in. Destroy the vehicle with your friend in it. You will also get infantry kills at the same time. Keep in mind, at least one soldier or player must be in the vehicle for it to count as a kill.


Secret achievements

  • Awarded for going beyond the call of duty in destruction.


    One of the objectives for the level 11 is to destroy 5 of the 10 AA guns. Destroy the other 5 and you will receive the medal.

  • Awarded for valor in ground to air combat


    After you pass the second beach on level 1 you will need to build an ant-aircraft emplacement. Using the gun, you will need to shoot down a minimum of 5 enemy planes.

  • Awarded for quick action in preserving a key airfield.


    When you get to the airfield, on level 12, capture it and set up a bunch of defenses. When you get to the train, move it along the track until you can see the airfield. Some enemies will attack the airfield, use the cannon to help protect the airfield.

  • Awarded for rescuing fellow soldiers in spite of personal danger.


    Simply save the soldiers at the armory on level 5 and you will get the medal.

  • Awarded for aiding Allied soldiers in battle.


    After the radio tower, on level 8, you will see a big open space. A bunch of tanks will come from the east and you will need to destroy them all. Set up a bunch of defenses and bring the rocket tank, as this will make things a lot easier.

  • Awarded for protecting friendly forces from superior enemy numbers.


    When you reach the southwest corner of the map on level 11, you will see a large compound across the way. Waves of enemy soldiers will try to get to the entrances. As long as no more than 20 soldiers get in, you will get the medal.

  • Awarded for aiding fellow paratroopers in combat.


    You will be instructed to build a tank on level 1. Continue up the road and three groups of soldiers will parachute in. You need to make sure a minimum of 4 soldiers total survive out of the 3 groups.

  • Awarded for crippling enemy actions beyond all expectations.


    When you reach the river on level 3, you will see a road on the other side. You will need to destroy the enemy convoy on the other side.

  • Awarded for destroying strategic enemy assets.


    You will need to find and destroy all the fuel barrels scattered around the level 8.

  • Awarded for completely securing strategic locations from the Nazis.


    At the beginning of level 9, you will see some gun emplacements. Get on an anti-aircraft gun and protect the emplacements from the enemy aircraft.

  • Awarded for achieving victory in less than two minutes in any Ranked Quick Match game.

    The easiest way to do this: pair up with a friend and select the “Estate Assault” level. Have him/her NOT spawn. Hop into the truck (or car if you are the Axis) drive over and capture the base. This should take anywhere from 30-40 seconds.

  • Awarded for capturing enemy technology.

    At the fork in the road with the motor pool on the left on level 5, destroy the wall blocking the right path. This will trigger the medal opportunity. At the very end of the level, you will need to commandeer the enemy panther tank and finish the level in it.

  • Awarded for dying 1000 times in Ranked Quick Match games.

    Repeat process listed in “Wounded in Action” until you have 1000 deaths.

  • Awarded when your total number of losses exceeds 200 in Ranked Quick Match Games.

    Refer to “Lightning Victory” except have your friend win. Repeat until you have 200 losses.

  • Awarded for saving Werhmacht allies from SS firing squads.

    After the radio tower on level 7, you will come up to a fork in the road. Take the left path and stop the SS from executing the prisoners.

  • Awarded for purging Nazi imagery from the landscape of France.


    When you reach the ruined city on level 3, start looking for gray pillars with eagles on top. There are five in total you will need to destroy.

  • Awarded for impeding enemy research of war technology.


    On the north-west corner of the map on level 10, there is a pathway heading south. Follow it and you will come across a jet, which you need to destroy.

  • Awarded for destruction of enemy communications equipment.


    In the southeast corner of the map on level 12, there is a pathway off to the right. Proceed along the path and you will find the radio tower. Destroy it for the medal.

  • Awarded for successfully defending Allied reinforcements.


    While defending the central area of the map on level 4, some enemy vehicles will arrive. Some soldiers will parachute in and you will need to use the ant-aircraft guns to protect them.

  • Awarded for eliminating the enemy's night time advantage.


    There are 8 searchlights scattered around level 2 that you need to destroy. All of them are in plain sight, so you can’t miss them.

  • Awarded for strategic destruction of enemy assets.


    There are two submarines at the docks on level 6. You need to destroy both of them.

  • Awarded for destruction of important enemy assets.


    On level 9, destroy every tank on your way back to the start of the level.

  • Awarded for rescuing a stranded Allied Tank crew.


    On the bottom part of the map on level 4, towards the middle, you will se a tank crew. Protect them until they are safe at their destination.

  • Awarded for destroying strategic enemy assets.


    You need to capture the armored train on level 7. You will see a train on your left moving along the track. Use your train’s cannon to destroy the enemy train.

  • Awarded for quick thinking in destruction of enemy war supplies.


    Proceed north from the armory on level 6 and you will see three red ships in the distance. You will need to destroy all three of them.

  • Awarded for quick action and reflexes under pressure.


    After you destroy the second Nazi outpost on level 2, you will see a train. Destroy it for the medal.

  • Awarded for destruction of enemy air assets.


    There are some rockets on the southeast corner of the base on level 10 that you need to destroy.

  • Awarded for an average life shorter than 30 seconds in Ranked Quick Match Games.

    Start a match and hit back, select retire squad and repeat. Keep doing this until you run out of command points. This will dramatically decrease your lifetime, so it shouldn’t take too long to get your average below thirty seconds.

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