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    They lied about the cake. It was made with wheat! Lee is allergic!

    *Potentially not story related*

    For all intents and purposes, this achievement is story related and will unlock during the skyline section of levels. However, it is technically possible to proceed and complete the game without unlocking this achievement, but only if you use some trickery to get through this part of the game without getting a box that the game intends you to get. So, if you're playing the game normally, going into each door in each section to get the items on the yellow sticky notes throughout the game, you won't miss this achievement.

    More specifically, during the skyline section when you're collecting the parts for the device, you'll head to the right to find the wire item. When you head right, you'll come to the screen shown in the image below.

    Here, the game intends for you to go to the left door to get one block, and to the right door to get a second block. Walking through the left door to that level is what unlocks this achievement.

    It's technically possible to get to the top of the screen with just a single block if you're creative, and you could therefore skip the left level entirely and just go to the right to get that block. That is why this achievement is flagged. But again, if you're playing like normal or following a video guide, you will be going into that left level and unlocking this achievement.

    If you do somehow manage to skip this achievement, you can get it after you complete the game using chapter select. When a new game starts, pause and scroll to the rightmost tab (picture of a book). From here, choose the seventh arrow (which is actually a picture of the same section in the image above) to replay the skyline section. You'll have to complete a few puzzles to get to the point above though.

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