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There are 13 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Capture a frog with its tongue fully extended.

  • Capture 5 or more enemies in a single vortex.

  • Score 1,000,000 or more points on Easy difficulty.

  • Capture 30 or more enemies in a single vortex.

  • Capture 15 or more enemies in a single vortex.

  • Score 10,000,000 or more points on Hard difficulty.

  • Create a vortex that encircles no enemies, but captures 5 or more.

  • Capture 13 enemies, one at a time, with 13 sequential vortexes.

  • Score 5,000,000 or more points on Normal difficulty.

  • Create 6 simultaneous vortexes.

  • Capture 5 or more different enemy types in a single vortex.

  • Survive an entire level without a single death.

  • Capture 3 or more enemies in each of 3 simultaneous vortexes.

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The Revenants Achievements FAQ

  • How many The Revenants achievements are there?
    There are 13 achievements to unlock in The Revenants worth a total of 200 gamerscore.

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