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    From stage 1, make it to the stage 3 bosses in Survival Mode with the Japanese ROM.


    First, you must beat the game once to unlock the Japanese ROM. Then, you must pick Survival Mode while on that ROM. You can play by yourself or with others. Survival Mode is having 1 life and no continues. The area you must get to is Moe's Tavern on Stage 3. The trench coat men are the bosses the achievement is referring to. You do not have to defeat them, just reach them. Remember that the game has an  +  move that is a stronger attack. As Lisa, you might have the easiest time of all characters. She is not only quick but has good reach. 

    This is the hardest achievement in the game and may require multiple attempts and playing with all 4 players. 

  • Interesting. An achievement for switching languages and playing the game.
  • i dont thin it means play the game in japanese lol
  • Meaning the japanese port of the game...most likely identical...but the scoring system goes up by a factor of a couple of thousand. Japanese games tend to have over the top amounts of points
  • There's a few minor differences-if memory serves there's a couple extra items lying around, and you can bring your health up a bit higher in the Japanese version (a second life bar appears over the normal one). Both of those should make it easier, oddly enough.
  • It says survival mode meaning you probably only get one life...if that's the case it's gonna be ridiculously hard without 3 other people guarding you. You're basically gonna have to take turns surviving up to stage 3. One of you will have to hang back and the other 3 players will have to do all the grunt work...that's what I'm guessing.
  • I heard the Japanese ROM was set at an easier difficulty?
  • Just go the achievement! Okay so I used Lisa and the attack where you hit jump and punch at the same time. On easy this will take out any enemy with one hit. Man, I am so excited I'm shaking!
  • You can get this achievement playing Survival mode for the Japanese ROM on easy.
  • Any one wanna help out getting this one and the team attack msg me Bad Ed 33
  • I need help with this achievement. My gt is the exact same as my username.
  • Hey for #11, I got this cheevo this morning. A few tips i can give you are make sure the setting is on easy. Dont let anyone get behind you. Keep all you enemies in front of you. For the wrestler button mash the attack button & watch out when he just and tries to splash you. For the Krusty balloon try & keep the hammer with you & it will take just a few shots with the hammer to defeat it. Take advantage of any weapons you come across etc. hammer,slingshot,skulls,nuke bomb! This will unlock right before you fight the midget bastard & the tall guy who wears the suits. Hope this helps my friend.
  • Gah! 3 times solo I have made it all the way to the bottom of the elevator only to get killed by the last bad guy before the achievement will pop!
  • Need help, so close! I'm trying this over and over right now so if your online please help me!
  • for 13 & 14 check out my comment at number 12. hope it helps!
  • I posted a video that should help with this one, especially finding the health in level 3
  • I finally got this one, so frustrating always dying on the elevator.
  • I love this game! Brings back memories of my childhood when i was like 11. I'm 31 now & my 2 daughters love this game. Thanks for finally bringing this game out!
  • If anyone needs help and me a message i just need this and 30 minutes or less
  • This cheevo is very doable. Did it on my second try.
  • Did it on the first try :D, As a kid I beat this game in the arcade with 1 credit (Japanese version here in Southamerica) Secret food in lvl 3: As soon as the stage start, hit the tree to your left. On the tombstone before going in the elevator. Lvl 2: Bongo Eyes, the sign up to your left as soon as the lvl start, the sign close to the bear cage. Lvl 1 I don't know any :P
  • Got this first try. Don't know why everyones finding it difficult. Just take it slow and use weapons when available and stockpile food. For the wrestler i recommend circle around the screen. He shouldnt catch you and when he does the splash attack and misses or his pants fall get some quick attacks in.
  • Looking for help on this! ill gladly return the favor :) GT:BusterSniper
  • Willing to help / be helped. Just message me. GT: kylejrichard

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