Easier Than Arm Wrestling Achievement

  • Easier Than Arm Wrestling



    Defeat the Wrestler without any player dying.


    This is actually very easy. This is the Stage 1 boss. Place it on Easy on Japan ROM. Go through the level and make sure to collect the food when you can. This game mode lets you have more than 100% life (the Japan ROM). Once you get to the boss, just go up and down on the screen from top to bottom. As you are passing by the enemy press  and  at the same time. You should be able to beat the enemy very easily this way and might not even get hit once.


  • This sounds like a challenge with no equal. A true test of our capabilities.
  • I put this on easy and after about 20 tries I finally did it...but easy and normal difficulty seem the same
  • I suggest beating the game once to unlock the Japanese rom and play on easy. If your health is low by the time you get to the fireman, just let him kill you. Grab the apple from the tree and the food from Terri/Sherri. This will give you an extra bar of health.
  • Either use bart or marge's super hit. Make sure he takes a swing then right after step in and knock him down. Just try and be careful when he flails his arms. Took me a couple of tries.
  • What i did was use Homer & button mash the atttack button. Just beware of his punches & his big splash! Took me only 2 tries 2 complete this. Good Luck!
  • i got it by getting a hidden broom in the tree next to the fire station after you pick up the fruit keep hitting the tree in the air it should fall down but i cant remember which ROM it was if i remember ill post it but yea once you get the broom you should be untouchable and achievement unlocked i also know a lot more tricks/tips
  • I got this with Lisa on Japan/easy, second try, or third lol.
  • ok i know im late but better late than never anyways it only works on the japanese ROM in the first level in the tree next to the fire station with any character hit the tree with an air attack after all the fruit falls then a broom will fall after use this weapon to beat the wrestler and achievement unlocked

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