Dysfunctional Family Achievement

  • Dysfunctional Family



    Play in a 4-player match with three other people.


    This can be obtained in a local game with 4 controllers or online with 3 other people. If you have 4 controllers, press  on all of them in a game and the achievement will unlock. You do not have to actually beat any levels. If you do not have 4 controllers, you will have to play this online with 3 others. You can be host or join someone. 

    Check the achievement trading thread HERE to find other players.

  • If u have 4 controllers, start up a local game and select a character with each controller, as soon as the game starts u unlock this achievement
  • any 1 want to boost this send me a frendreqest Cyber Ghosts
  • None of my friends have this game......I'll help you Cyber Ghosts. my gt is like my username
  • I've got 2 controllers and I keep going online trying to find 2 other people to help me get this achievement but it looks like no one is playing this anymore. DM me if you've got 2 controllers and want to boost this achievement.
  • Looking to nail this sucker! GT: Capt Kerunch
  • I already have this but I'm willing to help anyone that needs it. GT: Relic of Mayhem

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