Bongo's Angst Achievement

  • Bongo's Angst



    Playing from stage 1, get Bongo to appear in 4 different levels.


    You must start the game from Stage 1. Bongo is a character that looks like a rabbit (a guy in a costume). As you play through the game, you will see trees that can be hit. They will give you life and once the tree is done dropping fruit, Bongo will pop out of the tree with a sign to tell you there is no more. 

    Stage 1 - Downtown Tree: You will see this just as you are about to pass by the Fire Station.

    Stage 2 - Krustyland Tree: After defeating the tea cup enemies, you'll see this to the right (in front of the cages).

    Stage 5 - Springfield Butte Tree: You'll see a tree early on in the level after seeing the ape enemy that sort of resembles Homer. It has a bees nest on it. Hit the tree and try to avoid the bees. Once they fly away (or hurt you), then hit the tree more.

    Stage 7 - Channel 6 Tree: When you get to the area with the ninja enemies, you will see the pink tree. After Bongo appears, you will get the achievement. There is another tree following just in case you missed the first. Only one of them has to be hit.

  • Simple to do, on 4 different stages, go up to a tree and hit it until the rabbit runs out of energy foods. After that if u continue to hit the tree, he'll appear and hold a sign saying "All gone beat it" The achievement is yours
  • Yup, exactly as chrisarcade said above - keep smacking the tree until Bongo appears with the sign. Just to make it even easier, here are the locations you'll find him: Level 1: The tree next to the fire station. Level 2: The tree next to the gorilla cage. Level 5: The tree with the bee hive (between two caves). Level 7: The pink tree (comes up after the robot fight). You don't have to finish the game to get this achievement to activate.
  • this is a video on how to get the achievement hope it helps

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