Helper Monkey Achievement

  • Helper Monkey



    While performing a Team Attack, damage 25 enemies.


    To perform a Team Attack, you must have 2 players. Have the two players stand next to each other and they will pair up. One player will control the team, but both players will get the damage/hit on the enemies. It is accumulative and can be obtained fairly quickly within a level.

  • how do you do this?
  • Stand still touching another character and it will initiate a team attack. You don't have to damage 25 enemies in a row. You simply need to do it enough times for the achievement to pop up!
  • This can be done with 2 controllers. I used 2 controllers & got this early on the 2nd stage.
  • Yeah, super easy with 2 controllers. I got this early on the 1st stage.
  • Way less daunting than I thought. Same as Shaun, got this early in the 2nd level by team attacking every enemy.
  • I'm willing to help those that need help boosting. GT: Relic of Mayhem

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