Best Score Ever Achievement

  • Best Score Ever



    Earn 250 points (US) or 25,000 points (Japan) in a game.


    This will be obtained while going for everything else. For the (US) version, each defeated enemy is 1 point. If you start from stage 1 then you should get this achievement in Stage 4: Moe's Tavern when the band starts playing if playing on Expert difficulty. If playing on easier difficulties then you will get it eventually. It is said that (Japan) is quicker to get the points, but you have to beat the game on (US) version to even play (Japan). 

  • atleast this isn't get 250 us and 25000 jap to get this.
  • Is this one of those one point per enemy dealies?
  • Yep, one point per kill:
  • could US and Japan be two seperate story missions?
  • I'm pretty sure the Japanese version of the game offers 100 points per kill, so both values are the same.
  • If not they must really love grinding!!
  • Damn I missed this by 2 kills ughhhh!!! Let me try again!! I love this game so much.
  • This is so much easier with the Japanese ROM because you not only get scored for defeating enemies, but also for the little mini games at the end of some stages. I had this achievement by the Moe's Tavern stage!
  • I got the 25000 points on the Jap ROM by the end of Level 2. Getting 250 kills seems a little bit tougher.
  • True! Playing on japan rom you will get this cheevo by the 2nd level. Points you get from the bonus balloon level counts toward your score in japan version.
  • This wasn`t so bad to get, got it on my first playthrough on USA. The Jap Rom is definitely easier, especially because you get a quarter of the points inflating the balloon and slapping people awake.
  • Single player, Expert mode, Japanese Rom. I had it a quarter of the way through Krustyland.
  • I don't know if anyone else has run into this however. I am playing on same box as another friend. He has gotten the achievement and I have not. I have received all the other achievements however this one eludes me. Anyone else having problem with this as a couch co op?
  • @jines1284 Yeah, I had the same problem with my boyfriend. He got it, I didn't! :/ I've read somewhere that Achievements for the other players might not be unlocked if their controller turns off. And my controller did go off. Tried again in his profile, certified my controller was on all the time and got it! :) And by the way, you don't need to play on Expert mode and Single player to get this. It is indeed the easiest way, but you can play it with as many friends as you want in Easy mode that you'll get it easily anyway - as long as it's the Japanese version!!!

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