Release The Hounds Achievement

  • Release The Hounds



    Complete the game in 30 minutes or less.


    This would be best done on the easiest settings on freeplay mode. There will be far less enemies to defeat. The less you die the more time you save. To see how you are doing on time, press  and go to Help & Options. Scroll down to Settings and go to Timer. Press  so that is says "Show". Press  to confirm and you should now have a timer on the bottom of the screen. The timer stops while the game is paused or during a cut-scene. It does not stop while waiting for certain events to happen, which could cost you the time that you needed. Though you can tackle this alone, it might be easier to play with others.

  • 30 minutes WTF. Not a long game then 400MSP and ill get it anymore ill wait till dotw
  • It's an old arcade beat'em up from the early 90's. What were you expecting?
  • Arrr right soo it was haha my bad i do actually remember playing it aswel =]
  • 30 mins isn't too bad. I remember playing this game in the laundry mat when I was waiting for my clothes to dry.
  • do u think this is complete it 30mins after the start, lie rockbands complete after a day? if so, you could play offline and then the date stays the same :)
  • well Super Mario Bros can be beaten in less than 5 minutes ;)
  • Xmen had this but I think it was 25 mins. It was easy and I'm sure this will be too.
  • 30 minutes is actually quite ridiculous. This game is LONG as fuck for a beat 'em up game. You will get bored playing by yourself. The first time I played this on an emulator it took like 45 minutes to beat it. Maybe with 4 people it can be beaten a lot quicker. Then again I haven't touched this game in like 10 years...this one will probably be annoying to get done.
  • @7 you also got to remember, in XMen, all you had to do was spam powers, die, repeat. In this game you actually have to fight. This one will (luckily) be harder, also more enjoyable due to (as I said before) it won't be a spam-power-fest. After I got 200 on X-Men I couldn't touch it again.
  • @9 Good point. But I thought there were special powers in this game as well...?
  • contra had that achievement where you had yo beat the game in twelve minutes.
  • Carn't wait for this game
  • Got this on my first solo play through this morning. Just 1 point short of 250 score. :(
  • Man I didn't get the 30 minute cheevo. I beat it 3 times already.
  • Played through the game twice and I still haven't gotten this. :(
  • While in game: Start...Help & Options...Settings...You can toggle your in game timer on and off to see how much time you've spent.
  • #14,#15 and anyone else having trouble finishing in -30mins: Use your X+A (Special) often, abuse it!! Dreamland Stage: You can bypass the Marge Cloudheads entirely, just jump over them and keep on trucking. Any other stage, if you defeat an enemy in a small group and the screen breaks scroll-lock, then press ahead. Try to learn bosses' attack patterns, if you can spot a "vulnerable" animation, use that Special! Most important of all: GET THE HAMMER. Seriously. Once you grab that and learn the timing of your character's swing, go crazy... and DON'T LOSE IT. It's an easy boss killer in stage 2, and invaluable in stage 7. If you happen to die with it at Channel 6, grab the pushbroom and try to hold on until the Kabuki Man boss. One swing = knockdown. Powerful stuff. Lastly
  • Lastly, use your jump attacks. Very effective against stage 3/6/final bosses. Time them right and you'll score two-three hits per jump. Good luck!!
  • 30:48 with Marge....30:38 with Lisa...42:15 with Homer. I have to figure out a quicker strat for Burns especiialy phase 3-4 and that should be enough
  • Did this with three friends locally: Japanese ROM, easy mode, free play. We did it in 29:16. Keep in mind that you should always be trying to move forward, letting enemies from the back come to you, and just be relentless with bosses. Never let up!
  • I stand corrected. Still easy, but it took more tries than expert Japan ROM on Quarters. Maybe if I went for expert first, not knowing the patterns of enemies and bosses, that achievement would have been harder, since I hadn't played through the game a few times. Either way. This should be no problem with a few hours practice and learning how easy the bosses really are. Beat the game in 22:17 with Lissa.
  • I beat the game with homer in 24:12. What i did was start the game on japanese rom & play on easy. Basically speed run through every level. For boss fight (wrestler,drunk guy,big ninja) i just button mashed the attack button. Worked well against mr. burns 1st & 2nd version. The krusty balloon the hammer worked like a charm. Dont stop moving forward! I have 10/12 cheevos so far. Working on beating game with all 4 simpsons. I just have bart & lisa left to go. Beating the game on expert is a bitch to do. Failed twice already!
  • Most important thing is to have it on easy, and dont hang around try and make sure you rush through the level. I got this with Marge, 26:29. I found the easiest way to beat most of the bosses was the button mash attack, especially Mr. Burns and Smithers.
  • I already have this achievement but im willing to help anyone out or just play for fun. Add me if you guys like. My gamertag is: scp1980
  • I need help with thisone o also need help if u need mr sparkle too
  • I need help with thisone o also need help if u need mr sparkle too
  • I was one of the lucky ones that got this by mistake while I was trying to beat the game with all 4 Simpsons achievement
  • Just got it in 26:03 with Lisa andLi ke Taking Candy cheeve too
  • Best made in SP mode :)
  • If you think thats short than play Golden Axe lol
  • I'm not totally sure what time I got this at, but I got it in any case; that being said I used Lisa on the following settings and just ran my ass off through the whole game. (Japan/easy).
  • I call shenanigans on this one. I crushed this game at 30 minutes ON THE HEAD, but the clocked ticked up for 2 more seconds while Maggie was crawling over to Burns' body. Seriously. This filthy cheating game cost me my achievement by TWO SECONDS.
  • The reason these games are short is because they were played in arcades. Most people aren't there all day and the game has to be beatable. I played all the way through the game at the arcade and it took a good while, but we had a lot of time to kill.
  • I did this in one try, set it to Japanese ROM, easy, and freeplay. Enable the in game timer so you don't loose track of where your at but it isn't hard by any means. I beat it in 23 minutes.
  • Unfortunately I was playing an online game and my shitbox disconnected from live and I couldn't get this. I was so close too, I had almost 9 minutes left going into stage 8.
  • Just did this 3 times in a row. Lisa (28:37), Homer (29:41), Marge (27:10). Not as hard as I thought when you're playing with decent people online.
  • Anyone got this hit me up GT MarksJustGaming
  • Played as Homer, Easy, on Japanese ROM. Got to level 7 at the 15-minute mark. Key thing is to be offensive; take out the enemies quick, make liberal use of A+X on bosses and enemies, and hold onto weapons when you can, especially the broom. They do a lot of damage on bosses, and you get three hits before the bosses get their mercy invulernability.
  • Also, 1st boss: A+X while above/below the boss, right before he approaches. Time it right to hit him. 4th boss (drunk), similar, except I moved towards the drunk diagonally before using A+X, timing it so he was approaching after his own attack/pause. 6th boss (bowling ball) A+X when it changes mode. He'll go down FAST if you keep doing it instead of regular attacks, due to no invuln. And if you can keep the broom for the level 7 Kabuki, it does a world of hurt.
  • this one is frustrating! i've been a few seconds over, then by the stop watch on my phone i've been at 28 minutes and change. i'm not sure when it actually starts the timer. i wish they would've put a timer in as an option. then all of us struggling for this one would know where we stand!

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