Like Taking Candy From a Baby Achievement

  • Like Taking Candy From a Baby



    Complete the game four times, once with each character.


    Beat the game in any mode with all 4 characters. You must play as Homer, Bart, Marge, and Lisa. This has to be done from the first to last stage. It can be done alone or with other players (online or co-op). 

  • I just hope this achievement isn't glitched like the X-men Arcade game.
  • Just so you know, beating the game once and then playing the last level with the other 3 characters doesn't work.
  • I know, I've played the x-men game from beginning to end over 15x's. The game never saves when I beat it with Cyclops or Storm.
  • I beat the game 4 times once with each character and it didn't unlock
  • on second thought, I may have fallen asleep while playing as Marge
  • I don't understand why this isn't working. I beat it with Homer the other day, then today beat it as Lisa and Bart. It didn't have any record of me beating it with Homer... Do you need to do this in one sitting? I hope not...
  • There is a way you can check!! Under "cool stuff" look at the content you still need to unlock, at the bottom it will say "To unlock beat the game with *****"
  • Yea I had to beat the game with Lisa twice for this to pop
  • I beat the game with each character a few times and it wouldn't unlock for me, then i beat the game with Marge and waited untill the credits came and it unlocked. Wait untill it returns to main menu, maybe that's why it's not unlocking for you for those having problems with this Achievement.
  • Same here, i cannot get this dam cheev even when i finished the game with 4 chars already. Someone got any idea of how to solve this bug/glitch??
  • I found that you must play alone and not multiplayer. After playing twice in multiplayer and seeing Comment #7, the two characters I used in multiplayer didn't register.
  • i used bart on my 4th playthrough but I did it on expert and it didn't unlock. so ireplayed with bart on easy and it unlocked. so if you have issues just do your 4 playthroughs on the same difficulty. and also my plays were split between japanese and usa roms.
  • I got this achievement yesterday, but I finish the game fourth times in one sitting while I was trying the other achievements and I finish 2 times the game in local co-op from the beggining to the start
  • What #11 said is untrue. You can do this in multiplayer and solo. I played as Bart and Marge in multiplayer (from start screen until the end credits) then played as Homer and Lisa in single player. Achievement popped after I finished the 4th and final playthrough.

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