"Excellent" Achievement

  • "Excellent"



    Complete the game on Expert difficulty in individual Quarters mode.


    Expert Difficulty is the hardest difficulty. In Quarters mode, you are limited on continues. For this mode you will have 10 continues with 3 lives each continue. This gives you 30 lives. After the Game Over screen, pressing will allow you to continue on but the progress towards the achievement will no longer count. You must do it within the given continues. An easy way to accomplish this achievement is multiplayer. As long as you aren't the one losing all continues, you will get the achievement. Have everyone else do most of the work. If the team is good enough, you can all get the achievement if you are about even with deaths.

  • Probably the most difficult achievement in the game... reminds me of the Real Ultimate Power achievement for TMNT and I never managed to unlock that.
  • Oh boy this might be tough. Ima try this all weekend.
  • This was EASY. Play the Japanese ROM. I used Bart, but it probably doesn't matter. Those health boosts add more to a full life bar. Take advantage of Power Moves (on bosses especially, get one hit in and run away, besides the bowling ball boss, whom you can power hit the entire time and he probably won't kill you as long as you dodge his first form roll attack and second form bounces), hammer (try to make it to second boss with it, if not power hitting and running works amazingly), broom (jump and swing the broom at the ninjas for an easy method to defeat them) and bombs. The hardest boss mid game was the drunk and Smithers is cake, since he drops throwable bombs every time on expert. Burns is the the second hardest in the game, as I died less than the drunk. Just jump kick him and run. Do
  • Don't Power Hop Attack, it leaves you vulnerable for too long. I got this on my first try. 30 Mins will be the hardest one to get.
  • Hey the farewell, did you do this online or single player.
  • This chevo is a bastard! Failed twice already!
  • I did this in single player. Play through the game a few times so you can get the hang of enemies and how to best go about attacking the normal enemies as well as the bosses. I was surprised how easy this became after playing it for a few hours. If you continue once every level, you should have enough continues to defeat the last boss. I still had 1 continue left when I beat it.
  • Redruminator is right, Switching to the japanese ROM made it so much easier. Not only do you get the health bonus, but all weapons even the broom kill in one shot. I killed Mr. Burns with Marge, and had 4 credits left. Marge's special ass attack RULES!
  • Just got this. Extremely easy. I used Marge. Love her vacuum. She really kicks the wrestlers ass. But paired with Homer with the special move its amazing. I agree that the 30 minutes one will be hard to get. I'm going for the Survival mode achievement now. If anyone wants to help/wants to get it also send me a friend request. GT - daveydoom.
  • can some one help me out with this pleas send me frendrequst Cyber Ghosts
  • Japanes rom is the easiest way to get this achievie, and here's the crazy part: Burns is cake in the Japanese rom, cause of one thing: he retreats a few steps everytime he gets hit, and any attacks he may be starting are canceled. I was able to trap him against a wall even when he switched to inflatable tub mode, and he couldn't do anything but take it like the little B he is.
  • When it says individual quarters mode does that mean you have to do it single player or does it just mean you have to set it so everyone has separate quarters?
  • Okay I'm fucking pissed! I just ran through this on expert with Lisa from start to end and no chivo, wtf!?!
  • Okay I can't fucking do this! Can someone give me a hit please, I've not done it with Lisa and Marge, but I've used my points to get more lives cause on expert it's fucking near impossible to get to the end and finish it by yourself with out another people to help you...
  • just got this. it was easy on japanese rom and with 2 other people. after beating the game we all had 3-4 quarters each
  • You can actually trap Mr. Burns against the wall for the entire fight. Lure him down to the lower right corner of the screen. You can keep hitting him impeded. However shortly after each mech suit transformation, Mr. Burns will be able to hit you. Just retreat some during the transformation animation and drive him back into his corner.
  • Looking for help on this! ill gladly return the favor :) GT:BusterSniper
  • Willing to help / be helped! Just message me. Thanks! GT: kylejrichard
  • Just got this one and was easier than I thought. Here a tip to get this one faster. You gonna have two controllers. Start a game with 2 players. Control preferentially the character you want to finish the game, because if he/she stand still, enemies will punch until him/her to death. Between the waves of the enemies, keep both the players side by side. They will team up and you gonna have a boost attack for a while. I tried some teams. Homer/Marge and Bart/Lisa worked better. Just keep pressing attack, hunting down everyone, and you'll kill most of the enemies in the screen pretty fast. Don't worry with the credits of the 2nd player, since you can use more than 10 with him. Since there is 2 players, there will be more items to collect: 2 fruits per tree, more hidden food and you gonn
  • [continuing...] There will be more items to collect: 2 fruits per tree, more hidden food and you gonna be able to raise heavy stuff together (like the car in the 1st level, with a LOT of fruits below it). There is some hidden food, try to find them: in the sign post of train (in the firts screen of the 2nd level), behind a tree in the graveyard, at the left of the school in the nightmare level, at the Fuji in the TV Station level and so on. With all that, I just died at the 3rd level and finished the game with 3 credits to be used. Good Luck.
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