• Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (current estimation, will change soon)
  • Offline: 12/12 (200
  • Online: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 200: 4-5 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4+ (one each character plus any other playthroughs it takes to get the rest of the achievements)
  • Number of missable achievements: None
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
  • Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (See "Excellent")
  • Glitchy achievements: The game can lose registering achievements/levels possibly from joining and and dropping out other players in a local game.
  • Unobtainable achievements: None
  • Extra equipment needed? 4 controllers or online access to get an achievement requiring you to play a 4 player game.

Introduction...The Simpsons

This game was one of the 4-player beat'em up classics you could find in several arcades. Because of this, it was meant to take your quarters. Luckily they do have an easy mode, which you should always be on except for when getting the achievement "Excellent". You should also always keep it on the (Japan) ROM once you have obtained it from beating the game once. You can play this game alone, local, or multiplayer. There are no multiplayer achievements to worry about, but having someone to help isn't a bad idea and can make the experience better. The basic attacks are with . You can jump and attack and also use  +  to do a stronger attack that works well against bosses. Find out what fits you best.

Step 1: Your 1st Playthrough...Eat My Shorts

Turn the game to easy and play as any character you want. Play on free play and blow through the game as fast as you can. Be sure to find Bongo in each of the trees as you play (in levels 1, 2, 5, and 7). Refer to guide for the locations if needed. If you can help it, also try not to die on the first boss once he appears. If done fast enough, you can get the achievement for beating the game in 30 minutes or less but don't worry if you don't get it your first try. You will also hopefully get the 250 kills. To see your timer, press  and find it in your settings.

Step 2: Your 2nd Playthrough...Excellent

Now that you have a good portion of the achievements, let's turn up the difficulty a few notches. Set it to (Japan) ROM and difficulty to Expert. You need to beat this without using all 10 continues. This can be a pretty difficult achievement. 

Step 3: Survival Mode...D'OH

Here comes the hard achievement. You will likely fail many times and need to almost perfect the first 3 levels. You cannot die. Best to do of course on easy and on (Japan) ROM. This way, you can stack health and hopefully succeed. You can do it with other people as well, but there the more players just means more enemies on the screen which could potentially make it more difficult. Good luck.

Step 4: Mop Up...Ha-Ha!

You shouldn't have many achievements left by this step. If you haven't already, set up an online or local match. Get 4 players in the game to get the associated achievement. If by yourself, you will need 4 controllers. If you have anyone else you need to beat the game with, now's the time to do it. Also if you haven't already, stand by another player doing nothing to get your team attack up. Now just damage 25 enemies. It's easy to do this by yourself or with friends. 

Conclusion...Okely Dokely

This game can be done in one sitting if you wanted to. The two more difficult achievements make this game take much longer than it should, but some fans will enjoy the challenge.


[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this roadmap]

The Simpsons Arcade Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • From stage 1, make it to the stage 3 bosses in Survival Mode with the Japanese ROM.


    First, you must beat the game once to unlock the Japanese ROM. Then, you must pick Survival Mode while on that ROM. You can play by yourself or with others. Survival Mode is having 1 life and no continues. The area you must get to is Moe's Tavern on Stage 3. The trench coat men are the bosses the achievement is referring to. You do not have to defeat them, just reach them. Remember that the game has an  +  move that is a stronger attack. As Lisa, you might have the easiest time of all characters. She is not only quick but has good reach. 

    This is the hardest achievement in the game and may require multiple attempts and playing with all 4 players. 

  • Defeat the Wrestler without any player dying.


    This is actually very easy. This is the Stage 1 boss. Place it on Easy on Japan ROM. Go through the level and make sure to collect the food when you can. This game mode lets you have more than 100% life (the Japan ROM). Once you get to the boss, just go up and down on the screen from top to bottom. As you are passing by the enemy press  and  at the same time. You should be able to beat the enemy very easily this way and might not even get hit once.


  • Playing from stage 1, fall through the deck after Smithers.


    This is obtained in Stage 2. After defeating the giant balloon boss, you will fall through with Smithers and it will unlock. You cannot get this achievement if you start from Stage 2 (as in you play online in someone's game and start from 2). 

  • Hurt Smithers with one of his own bombs.


    This is obtained in Stage 8. You fight Smithers at the start. He drops bombs from his coat. The black bombs you cannot pick up and explode very quickly. There will be blue bombs that do not explode. You can pick them up and throw them at him to get the achievement. There are several chances to get this achievement, as he will keep dropping them until defeated.

  • Play in a 4-player match with three other people.

    This can be obtained in a local game with 4 controllers or online with 3 other people. If you have 4 controllers, press  on all of them in a game and the achievement will unlock. You do not have to actually beat any levels. If you do not have 4 controllers, you will have to play this online with 3 others. You can be host or join someone. 

    Check the achievement trading thread HERE to find other players.

  • Playing from stage 1, get Bongo to appear in 4 different levels.


    You must start the game from Stage 1. Bongo is a character that looks like a rabbit (a guy in a costume). As you play through the game, you will see trees that can be hit. They will give you life and once the tree is done dropping fruit, Bongo will pop out of the tree with a sign to tell you there is no more. 

    Stage 1 - Downtown Tree: You will see this just as you are about to pass by the Fire Station.

    Stage 2 - Krustyland Tree: After defeating the tea cup enemies, you'll see this to the right (in front of the cages).

    Stage 5 - Springfield Butte Tree: You'll see a tree early on in the level after seeing the ape enemy that sort of resembles Homer. It has a bees nest on it. Hit the tree and try to avoid the bees. Once they fly away (or hurt you), then hit the tree more.

    Stage 7 - Channel 6 Tree: When you get to the area with the ninja enemies, you will see the pink tree. After Bongo appears, you will get the achievement. There is another tree following just in case you missed the first. Only one of them has to be hit.

  • Playing from stage 1, defeat the battling robot.


    On Stage 7: Channel 6, you will fight a robot while playing the level. It's located at what looks like mars (on some type of planet). If you are playing on the harder difficulty you will have to face two of them. There is a chance that it will not unlock after defeating the robot(s). This is likely due to the game switching game modes while you are playing. Example: You are playing individual quarter mode and halfway through, you have players join. Now the game in a way, switches modes and it does not count as you "starting from stage 1". 

  • While performing a Team Attack, damage 25 enemies.


    To perform a Team Attack, you must have 2 players. Have the two players stand next to each other and they will pair up. One player will control the team, but both players will get the damage/hit on the enemies. It is accumulative and can be obtained fairly quickly within a level.

  • Earn 250 points (US) or 25,000 points (Japan) in a game.


    This will be obtained while going for everything else. For the (US) version, each defeated enemy is 1 point. If you start from stage 1 then you should get this achievement in Stage 4: Moe's Tavern when the band starts playing if playing on Expert difficulty. If playing on easier difficulties then you will get it eventually. It is said that (Japan) is quicker to get the points, but you have to beat the game on (US) version to even play (Japan). 

  • Complete the game in 30 minutes or less.


    This would be best done on the easiest settings on freeplay mode. There will be far less enemies to defeat. The less you die the more time you save. To see how you are doing on time, press  and go to Help & Options. Scroll down to Settings and go to Timer. Press  so that is says "Show". Press  to confirm and you should now have a timer on the bottom of the screen. The timer stops while the game is paused or during a cut-scene. It does not stop while waiting for certain events to happen, which could cost you the time that you needed. Though you can tackle this alone, it might be easier to play with others.

  • Complete the game four times, once with each character.


    Beat the game in any mode with all 4 characters. You must play as Homer, Bart, Marge, and Lisa. This has to be done from the first to last stage. It can be done alone or with other players (online or co-op). 

  • Complete the game on Expert difficulty in individual Quarters mode.


    Expert Difficulty is the hardest difficulty. In Quarters mode, you are limited on continues. For this mode you will have 10 continues with 3 lives each continue. This gives you 30 lives. After the Game Over screen, pressing will allow you to continue on but the progress towards the achievement will no longer count. You must do it within the given continues. An easy way to accomplish this achievement is multiplayer. As long as you aren't the one losing all continues, you will get the achievement. Have everyone else do most of the work. If the team is good enough, you can all get the achievement if you are about even with deaths.

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