- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 50 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 30+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: N/A
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? : None

The Sims 3 is the first Sims game on the Xbox 360 and what a great port it is. You control your Sims day-to-day life, where they work, where they live, what they eat, where they sleep, and their hobbies. You start off with nothing and you can work your way up to becoming a millionaire. All of the achievements are offline and most will come from simply playing through the game.

Step 1: Full playthrough:
You can theoretically get all of the achievements in one playthrough. To do this start a Sim family, I recommend starting off with two adults. Make sure you give at least one of them the Brave, Kleptomaniac, and Evil trait (Brave trait for But it's inflammable! and kleptomaniac and Evil trait for The Reviler). Turn aging off and then get the two Sims to marry and then have a baby. You can then steal candy from that baby five times for The Reviler achievement. After you do this let the baby age to a kid so you can then control him and get Child Prodigy. You then need to save a Sim that is on fire with a Sim who has the Brave trait. The rest of the achievements can now be gained by any Sim at any age and with any traits.

Step 2: Mop up:
The two longest achievements to get are Uberchallenging and Miracle Worker. For Miracle Worker use this guide here. For Uberchallenging use this guide here. Completing your lifetime wish and getting 250,000 lifetime happiness points will also take a long time as well, but you should unlock these while you are going for the other achievements. If your Sim doesn't have the Brave, Kleptomaniac, or Evil traits you could just buy "Mid life Crisis" for 20,000 lifetime happiness points and swap three of your traits for them. I have linked guides in the achievement guide for the more difficult achievements.

Gameplay Tips:
  • As soon as you can buy "Iron Bladder", "Hardly Hungry", and "Dirt Defiant" with your lifetime reward points. To do this press > Sim info > lifetime reward points > Press . "Iron bladder" is the most useful because it will mean you never need to go to the toilet ever again.
  • Writing books is a really good way of making money because once you make a book you will receive royalties for it every week on Sunday.
  • You can meet and befriend co-workers and your boss while at work by pressing then and then select "Meet co-workers", "Chat at water cooler", and ""suck up to boss" options.
  • If you spend lifetime happiness points it won't effect the lifetime happiness achievements in anyway.
  • The business career is extremely easy to reach level 5 and level 10 in.
  • Saving before attempting achievements like Epic Party is helpful because you can reload the save if you mess up.
  • Challenge and wish progress carry on over all playthroughs. You have to save in order to save challenge and wish progress though.
  • You will need the Brave trait to put out a Sim on fire and the Kleptomaniac trait to steal items.
  • Moodlet Manager is a really useful reward to buy with challenge points. It costs 450 challenge points to buy and it will make it so your Sims negative moodlet's are instantly raised to full again. It can back fire but you can simply use it again to retry.
  • While you are sleeping this is a great time to plan tasks you want your Sim to do when he wakes up.

This game is extremely time consuming to get the full 1000 but it is also really fun and addictive to play. The achievements aren't really difficult and you can get a lot of them without even trying for them. Don't be afraid to create a new Sim family because you will keep all of your challenge and wish progress you have obtained so far in the game. Most of all have fun and live your life, your Sim life that is.

[x360a would like to thank jamie1000013 for this Road Map]

The Sims 3 Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Create a household.

    *Story related and cannot be missed*

    Start a new game and then create a new Sim family. I recommend starting off with a man and a woman because this will make a lot of achievements easy to obtain. Choose traits that are positive towards your Sim/s such as charismatic, genius, friendly, computer whiz, flirty, brave, evil, and kleptomaniac. Also choose a life time wish that is easy to obtain, such as a skill based one. After you have created your Sim family pick a house for them to live in and then this achievement will unlock.

  • Complete the in-game tutorial.

    *Story related and cannot be missed*

    After you have created your Sims and moved them into your house, you will be given a game tutorial. This will teach you the basics of how to play the game. Simply follow the instructions and you will get this in a couple of minutes.

  • Learn the Charisma Skill.

    To learn the charisma skill you can talk to other Sims or you can practice speech in front of a mirror. After you have done this for a while your blue bar will fill up to the top, giving you one charisma point and this will unlock. You can also take charisma classes in town, which cost $400, to get this achievement.

  • Complete 10 Wishes.

    Refer to the Miracle Worker achievement.

  • Use a Karma Power.

    I recommend leaving this achievement until after you have got Be Excellent to Each-other because that requires you to get 100 karma all at once. To use a karma power press the Back button () and then go along to karma powers and select a karma power. The cheapest one costs 5 karma points and it's called "Cosmic Curse". After you have selected a karma power simply select a Sim to use it on.

  • BFF!



    Make a best friend.

    To make a best friend all you have to do is keep being friendly to a Sim until they become your best friend. This is best done on your boss or co-workers because you will need to become best friends with them anyway for the Working Friends achievement. If you have started off with more than one Sim you can simply befriend one of them because you won't have to go out of your way to find them. Refer to Working Friends for more info.

  • Attend a town event.

    Get a fresh newspaper which can be found outside of your front door and then select "Check Weekly Events". A new newspaper is delivered everyday. At the top right of your screen it will pop up with all the events coming up. Press and then check the location, day, and time of the event. Wait until the right time to attend the event and press and go to the "Town Map". Find the place you need to visit and go there. After the event is complete the achievement will unlock.

    Here is an event you can do any time:

    Event: Amateur Olympics
    Time and day: Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Location: Bay Memorial Stadium

    You only have to attend to unlock this achievement.

  • Go on a date.

    First of all you will need to get your relationship with another Sim to "Romantic Interest" status. After you have done that go onto the "Town Map" and select a location such as the cinema or a restaurant and select the "go with.." option. Then choose the Sim you want to go on a date with and when it is over this will unlock.

    This is made a lot easier if you start the game with a male and female Sim.

  • Have a first kiss.

    After you manage to get a Sim to "Romantic Interest" status by using the romantic and friendly interaction a lot with that Sim. Click the romantic interaction on the Sim and select "First Kiss".

    This is made a lot easier if you start the game with a male and female Sim.

  • Make Woo Hoo.

    Get another Sim's "Romantic Interest" status up, high to full will do, by doing friendly and romantic interactions with them. Soon enough the romantic option "Woo Hoo" will be available click it and watch the magic happen.

    Alternatively you can click on your bed and choose the "Relax" option. Then pick the Sim you are romantically interested in and choose Make "Woo Hoo". This way of doing it is helpful because you can make "Woo Hoo" sooner than the romantic option is available. You will need the other Sim in the same house though.

    This is made a lot easier if you start the game with a male and female Sim.

  • Reach level 5 in a career.

    First of all you will need to find a job, either go on to your computer and select "Find a Job" or go and pick up a newspaper and select "Find a Job". I found the easiest and fastest career to advance in to be the Business career. It is also easier to get the Working Friends achievement in this career. To be promoted quickly you will need to attend work everyday and be in a good mood while working.

    As you progress in your career you will need to befriend your boss and co-workers. To do this easily, while at work press and then press , you can then pick out from a couple of work options. Choose either "Suck up to boss" or "Talk at water cooler" after a while you will become best friends with your boss and co-workers. There is also an option to "Power Work" this will make your career progress go up faster, but will lower your mood faster.

  • Press the Back button to go to "Build and Buy". to open catalog > Buy > Vehicles > Cars. First though you will need a parking spot, which costs $150. Place it in front of your house somewhere and then buy a car. The cheapest one is $950. So, all together it will cost you $1,100.

  • Complete 10 Opportunities.

    You can receive opportunities by answering your Sim's cell phone, while working, while attending an event, and randomly. These do not last forever, so try and complete them as soon as you can. The amount of opportunities you have completed can be checked when you go to the Challenges page and checking the "Not Twice, But 10 Times" challenge. You can also check your current opportunities by going to your wishes tab and then pressing , then press to go to your current opportunities. Opportunities come around a lot, so no need to worry if you miss out on a couple.

  • Experience the Meta.

    This challenge can be located by pressing and then going on to challenges and go to the "This is so Meta" challenge.You need to watch 10 Sim hours of TV and play a game on the PC or TV for 10 Sim hours. It is accumulative so you don't need to do it all at once. I suggest doing one at a time so you can keep track. To play games you will need to buy a Computer or a Maxoid Game simulator 2 1/2 or other gaming equipment and place it next to your TV.

  • Explore the catacombs after dark.

    When it is past 11:00PM press then go to "Town map" and then at the top left of the map is "Specter Family Mausoleum" press on this location and then click explore catacombs. After you make it out of there the achievement will unlock.

  • Write a book.

    You first have to purchase a computer, desk, and chair this will set you back about $2,500. After you have done this click on the computer and select "Writing...". Start a novel of your choice, fiction and non fiction books take the least amount of time to write. You may want to increase your writing skill before writing a novel because you will write faster and you will have more genres available to you. To do this click on "Refine writing skill" instead of starting a novel. You could also take a writing class to increase your writing skill.

  • Throw an awesome party.

    To throw a party click on your Sim > Cell phone > and select throw a party. Pick eight Sims to attend, try choosing Sims you are most friendly with because this will help. Set a time preferably one hour from the present time, so you have time to prepare the party. Buy equipment that will help the Sims have a good time like a buffet, drinks bar, balloons, and a stereo system. I hosted the party at the back of my house with all of these items in the garden. After the guests arrive greet them and be friendly to them. Make sure you greet each one at least once.

    Buying "Legendary Host" from your Lifetime Rewards, which costs 5,000 points, will improve your guests response to the party. When a few of your guests are arrive at the party use the "Good Times" Karma power (30 Points) which may help improve their response to the party even more. The party will only last a couple of hours and you can save before the party starts, in case you mess up, to make it easier.

  • Become a partner of the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse.

    You will first need $15,000 to be able to become a partner. Go to the "Town Map" and at the very top of the map near the mausoleum is the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse. Press on this location and it will have an option saying "become partners", click this and after you have become partners this will unlock. This option only appears if you have $15,000 at the time.

  • Design and save 20 styles using Create a Style.

    Simply press > "buy and build" mode > press > select "create a style" and then select an item. Anything with a lot of different available styles like a bed is a good choice. Change the color of the item and then save, go along to the next color and change it and save again. Keep repeating until this unlocks.

  • Get engaged.

    To do this try out every available option in the romance tab when interacting with another Sim. After getting the Romance Interest up full with another Sim you can "Propose taking it slow" which will make the Sims become partners. You will then need to "propose marriage" and if successful the achievement will unlock.

  • Move into a new home.

    When you have collected a decent amount of money around $15,000 - $20,000, simply select your computer or cell phone and select "move". A pop up will come up asking you which Sims are moving, select the Sims you want to move with you. Then move out of you first home by selecting a new house from the town map which you can afford. You can always save before moving and get the achievement and then reload the previous saved game if you don't want to move.

  • Reach level 10 in a Skill.

    It takes a long time to reach level 10 in a skill so pick a skill that is useful such as cooking or handiness. Cooking is one of the easiest skills to level because you gain cooking experience from cooking meals for yourself. Handiness is also a good skill to level because stuff breaks a lot. At midnight sometimes instead of getting karma points some/all of your plumbing and electrical stuff will break which provides a massive skill boost for hardiness. Because this is a long achievement I recommend turning aging off so you don't have to worry about how long it takes to get.

  • Welcome a child into the family.

    To have a baby you have to do the same thing as making "Woo Hoo" but instead of picking the "Woo Hoo" option choose the "Try for baby" option. You will not get told that the Sim is pregnant until after a few days. The pregnant Sim will get home pay and have a child in a few days. Aging doesn't affect this achievement and you can leave it off.

  • Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers.

    You can check the people you work with by going to your friends tab and then filtering to the work tab. The easiest career I found to do this was the business career because you can get this achievement while your at work. While at work press than press and a menu will come up showing all the options you can do while at work. Choose to meet co-workers and after you have met them pick either "Suck up to boss" or "Chat at water cooler" and after a while you will become best friends with your boss and co-workers. At other work places there is also an option to socialize while you are working.

  • Reach the maximum potential Karma.

    Right at the beginning of the game when you first move in to your house you start with 80/100 karma. Simply don't use any karma powers for about two days. Every night at Midnight you will receive 0-15 karma depending mainly on your mood. You will also receive 1 karma point for each wish you fulfill. This shouldn't take you long at all.

  • Complete a Lifetime Wish.

    Your Sim's lifetime wish depends on what traits your Sim has. An easy life time wish to get is a skill related wish. Make sure you turn aging off so you aren't constrained by a time limit. Try to pick away at this wish every time you have free time to spare. You can shorten the time it takes to get this achievement by purchasing "Lifetime Rewards", which can give you advantages like not needing the toilet ever again, feeling less hungry, less need to wash, and faster skills development. To find lifetime rewards press and then go along to Sim info > Lifetime Rewards > Press to open it. Lifetime wish points are made by fulfilling wishes.

  • Raise your household's value to §35,000 or more.

    Just keep buying expensive things for your house, you can check exactly how much your home is worth by pressing and going to "buy and build" mode. At the bottom right it will say "Lot Value" and "Furnished" this amount just needs to be over $35,000. It doesn't matter if unfurnished is below $35,000 just that furnished is. Try buying the very best TV, bed, fridge, oven, shower/bath, and computer and you will then be either very close to $35,000 or have exceeded it.

  • Resurrect a Sim.

    For this achievement you will need the "Divine Intervention" Karma power. This power costs 150 challenge points which you earn by completing challenges. The power costs 75 karma points to use, so make sure you have your karma points ready for when one of your family members dies, so you can find their ghost and use the power. This only works on family members, so you cannot try and resurrect a ghost at the mausoleum, I tried. An easy way to kill a Sim is to build a pool and then make them swim in it and then build chairs or a wall around it. The Sim won't be able to get out and will drown within minutes.

    The grim reaper will then come along and turn you Sim into a ghost. This ghost will be controllable and will hang around your home for five Sim days. Simply resurrect the Sim within the five days and the achievement will unlock.

  • Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points.

    All together the challenge points you will need is 950. When you have this amount of points and have completed the following challenges:

    • I Double Dare Ya - Explore the Catacombs after dark
    • Home is Where the Simoleons Are - Raise a household value to over $35,000
    • You Never Forget Your First - Kiss your first Sim

    All of these challenges are linked to achievements with the same name. You do not have to use the power simply unlocking them is enough.

  • Complete any 2 Skill Journal Milestones.

    Refer to the Leet Skillz achievement.

  • Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.

    Go on to your skills tab and then press , then open your "Skill Journal" , scroll down a little and you will see the skill milestones, above this is your current progress towards these milestones. There are three or more milestones for each skill. You will need to complete ten. This can be done on multiple playthroughs, but is most easily done on one Sim.

    The milestones I have underlined are the easiest and less time consuming ones to complete, but the speed at which you complete the milestones is based mainly on what skills and career your Sim has.

    Athletic skill:
    Bodybuilder: Total hours on the weight bench must be at least 60.
    Marathon Runner: Total distance jogged must be at least 500km.
    Fitness Nut: Total hours on the treadmill must be at least 75.

    Charisma skill:
    Celebrity: Sim knows at least 25 other Sims.
    Personable: Sim knows at least 50 traits of others.

    Super Friendly: Sim holds at least 20 friendships simultaneously.
    Everybody's Best Friend: Sim holds at least 10 best friendships simultaneously.
    Comedian: Sim has told at least 100 jokes.

    Cooking skill:
    Star Chef: Sim has made at least 50 meals.
    World-Class Chef: Sim has made at least 75 meals.
    Menu Maven: Sim knows all the recipes.

    Fishing skill:
    Amateur Ichthyologist: Achieved when the Sim catches at least one of each type of fish
    Commercial Fisherman: Achieved when the Sim catches at least 350 fish.

    Gardening skill:
    Master Planter: Sim has planted at least one of each type of seed.
    Botanical Boss: Sim must harvest at least 75 "Perfect"-quality crops.
    Master Farmer: Sim must harvest of at least 650 crops of any quality.

    Guitar skill:
    Master Guitarist: Sim has learned every normal song available, which unlocks one more song.
    Guitar Star: Sim must play the guitar in at least ten parties and/or commercial lots.
    Money Maker: Sim has earned $5000 through guitar playing. Note that this amount is calculated through opportunity rewards and tips, but any amount gained from going to work in the Musician career track doesn't count.

    Handiness skill:
    Electrician: Sim has repaired at least 10 electric objects.
    Plumber: Sim has repaired 10 plumbing objects.

    Tinkerer: Sim has given at least 10 "unique upgrades" to objects, defined as ten differently named upgrades. That is, upgrading multiple objects with "Unbreakable" still counts as only a single upgrade as it regards to the challenge.

    Logic skill:
    Grand Master: Sim has achieved level 5 of the professional chess circuit.
    Celestial Explorer: Sim has discovered 20 celestial bodies.
    Teacher Extraordinaire: Sim has given 20 hours of tutoring.
    Skill Professor: Sim has given 30 hours of tutoring.

    Painting skill:
    Brushmaster: Sim has painted at least 35 paintings of any subject.
    Proficient Painter: Sim has painted at least 6 paintings that are ranked as brilliant or masterpiece-quality.
    Master Painter: Sim has painted at least 5 paintings that are ranked as masterpiece-quality.

    Writing skill:
    Speed Writer: Sim has earned at least $15,000 in total royalties.
    Prolific Writer: Sim has written at least 20 books.
    Specialist Writer: Sim has written at least 5 books of a single genre.

  • Genie



    Gain 150,000 Lifetime Happiness Points on one Sim.

    Refer to the True Wealth achievement.

  • Extinguish a Sim on fire.

    Here is a step by step method of doing this achievement:

    1. Make sure you have two Sims that you can control at your house.
    2. Make sure that one of them has the Brave trait.
    3. Change the autonomy level of your Sims to puppet.
    4. Build a fireplace in your home ("Build and Buy" > Build > fireplace).
    5. Make sure you don't have a fire alarm in your house.
    6. Set the fireplace alight and then get the Sim without the brave trait to upgrade it.
    7. If you get close to upgrading choose another upgrade, keep doing this until you set your Sim on fire.
    8. As soon as the Sim is on fire choose extinguish Sim with the Brave Sim.

    Here is an alternate method: Guide

  • Become a public menace.

    This is also a challenge ("The Reviler"). You will need the Kleptomaniac and Evil trait for this achievement. The achievement and challenge need you to complete a total of five other challenges. Those challenges are :

    Ahh, Regret (Return a stolen object.)
    After you have stolen an object, simply go up to your mailbox and click "Return object". You need a kleptomaniac Sim to steal an object.

    How to steal objects:
    1.To steal an object it first needs to be night (After 7:00PM and before 6AM)
    2.You need to have a kleptomaniac Sim.
    3. No one is around to see you do it.
    4. Click on the floor near public places like the library and people's homes and the option "Swipe will appear" if you have all of the above it should be blue.
    5. You can only swipe three objects a day.

    Big Ol' Meanie (Be mean 10 times.)
    Just go up to another Sim and keep doing the "Mean" things to them.

    Public Enemy (Become enemies with 15 Sims.)
    Either go to a Sim and be mean to them and start fights and rinse and repeat another fourteen times, or go to a community lot and do the "Epic Fail" Karma power. This will freak a lot of people out and then just be mean and fight them until you have fifteen enemies. After you are mean to a Sim a new option of fight will appear, click on this option and choose make Nemesis to become enemies with that Sim.

    That's My Candy! (Steal candy from a baby 5 times.)
    You need the Evil trait to steal candy from a baby. You could start a new Sim family with a Sim with the Evil trait and a baby and simply take that babies candy five times. After you have done this, save so the challenge also saves.

    Thief! (Steal 20 things with a kleptomaniac Sim.)
    As this states your Sim needs to have the "Kleptomaniac" Trait, after that simple steal objects. See Ahh Regret! to find out how to steal if you need to know.

  • Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family.

    "Epic Fail" karma power costs 25 karma points to use, but you will need to use it thirteen separate times, which is 325 karma points in all. You have to use this against other Sims not in your family. You can keep using it on the same Sim and it will still count. Every time you have a spare 25 karma points just find any Sim not in your family and use this power on them.

  • Start 5 romantic relationships.

    When you become partners with another Sim this is classed as 1 relationship, if you then get engaged that is classed as 2. So you will need to go through at least 3 relationships to achieve this. This carries over across all playthroughs. A good method to doing this is start a two person Sim family and partner them up and then get engaged, save on a separate slot and repeat 2 more times. To be able to partner with another Sim simply keep using different romantic options on them until the option becomes available. After you partner up with a Sim you can propose engagement straight after, which more than likely they will accept, save before hand just in case they don't.

  • Prepare a perfect meal.

    For this you will need to get your cooking skill to level 10. You will also need to buy the best cooker and fridge available. Also upgrade the cooker so it improves meal quality. When making the meal try to pick the most expensive meal to make, which may help to make a perfect meal. You should obtain this after a while of playing through the game naturally anyway because you will need to make meals to keep your Sim alive and happy.

  • Owned!



    Buy out a commercial property in town.

    To buy out a commercial property in town you first need to partner with the owners. The option will only become available once you have enough simoleons (money). The cheapest commercial property to buy out is "Scowned!" it costs $6,000 to partner with them and then a further $20,000 to buy out the owners. So all in all you will need $26,000.

  • Get an insurance check for over §15,000 after using the Firestorm Karma Power.

    You will first need to purchase this karma power for 100 challenge points. It costs 15 karma points to use. Here is a great guide on how to get this achievement: Guide. You will need $60,000 to $200,000 for this method to work. It may also help to put carpet all over the building to help spread the fire. You could do this with the brave perk, but it works better without it. Remember you can change your traits with the "Mid life Crisis" lifetime reward which costs 20,000 happiness points to use.

  • Grow a perfect plant.

    To plant a plant you first need a seed. You find seeds all over the place, like rocks, the best place I have found for getting seeds is Specter family mausoleum. When you have one or more in your inventory go to "Build & Buy", then "Family Inventory" and chose "Sim". Pick your seed and then just put it on a green area on your property, now go back to "Live Mode", choose your Sim and move your cursor to that seed and you'll have the option to plant it. You can then water it and fertilize it to make it grow faster and better. After the plant has finished growing take the produce and plant that, rinse and repeat. Remember to click tend garden because it will water and weed everything at once.

    Here is a helpful guide on this achievement which may help you: Guide Remember you can also purchase "Super Green Thumb". It costs 20,000 lifetime happiness points and it makes you produce better quality plants.

  • Catch a perfect fish.

    Simply get your fishing skill to at least seven and at some point you will end up catching a "Perfect Fish". You can click on any stretch of water you come across in town to start fishing. You can also find fishing locations from the town map they are the locations with a fishing hook symbol. You don't have to worry about bait or the location. The best fishing spots are the spots where you can see fish jumping up out of the water. You can even create your own fishing spot in your back garden by going to land sculpting and making a lake. It seems the bigger and deeper the lake the more fish it will contain.

  • Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.

    There are 6 moodlets that affect you Sim's mood which are:

    Hunger - Eat to keep this up
    Social - Talk to Sims by phone, computer, and in person to keep this up
    Bladder - Go to the toilet to keep this up
    Hygiene - Have a bath or shower to keep this up
    Energy - Go to sleep or drink coffee to keep this up
    Fun - Play a game, watch TV, and do other fun activities to keep this up

    You need 5/6 moodlets to be in the green to get this. This is really easy and should be one of the first achievements you unlock. If you purchase "Steel bladder" with lifetime reward points you will never need the toilet ever again. Also you can purchase "Dirt defiant" and "Hardly hungry" which makes you less hungry and more hygienic for longer.

  • Build a home of at least §350,000 property value on a large lot.

    When you have saved around $300,000, or if you sell all your deeds to your business's you own. You will have enough to move into either one of the three "Big lot's" in the game. The big lots are easily noticeable because the home is big and blue on the map. After you have moved in simply go to to "build and buy" mode and buy the most expensive cars until the value reaches $350,000. When you go back out of "build and buy" mode your achievement will unlock. You can make lots of money from writing books especially masterpieces which can give you in excess of $13,000 each week in royalties.

  • Complete a Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult.

    You can either have a baby and raise it to a kid or start a new child and an adult Sim family, you need the adult to look after the kid. When you have aged to a kid turn aging off so you aren't constrained by getting older. Then you will need to save up and buy "Change lifetime wish" for 10,000 life time happiness points this allows you to pick a life time wish because kids don't start off with lifetime wishes. All though you may get a lifetime wish for free by performing tasks like writing a book or painting a picture as a kid. Try to get a lifetime wish which is skill based and then keep using the "Stroke of Genius" karma power to power level that skill. You can also get this with a teenager as well.

    Tips to speeding this up:

    1.It may be more helpful to be a teenager than a kid because you can then use the moodlet manager on a teenager to improve the Sim's moodlets, but you can't on a kid.
    2. Buy "Steel Bladder", "Dirt Defiant", and "Hardly Hungry" as soon as you can.

  • Gain 250,000 Lifetime Happiness on one Sim.

    This has to be done on one Sim and it is cumulative, meaning you can spend Happiness points and it won't effect this achievement. If you do spend Happiness points on lifetime rewards all you have to do is look what you spent the points on and then add the cost of that to your current lifetime happiness score to find out your total. To see your lifetime happiness points and lifetime rewards, press and then go along to Sim info, press and you can then buy lifetime rewards and see your life time happiness score. You gain lifetime happiness points by completing wishes. It's best to have two wishes that take ages to complete and have two other wishes that are quick to complete. Longer wishes give you much more happiness than shorter wishes. Your Sim's Lifetime wish gives you a massive lifetime happiness score so try and fulfill it. You should unlock this while you are going for all the other achievements.

  • Complete 50 Challenges.

    Refer to the Uberchallenging achievement.

  • Complete 100 Challenges.

    Refer to the Uberchallenging achievement.

  • Complete 150 Challenges.

    Press and go to "Challenges and Rewards" to see all of the challenges available. You can filter the challenges to incomplete and then A to Z mode and then systematically work at them if you want. Challenges carry across all playthoughs and as long as you save your game your challenge progress will also save. Most of the challenges you will complete while unlocking achievements. Many challenges are also achievements or linked to achievements which makes completing challenges an even bigger incentive.

    Here is a brilliant challenge guide: Guide

  • Complete 100 Wishes.

    Refer to the Miracle Worker achievement.

  • Complete 1,000 Wishes.

    The type of wish your Sim wishes for is mainly dependent on the task you are doing or the way you are feeling. For example, if you are feeling hungry, you may get a wish to order pizza for your Sim. When you get a wish simply hold down the to bring up the full wish and its requirements and press to accept them or to delete it. If you already have four wishes accepted and uncompleted the game will automatically send you to the wishes screen and you can either delete any old wish you have or delete the one that has recently appeared. There is no time limit for accepted wishes, but wishes that you haven't accepted yet will disappear after a while. You can check the amount of wishes you have completed by going to the "Challenges Page" and then look at the "Miracle Worker" challenge. Wishes carry on over all playthroughs.

    This achievement is the longest in the game but by using this method you can get it in an hour or two: Method. By using this method you can complete 24 wishes every two minutes or so.

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