- Estimated achievement difficulty:2/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 20 [200] [Need to be connected to servers to unlock achievememts]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 100+ hours playtime, 1+ months actual time
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None [provided always connected to servers]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone 8 only

WARNING ABOUT ONLINE CONNECTION: An active online is connection is required to obtain all of the achievements. If for some reason you become temporarily disconnected and unlock an achievement, it will become unobtainable unless you reinstall the game (and lose all your progress), even if you complete the requirements again. For this reason, it is recommended that you constantly verify your connection, especially at times right before you may unlock an achievement. This is done by entering the pause screen (by tapping the back button) and checking the leaderboards. As long as they load, you are connected. Alternatively, if you have unlocked at least one achievement, check the achievements page. If any of your unlocked achievements show, you are connected. This is slightly quicker than loading the leaderboards page.

The Sims FreePlay is a strategic life simulation game developed by EA as a freemium mobile version of the timeless classic, The Sims. Unlike previous titles in the series, in-game events and actions occur in real-time, following the freemium trend of titles like Ice Age Village and Bug Village. In-app purchases are constantly begging you to make them, but they dont take away from the experience too much. Post-launch developer updates have drastically increased the amount of time it will take to complete the game. Currently the game is FREE in the Windows Phone Store.

Step 1: Just play the game
The object of the game is to increase you town's population and infrastructure, all the while leveling up and earning more Simoloeons (the currency of the game). Always work to complete the current task that is available. These are one of the few ways to earn the premium currency, Life Points (LP, for short). The "Nemesis of the State" achievement will require that you reach Level 22, but fear not, as you will far surpass that by the time you earn the last few achievements related to Town Value in Step 2. Due to the fact that you need to be connected to the servers when you have met the conditions for an achievement, it is wise to keep a tally of how many goals you have completed (skipped goals count too!). You don't want to be having to double check your connection just before ending every task, so knowing when you are closing in on 1000 completed goals is a useful thing indeed.

Step 2: Grind to 30,000,000 Town Value and 1000 goals complete
This step is going to be painful. After you complete all of the other miscellaneous achievements, and erect all building in the town, you will be quite a long ways from 30 million Town Value and 1000 completed goals. There is however a way to grind your way towards the money, involving locking pre-teens in a room and forcing then to repeatedly...study. See "1000 Goals" for more info.

The Sims FreePlay is not unlike Ice Age Village, another freemium city-builder on Windows Phone. It will require a vast amount of time to complete, no matter how you look at it. It is not at all difficult, but will request an extraordinary amount of dedication and patience. The only saving grace is that the game is FREE and does not require real money to complete in any way. It also can be fun at times, despite the never-ending grind.

[XBA would like to thank Corrupt. for this Roadmap]

The Sims FreePlay Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete 10 goals.

    See "1000 GOALS!"

  • Have a dog dig up 1 lifestyle point.

    This achievement requires that you have a dog dig up a lifestyle point. This will be your first achievement. It is a gimme as it occurs in the first few minutes of gameplay during the tutorial. If you have a dog, periodically a symbol will appear above the dogs head showing a shovel. Tap the icon and the dog will dig to find something. Usually the dog will turn up a small amount of Simoleons, but occasionally life points can be found. In the tutorial, the dog will find a life point 100% of the time.

  • Have a town value of 15,000 simoleons.

    See "City of Gold".

  • Bake 5 chocolate puddings.

    This achievement simply requires that you bake 5 chocolate puddings. In order to be able to bake, you must first have an oven. Purchase one from the Home Store if you do not. Chocolate pudding does not unlock until a few levels in. Once you are able to buy one, click on the oven with a free Sim and select the pudding to start baking. It will take 2 hours to complete, regardless of the type of oven your are using. Once it is finished baking, click on it to collect it. Repeat four more times. This does not need to be done with a single Sim or in a single oven.

  • Watch 8 movies.

    This achievement requires that you watch eight movies. In order to watch a movie, you must have a TV. Purchase one from the Home Store if you do not (there is one in the tutorial house). There is no level requirement, so go ahead and knock this out right away. Select the TV with a free Sim and begin a movie. It will take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, depending on the type of TV. Once the movie is complete, that counts as one. You can have multiple Sims watching a movie together, but it will still only count once towards this achievement. If you have a few TVs, have each Sim watching their own.

  • Have a Sim ask another Sim to get married.

    This achievement requires that you have two Sims get married (not just propose marriage, as the description hints). Have two Sims constantly interact until they becomes friends, good friends, start dating, and then becomes partners. The best interaction for this is to "Romantic." At this point, the option to "Propose to Get Married" will show up. Clicking on this will bring up a menu where you purchase a ring. The more costly rings have a better chance of succeeding, so your best bet is to go for the Eternity Ring for 10 LP (100% success rate). Once engaged, continue the romantic interactions to fill the meter. The option to get married will come up when the bar is full. Select it to pop this achievement.

  • Have 3 babies.

    This achievement requires that you have a total of three babies. In order to have a baby, a couple must be married. After that, you need to purchase a crib and place it in their marital home. Click on the crib and opt to have a baby. It will take 24 hours for the baby to arrive via stork. You must have less Sims that your allotment, as the new baby will contribute to your population. Repeat two more times to unlock the achievement. Feel free to reuse the crib if you are cheap, even moving it to another home for a different couple. The same couple can have more than one baby. Also note that the babies do not need to be in baby form at the same time. As long as you created three total the achievement will unlock.

  • Save 50,000 simoleons.

    This achievement requires that you save up 50,000 Simoleons. The must be in your possession at one time. It is not cumulative. This will come with natural progression most likely, once you level up and have a good amount of Sims. You may as well wait for this if you can, as on your way to 30,000,000 simoleons, you should have way more than 50k in your bank at some point. The achievement will pop when your account surpasses 50,000.

  • Drive a total of 100 miles.

    This achievement requires that you drive a cumulative total of 100 miles. This can be done with multiple Sims and cars. In order to get this achievement, you will first need a car. There are a few options to obtain one.

    • Build the car dealership in your town. Then you can purchase a car. The cheapest one is a Prius for $8,900.
    • Build a property in your town that comes with a car. The mansion is one of them.
    • Complete enough tasks and eventually you will receive a free, 3-star car. More info on this soon.

    Once you obtain a car, you must assign it to a Sim. After doing so, it will be parked outside their place of residence. Select it with the Sim and choose the 3-minute drive (the only option). Depending on the star rating of the car, it could take anywhere between 2 to more than 20 repeated drives to unlock this achievement. There is a bit of randomness involved since the distance the car drives each time varies (there are stoplights around town).

  • Buy the Pro Skater’s Dream Pad.

    This achievement requires that you purchase the Pro Skater's Dream Pad for your town. Choose a plot of land and make the purchase for 19 LP. Make sure to place the Dream Pad on a lot with a blue icon. If you place it on a lot with a yellow icon, that achievement will not unlock. The yellow icon lots are larger, and the Dream Pad would cost 29 LP. Once the construction is complete, click to confirm the erection and unlock the achievement.

  • Get 5 Sims promoted to Mad Scientist at the Lab.

    This achievement requires that you have 5 Sims promoted to the Mad Scientist rank at the Science Lab. In order to obtain this achievement, you need to first build the Science Lab in your town. Once complete, you can send your Sims to work there. From the Simtracker, select the briefcase icon for jobs. Then accept the Science Lab job with a Sim. Your Sim will earn Job XP and level up. In order to pop this achievement, a total of 5 Sims must reach max rank, Mad Scientist, at the Science Lab. There are three ways to earn XP towards this achievement:

    • Play games of chess - This is the best method to rank up for this achievement. You can purchase a chess board from the Living Room section of the Home Store for $300 (or they are available within the Park if you build that in your town). Up to two Sims can play on the same chess board simultaneously. You just need to have correctly positioned chairs available at the chess board table. Each round of chess takes 10 minutes. It will take less than 20 games of chess for a Sim to level up to Rank 5 from Rank 1.
    • Go to work at the Science Lab - Your Sim will earn a small amount of XP for completing a day of work
    • Use the telescope - You can also earn XP toward the Science profession by using the telescope. However, each telescope costs $70,000, so don't even bother with this. Use the chess boards.
  • Have 3 preteen Sims with a grade average of A+++

    This achievement requires that you have 3 preteen Sims with a grade average of A+++. To obtain this achievement, you must first have three preteen Sims. A preteen Sim evoles from an infant Sim. Once you are married, buy the crib and then have a baby (costs LP). Bake a birthday cake (costs LP) and use it on your infant to age them to a toddler. Then bake another birthday cake and use it on the toddler to get a preteen. The grade averages progress as follows: C, C+, B, B+, A, A+, A++, and A+++. You raise a preteens grade average by:

    • Send them to school - Build the Sim Town Elementary. Preteen Sims can attend the school during the daytime, similar to they way adults go to work. Each time they go to school, they will earn XP towards this achievement. However, it is a very small amount.
    • Use a 3-star study desk - Purchase a 3-star study desk from the store. This is not available for purchase until Level 17. It costs 3 LP. Using this (for any length of time) is the fastest way to increase a preteen's grade average.

    You MUST have all three at this rating at the same time. A preteen's grade will drop slowly in time if they don't study and go to school. Make sure you have three preteens with an active A+++ grade average to pop this achievement.

  • Have a town worth 12,000,000 simoleons.

    See "City Of Gold".

  • Have 1 Sim be nemeses with 16 Sims.

    This achievement requires that you have one Sim become nemeses with 16 other Sims simultaneously. In order to obtain this achievement, you must have at least 17 Sims in your town. This will not be possible until you reach Level 22. Once you have 17 Sims, choose one to be hated by everyone. Use the "Complain" (requires 30 interactions and 5 total minutes) or "Be Rude" (requires 10 interactions and 10 total minutes) interactions over and over with another Sim until you drop to the Nemesis relationship. Continue the process until one Sim is nemeses with 16 others. Note that you cannot negatively interact with babies or toddlers (so age them), or anyone that your a best friends with. Preteens are fair game though.

  • Have a town worth 30,000,000 simoleons.

    Playing the game the way it was designed, this could take you an absolute age. There used to be a quick method for increaing town value involving ghost hunting, but that has been patched out. Luckily, there is a new one involving pre-teens, and with the devs announcing that there will be no more updates for this game, it should be safe that this one is here to stay. You should probably go for this last, as you will earn a fair chunk from completing goals and playing through. What you can exploit is the fact that every time a pre-teen gets to A+++ grade, you get a town value increase of 30k. Build yourself a room with as many 3* study desks as you have preteens. They cost 3LP each, but if you can't spare the LP, then 2* desks will do, but it will be a little slower. Upgrade them when you can.

    So, first get your pre-teen(s) to A+++ grade, then set them to do a single brainstorm session, lasting 3 minutes. When they have started studying, make them leave school and re-enrol. You should get the bonus for getting to A+++ grade at the end of the three minute session, meaning 30k per 3 minutes per student. The more students you have, the more money you can make in that 3 minutes. The important thing is to stay with the students. Do not pause the game, leave the room they are in, and to be on the safe side, just leave the phone. Make sure your timeout settings for your phone are at least 3 minutes, as that will pause your game.

    Sometimes it won't work properly, or you will get interupted in some way. This will bump your student down to A+ or A++, but shouldn't take long to get back up to where you need them. Way easier and quicker that doing as they intended!

    Thanks to Fire Hawk D for informing me of this method.

  • Complete 1000 goals.

    This will most likely be one of your final achievements. As stated in the roadmap, it is wise to keep track of how many you have completed, as you want to know when you are nearing the 1000 so you can make sure you are connected to the servers when you hit it. If you have the spare LP, skip any tasks that are going to take a large amount of time (anything over a couple of hours), as many of the goals take a few seconds, and of course they are the ones you want to be getting. Skipped tasks also count towards this.

  • Have a pre-teen Sim get a Black Belt in Karate.

    Once you have build the community centre, you are able to send your Sims there to learn new hobbies, including karate, ballet and woodworking. Simply send one of your pre-teens there, and make them practice karate. There are a few options, and of course the shorter timed sessions will yield more xp for them and make them level up quicker, but you will need to babysit them more. Whichever sessions you use, eventually the kid will get to Black Belt. Just ensure you don't start a new hobby as this will reset their rank.

  • Have a pre-teen Sim become a Professional Ballet Dancer.

    Once you have build the community centre, you are able to send your Sims there to learn new hobbies, including karate, ballet and woodworking. Simply send one of your pre-teens there, and make them practice ballet. There are a few options, and of course the shorter timed sessions will yield more xp for them and make them level up quicker, but you will need to babysit them more. Whichever sessions you use, eventually the kid will become a Professional. Just ensure you don't start a new hobby as this will reset their rank.

  • Catch All 12 Ghost Types.

    To start catching ghosts, you must first beat the ghost hunting quest, which begins around level 23. This achievement requires you to catch all 12 types of ghost, and you will need at least one experienced ghost hunter to get them. Lower level, or beginner ghost hunters can find any that have been unlocked by your pro. The best way to go about this is to build a large room, and fill it with all of the haunted stuff you can find. In the Store, haunted items are identified by the red ghost symbol. Click on any of your haunted items, and a ghost will appear. To catch the ghost, you have to touch the ghost three times to capture it. The items have a reload time, so the more items you have, and the more hunters you have, the more time you have to catch ghosts. It seems to be pretty random which ghosts spawn and when, but keep at it. You will get some good Simoleon and town value bonuses on the way.

  • “Negotiate” with 3 Man-Eating Plants.

    Certain plants will have a green symbol on them. This tells you that there is a chance they will turn into man eating plants when fully grown. If you see them, you will have the option for your Sim to "negotiate" with them. Do this to watch your sim wrestle with the plant, it takes a few minutes. Rince and repeat three times for this achievement.

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