SO VICIOUS Achievement in The Sims Medieval




    Finish story "Political Commitment".

  • How to unlock SO VICIOUS

    To start the Political Commitment story, your alignment must be at least slightly evil. If the story options become available and this choice is greyed out, don't progress on any more quests and instead go around stealing from the church, kicking over trash cans, and eating food that isn't yours. To make this easier, I suggest choosing a history of Naughty and a personality trait of Narcissist when creating your character. When leveling up your skills, strength is by far the most important skill, followed by agility.

    The quests specific to this story are below:

    1. Political Commitment I
      -Requires you to be evil
      -Buy a desk and write Firmin’s speech.
      -Help Firmin to rehearse his speech (0/2).
      -Neutralize the first rival.
      -Get rid of the second rival.
      -Reward: 200 coins, agility increase, charisma increase.
    2. Political Commitment II
      -Requires you to be evil
      -Draft an assassination agreement for Kurt Throat.
      -Befriend Kurt Throat and explain what you plan to do.
      -Give the agreement to Kurt Throat.
      -Now eliminate Kurt Throat.
      -400 simoleons, agility increase, charisma increase
    3. Political Commitment III
      -Requires you to be evil
      -Recruit an assassin in your guild.
      -Give a death potion to the assassin.
      -Let Firmin know the King will be dead tonight.
      -Write a false letter of power transition.
      -Give letter to Firmin.
      -Get rid of Firmin and seize power.
      -1,000 simoleons, agility increase, charisma increase
    4. Story: Political Commitment IV
      -Requires you to be evil
      -Ask the jester to amuse you.
      -Face the vengeful jester.
      -Ask your chancellor for an explanation.
      -Write a speech which leaves nobody indifferent.
      -Maintain law and order. Make an example by defeating 10 Sims.
      -5,000 simoleons.

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