SO RELIGIOUS Achievement in The Sims Medieval




    Finish Story "Religious Commitment".

  • How to unlock SO RELIGIOUS

    To start the Religious Commitment story, your alignment must be at least slightly good. If the story options become available and this choice is greyed out, don't progress on any more quests and instead go around donating to people. To make this easier, I suggest choosing a history of Orphan and a personality trait of Eloquent or Spiritual when creating your character. When leveling up your skills, spirituality is by far the most important skill, followed by charisma.

    The quests specific to this story are below:

    Story: Religious Commitment I (10) Brother Jules

    1. -good
      -Read the drakhanic holy book. Look for it at the church bookshelf.
      -Use “Preach” to convince 5 sinners to go to the church (0/5).
      -Donate 200 simoleons for the drakhan cult.
      -200 simoleons, charisma increase.
    2. Story: Religious Commitment II (10) Brother Jules
      -Use praying alter at the church.
      -Use “Preach” to convert 8 sinners (0/8)
      -Donate 1,000 simoleons for the cult.
      -400, simoleons, charisma increase.
    3. Story: Religious Commitment III (10) Brother Jules
      -Recruit an inquisitor in your guild.
      -Use “Preach” to convert 10 villagers. (0/10)
      -Use “Preach” to convert Firmin the king chancellor.
      -Use “Preach” to convert the king.
      -Complete your masterpiece by giving 2,000 simoleons to the cult.
      -1,000 coin, charisma increase
    4. Story: Religious Commitment IV (10) Brother Jules
      -Use “Preach” to convert 15 villagers. (0/15)
      -Take the money from the church basin.
      -Bring back 200 lbs of fish to Brother Jules.
      -Bring back 20 zucchinis to Brother Jules.
      -Bring back 20 eggplants to Brother Jules.
      -Receive the Great Drakhan. Preach at the church.
      -5,000 simoleons.

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