- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 29 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 10-15 hours [highly RNG-dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Many runs, depending on your luck with RNG items
- Missable achievements: Spare the Witch! (15G) and You Must be Dreaming! (50G) are the only two achievements that could be considered missable, but the repeating nature of the levels means essentially no achievements are missable. Refer to the walkthrough below for more information
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

Welcome to The Story Goes On, a roguelite hack 'n' slash game where you'll be playing through the same six levels over and over, gradually collecting items/powerups to make you stronger, as the dungeons get progressively harder with each iteration. The goal is to eventually collect all pages of the storybook, which completes the storyline of the game. This isn't quite as straightforward and linear as you might think, but more on that below. Like any roguelite, dying means you lose everything and start over from scratch, but thankfully this game is quite simple and easy compared to others, especially once you start amassing items and powerups. Let's get started on the completion.

Explanation on Story Progression and the Cyclical Levels:
The first thing I would like to do is explain how the story progression works. To complete the story, you'll need to obtain all six pages. However, obtaining the pages is NOT story related. By that, I mean that if you simply play through all the rooms in each floor, finding the boss key and then beating the boss, you will not collect any pages and will not progress the story.

Now a quick word on the levels and their cyclical nature. There are six levels (or floors) in the game, in this order: Forest, Snow, Spooky Forest, Desert, Dark Forest, Void. When you first start the game (after the tutorial) you will play through all six of those levels, with no option for a story page. After completing all six levels, you'll go through a portal and be in space, and approach the six blank pages. Now you will be given the ability to access the first two dungeons (one in the Forest and one in the Snow level). There are six total pages you can put your cursor to play, and the difficulty of each is shown in the upper left. Be aware that you will play through the levels linearly from the one you pick. So, for example, if you pick the Forest page section (bottom left), you will play through all six levels like normal, but if you pick the Snow page section (top left) you will start at the Ice level and play through the five levels until the end, skipping the Forest level. Keep this in mind, because if you need a page in a specific level, don't start in a level beyond that one.

As I said, obtaining the pages isn't part of natural progression, so refer to That was a Big Spider (50G) and Wild Ride (50G) for how to get the Forest and Snow pages, respectively. Once you've gotten both of them, the scarecrow will open up the next two: Spooky Forest and Desert (refer to The Eye of the Beholder (75G) and Good Idea! (75G) for those two), and then the final one: Dark Forest (refer to That Put a Spin on Things (75G)). Be aware that after you obtain the fifth page by defeating the boss Discourse, you will unavoidably die. This is story related, so don't be alarmed. Immediately after dying, start a new one and you'll be pitted against the final boss to obtain the final page. Be Scared (100G) has more details on this final page.

The following section has tips to get through the game pretty easily. Since you'll be forced to die and therefore lose everything right near the end of the game, it's worth knocking out a bunch of the miscellaneous achievements at that point. Refer to the second section after this one for more details.

General Tips to Make the Game Easy:
  • While it may be tempting once you find the boss key to go to the boss door and fight him, never do so until you've explored every room in each level. Firstly, the gold you amass from killing all the enemies you can find is very helpful early on to buy more things. Secondly, every level has one room with a random powerup in the middle of it (the room has a yellow diamond on it on your map). You never want to move on before finding this room.
  • Early on, use your regular keys on the chests you find, but as you progress and get stronger, save the keys in case you find gold chests. These are rarer (but are opened the same way) but they always contain an item, rather than a heart or money.
  • Prioritize collecting/buying from the shop the Rabbit of Cearbannog (listed as "Pet Bunny" in the shop), the Two Turtle Doves, and Mother Pecr. Not only does collecting all three give you an achievement, Lord Pecrtron (25G), but it gives you an AI companion that is invincible and absolutely destroys enemies and bosses.
  • The Deal With The Devil powerup is probably the best in the game. It replaces your hearts with your money, meaning when you get hit you lose money. This means that your pool of money becomes your health. While this may seem bad at first, you'll quickly find that you are far less likely to die now. Every enemy you kill gives you money, meaning you are constantly getting more and more health every time you kill enemies. I have had over 20,000 in my wallet at once, meaning there was zero chance of me ever dying. Once you get this powerup, try to keep it.
  • While they may seem simple and not very good or strong, the two powerups for increasing attack speed and increasing range are two of the best in the game because they can be stacked. Being able to attack faster will put your DPS (damage per second) through the roof. I was killing bosses in literally 1-2 seconds after I had 3-4 stacks of each. Never pass these powerups up when you see them in the scarecrow's shop between floors.
  • After each cycle of levels, when you're forced to choose a new page to start from, pay close attention to what powerups you'll lose and which you'll keep. While it may be tempting to prioritize Lord Pecrtron if you have it, I tended to prioritize the attack speed and range, and especially the Deal With The Devil powerup, as these ensured I was strong enough to plow through any enemy or boss with ease, and had a huge health pool thanks to my money.
Miscellaneous Achievements to Work On:
Your main order of business on your main playthrough of the game is going to be obtaining all pages to complete the story. To save yourself some time though, because of the random nature of much of this game, there are a number of things to keep in mind or look out for as you work through the story. 
  • In the Forest level, keep an eye out for the items needed to unlock Sprout. Refer to Sandwich Slayer (50G) for more information. 
  • In the Snow level, during your story run with the yin yang symbol, take that opportunity to unlock Gambit while you're there. Refer to Demon Slayer (50G) for more information.
  • During each run of the Spooky Forest level, keep an eye out for the footprints you need to follow to unlocked Foster. Refer to Void Slayer (50G) for more information. 
  • If you have the money to spare, spin the wildcard once or so per time you see it, to save time grinding later. 
  • At some point, you will inevitably fight the Witch boss. Make sure to not kill the snake that spawns after she's dead.
  • Keep on the lookout for caves in the Forest and Snow levels. Refer to It's Dangerous to Go Alone (10G) for more information.
  • Keep on the lookout for the White Hat character. This is random spawn in any room of any level. Refer to The Lord of Booty (50G) for a bit more detail. 
  • After you finish your story playthrough and obtain the final page, since you'll have no money or items saved up, that's a good opportunity to grind out deaths, get the two achievements related to Foster and Gambit, and any other miscellaneous achievements you haven't unlocked yet. 
Grind Out All Remaining Items:
After you've obtained all six story pages and gotten all miscellaneous achievements, you'll likely still need some unique items to wrap up The Lord of Booty (50G) ​​. There unfortunately is no way to speed up the process of tracking down unique items you haven't seen yet, since all items are randomized. However, refer to that achievement solution for some tips and theories I have that may help you get through it quicker. That should then wrap up your completion. 

Overall, The Story Goes On is a fun, relatively easy, pretty addictive, and charming little roguelite game. The grind and RNG at the end to find all items can be tedious, but the rest of the game is fun to play, getting strong and stronger and mowing through enemies and bosses. For the cheap full price of $5, I recommend it to anyone who wants a fun little detour for a few hours. 

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

The Story Goes On Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Find 25% of items!

    Refer to The Lord of Booty (50G) for more information. 
  • Find 50% of items!

    Refer to The Lord of Booty (50G) for more information. 
  • Start a run!

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    After the tutorial, you'll start your first run inside your house, at which point this achievement will unlock. 
  • Obtain the Forest Page

    This won't be obtainable until you first complete one cycle of all six levels. After doing so, you'll have the ability to seek the Forest Page. Start from the Forest level (because if you start from any other level you'll skip the Forest level) and proceed through the rooms like normal. Keep an eye out in the rooms across the top of the map for a doorway leading up that isn't shown on your map (the map will show as if it's a solid wall above you, when there is actually a gap to go through). The spawning of this room is random, so if it isn't there, you may need to cycle back through the levels again until you get it to spawn. Inside this secret room is a big hole in the middle of the floor covered with spider webs. Push the nearby torch and use it to burn the webs and drop into the dungeon.

    Inside the dungeon, you won't have a map. Proceed through the rooms in a relatively linear way, killing enemies and burning webs so you can progress once you get the Lantern. At the end, you'll fight a spider boss, who is very simple and basic to beat. Once dead, the dungeon will start blowing up and you need to escape. Thankfully you don't take damage from the explosions and there's no time limit, so find your way out. Once outside, the dungeon will blow up and you'll be rewarded with the Forest Page. 
  • Obtain the Snow Page

    This won't be obtainable until after you complete one cycle of all six levels. Only then will you be able to seek this page. Once done, during the Snow level you're going to need to look out for a yin yang symbol. There will be two rooms with one: one room across the bottom row of the map will have a yin yang symbol on the wall itself, right in the center of the bottom wall. If you happen upon this room first, make a mental note of which room on your map it is. The second room will be much more obvious: the entire room has a yin yang symbol on the floor with two fish in ponds at either end. Hitting one of the fish with your sword moves the meter in the middle of the yin yang symbol. You need to move the meter so it is exactly in the center, at which point the colors of the game will invert to a negative color scheme. With this set up, return to the room that had the yin yang symbol on the bottom wall. There is now a doorway there to go through.

    This starts the dungeon. You'll be in an area that, despite how it seems, only has one way to progress, using the yin yang symbols to invert and give you a new path to follow when you reach them. Don't worry, you can't fall off. Follow this path to the end (ending in the upper right) to head up and into the dungeon proper. 

    This dungeon is a puzzle dungeon and has no boss fight. You'll need to get the gold cart around to the left side to break the ice wall. Doing this is a simple matter of some back-and-forth between the two carts: use the gold cart to smash the wall and take it to the first track switch to hit, then backtrack to the regular cart and take it to the new area to hit another track switch, then back to the gold cart, and so on, until you can bring the gold cart around to the left to break the ice wall. Follow the track to the end, grabbing the Snow Page on the way and escaping the dungeon. 
  • Obtain the Spooky Page

    This isn't obtainable until after you obtain the Forest and Snow Pages. Only then will you be able to seek out this page in the Spooky Forest. This is one of the more annoying ones to get because you need two things: first, you need to find Ivan's Letter, which is an item that can randomly drop in the Spooky Forest. Thankfully once you find and collect it, you don't have to worry about losing it (unless you die). Once you have the letter, you then need to find Ivan's Mailbox, which is also a randomly spawning thing that'll show up in one of the upper rooms of the Spooky Forest, and be very obvious when it spawns. Unfortunately, the letter and the mailbox don't always spawn in the same cycle. I got the mailbox first, then played through another cycle and got the letter but no mailbox, and then on a third cycle got the mailbox again. Once you place the letter in the mailbox you'll be able to enter the dungeon, which is a spooky mansion.

    Like always, no map in this dungeon, which is a pain because this one is the toughest to navigate. The concept here is that you can walk through the white laser to become a ghost, allowing you to pass through sealed doorways, but as a ghost you can't touch lights or you'll take damage. So you need to switch back and forth between being a ghost (where you'll find switches to open doors) and then back to human to go through those doors and lights to progress. You'll eventually get a gem that allows you to change to ghost at will, allowing you to progress to the end where you'll unsurprisingly face Ivan. Again, another very simple boss. Just do circles around him while swinging your sword so you'll always outrun his projectiles while continually damaging him. Once he's dead you'll get your page. 
  • Obtain the Desert Page

    This won't be obtainable until you collect the Forest and Snow Pages. Once you have both, you'll have the ability to seek out this page.

    In the Desert level, keep an eye out in one of the top rooms on the map for a room with no upper wall. Head up and you'll be in a vast desert. Head up to find a sword in a stone. Enemies will swarm you pretty rapidly and continually. You need to kill them over and over, with their souls going into the sword, until it breaks from the stone. This will turn the screen black and open up the actual dungeon up at the top of the screen. 

    In the dungeon, follow the linear path (rotating the pieces to make an electrical circuit to power the light and get rid of the black clouds, which will damage you and kill you quickly) to the end, at which point you'll be prompted to create a companion. Name it and decorate it however you want. Now your companion can clear black clouds for you, so use it to progress through the dungeon (without a map, as always) until you get to a room with what looks like an electrical outlet on the ground. Bring your companion to it and he'll attach. Fight off another big swarm of enemies and then proceed up. Once you get to the very top, you'll come to another room with an outlet in the middle. Again use your companion, and this time the boss will appear. 

    For the boss fight, start by running right, dodging the lasers and the flying mustache, until you get to an outlet for your companion. Put him on it, and then hit the boss over and over until he's not stunned. Then run left and repeat this process until the boss is dead. Afterward, follow the linear path to the top where your page is waiting for you. 
  • Hack and slash 1000 enemies!

    This is cumulative across all characters and playthroughs, and is unavoidable on your way to the completion because you can't leave a room until all enemies are dead. This will still unlock decently far into your completion, but definitely before finishing all other achievements. 
  • Obtain the Dark Forest Page

    This won't be obtainable until you've collected the first four pages. Once you have them, you can seek this page out in the Dark Forest.

    This is one of the most obvious dungeons, as you'll find a tall (big vertically) room with drawings of gears on the ground, a drawing of a face at the top on the ground, and a new enemy that is green but turns red and charges at you. What you need to do is bait him into charging into the gears up top just below the face. He'll get caught and turn the gears, opening the mouth and allowing you to enter the dungeon. 

    This dungeon is essentially a boss rush type mode. In the middle of the room will be a device with four colors on it. Stand in a color and you'll see a color trail come from it. Follow the trail to a series of rooms that lead to a boss fight. Here, you'll fight two of the game's bosses simultaneously. Target any mobile boss first, then kill the stationary one. Once they're dead, you'll have to use another green enemy to run into gears and activate them. Return to the main area and choose a different color and repeat the same process, fighting two (or even three) bosses simultaneously. Once all four colors are completed, the device will break and reveal the boss Discourse. This boss is quite easy too (like all the rest so far) since all you're really doing are dodging his lasers and then hitting him. Once he's dead, you will unavoidably be forced to die (losing everything) but you will receive the Dark Forest Page and this achievement. 
  • Find 75% of items!

    Refer to The Lord of Booty (50G) for more information. 
  • Unlock Sprout

    Sprout can only be unlocked in the Forest level, and requires some RNG with what spawns. During your plays of the Forest level, keep a look out for two things: a room with three circular black holes in the center (which you can't fall in) and acorns that you can pick up as usable items in the upper left corner. I've seen never seen an instance where the holes are spawned in a room and there are no acorns, or vice versa, but it took me many runs of the Forest for them to show up. Once you find them, DO NOT use the acorns. You should be able to find three in the various rooms. Collect them all and bring them to the room with the three black holes. Throw an acorn into each hole. Doing so will sprout Sprout, unlocking her for use and unlocking this achievement. 
  • Unlock Gambit

    Gambit can only be unlocked in the Snow level, and relies on some RNG. You'll need to play an instance of the Snow level where the yin yang symbol is spawned in a room (same as that required for the Snow Page). Use the yin yang symbol room to invert the colors like you did for the Snow Page. With the colors inverted, go room to room until you find a white character running around. Hit him with your sword until you unlock Gambit and this achievement. 
  • Unlock Foster

    Foster can only be unlocked in the Spooky Forest level. While playing the Spooky Forest level, keep your eyes peeled for a set of footprints, seemingly being made by an invisible person. They'll show up in a random room. Follow them from room to room until they stop in the middle of a room at the top of the map. From here, go straight up into a new hallway, take it to the end, and break Foster free to unlock him and this achievement. 
  • Addict



    Buy 15 potions

    This is cumulative across all characters and playthroughs.

    Potions are sold by the scarecrow at his shop between levels. Buy a cumulative total of 15 to unlock this achievement. 
  • The controls aren't that hard...

    When you start a new playthrough from the first (Forest) level, you'll start inside your house. Right by where you start is a paper on a table. Go up to it be shown the game controls. You need to do this a total of three times across three separate playthroughs to unlock this achievement. 
  • Unlock your first boss room!

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock at the end of the Forest stage the first time you open a boss room door with a boss key. 
  • Obtain a sword upgrade in a hidden cave

    There are only two levels where you can find a hidden cave, to my knowledge: the Forest and Snow levels. The Forest levels seem to very rarely have caves. I only encountered one in my entire time with the game. There are medium sized bushes you can destroy with your sword, and there is a chance for a hole to appear below one to drop into (much like Legend of Zelda games). In the Snow level, you'll see many igloos throughout. Look for one with light coming from the opening (sometimes this is blocked by a rock that you need to swat away). You can enter these igloos to be in a cave.

    No matter where and how you enter a cave, there will be a powerup inside to pick up. To unlock this achievement, it needs to be a sword powerup (increased range, attack speed, Fury attacks, etc.). In my experience, every single time I entered a cave, it was always a sword powerup inside. If not, you'll likely encounter a solid five to ten caves throughout your time with this game, and it's pretty much guaranteed you'll find a sword powerup in at least one. 
  • Have 5000 in your wallet at one time

    The description here is self explanatory: amass at least 5000 in your wallet at any given time. I found this was virtually unavoidable as you work toward completing the story, because you get money from every enemy you kill and also from chests. If you intentionally want to save, I recommend not wasting any money on the wildcard (it's mostly useless anyway) nor on potions (most are useless). On your successful run where you beat the game, you will assuredly save up over 10,000. I had over 20,000 at one point. 
  • ...even though you'll die 20 times...

    As the description implies, you'll need to die a cumulative total of 20 times. You may die a few times as you progress, especially on the final boss, but you'll likely need to grind deaths out after completing everything else. Simply start a new playthrough as Aiden and quickly run into the first room of the Forest and continually run into enemies until you die, repeating until the achievement unlocks. 
  • Spin the wildcard 40 times

    Between levels, you'll be in black space with the scarecrow who has a mini shop. In the lower left is a wildcard you can hit for a random result, which could be positive (full health, improved attack speed or range) or negative (lose a heart, slower movement, less attack speed or range). You need to use the wildcard a cumulative total of 40 times across all playthroughs and characters. I recommend using it once or twice each time you visit just to make progress towards this achievement, then ignore it when you're done since it's not worth it most of the time. 
  • Summon our savior, Lord Pecrtron

    Summoning Lord Pecrtron requires you to have three items in your possession at any given time: the Rabbit of Cearbannog (listed as "Pet Bunny" in the item shop during levels), Two Turtle Doves, and Mother Pecr. All three items are random drops that you can either find in the treasure room of a level (the room marked with a yellow diamond on your map) or in an item shop found randomly in some levels.

    It's unlikely that you will find all three in a single playthrough. This means that after you find one or two and finish your playthrough, when you're selecting which area to start from for your next playthrough, review the items at the top of the screen to see which ones you'll keep and which you'll lose. Make sure you pick an option where you'll keep the one or two items you've found, and continue on, hoping to find the rest. You may need to repeat this process multiple times to find all three and have them all at once, but your playthroughs get faster and easier as you progress since you'll be getting stronger and stronger. 

    Once you collect the third item, explosions will fill the screen and it'll spawn Lord Pecrtron, a really powerful and invincible AI companion that will stay with you and help immensely. That is also when this achievement will unlock. 
  • Don't kill the Witch Boss when she turns into a snake

    The boss at the end of each level is random each time, although there are around ten or so it chooses from. At some point you will unavoidably fight the Witch. She is one of the easiest ones, as she just flies around dropping green potions for you to hit back at her. Once she's dead, the portal will appear to leave the area, and you may notice a snake crawling on the ground where she died. To unlock this achievement, simply jump in the portal without attacking the snake.

    Note that if you have companions with you (such as Lord Pecrtron, Two Turtle Doves, or your companion from the Desert Page dungeon) they will likely attack the snake immediately, so you'll need to be quick to get into the portal before they kill the snake. 
  • Whip 10 ghosts as Foster

    Refer to Demon Slayer (50G) for how to unlock Foster.

    Once unlocked, you'll need to start a new game as Foster and progress to the Spooky Forest, the third level. In it, you'll assuredly come across some rooms with ghosts (white enemies that look somewhat ghost-like). Simply whip them a cumulative total of ten times. Note that you can whip the same ghost over and over and it'll count for this achievement. 
  • Cleared either the Dark Forest or the Void without taking damage

    As the description says, you'll need to complete either the Dark Forest (fifth level) or the Void (final level, with lava) without getting hit. This includes the entire level and the boss fight at the end.

    It's highly unlikely that you'll manage this on your first run, especially the boss fight, but as you cycle through subsequent playthroughs, you'll become incredibly strong. So much so that enemies in every room will die in one or two hits, and you'll be able to kill bosses in a couple seconds (no exaggeration). The main issue will come down to luck, firstly with a random enemy not getting a shot off at you that you don't see from offscreen until it's too late, and secondly that you get a boss spawn who is very easy to kill without taking damage. 

    Considering how many times you'll play through these levels on your final run of mopping up all of the items for The Lord of Booty (50G), you'll have tons of chances and will likely accomplish this without even trying. 
  • have you ever wen't fest?

    Unfortunately, no one really seems to know what the exact unlock criteria are for this achievement. A common line of thinking is that it involves clearing rooms very quickly, as opposed to an entire floor. My experience aligns with this, as it unlocked for me in the middle of a level.

    The good news is that it seems highly likely that you'll inadvertently unlock this achievement during natural progression, as you get more and more items and powerups so you end up really strong, and especially if you have Lord Pecrtron to help. You'll be flying through rooms, killing all enemies in them in a matter of a few seconds, and it seems like this achievement is inevitable at that point. 
  • Find all items!

    There are a total of 50 unique items that you'll need to find, cumulatively, across all playthroughs. You can check your progress (aside from the achievement tracker, which actually works) in the main menu. Go to Stats, and at the top it will tell you how many unique items you've found. If you scroll down, you can see which items you've found as well, in case you have a bad memory and won't recognize new items when you see them.

    Unfortunately, this achievement is entirely dependent on RNG. Every place where an item appears, it will always be a random item. So you will continually find new items early on, but as you get closer to the completion, you'll have to deal with more and more repeats before you find another new one. 

    A few points to make:
    • Never move on from a level until you've found the room with the yellow gem on your map. There is always one room per level with a random item sitting there for you to pick up. 
    • Always search all rooms of a level, especially the top row of rooms, to check for an item shop. These shops sell three random items, so there's a much better chance of finding a new one there. 
    • The movement speed up (brown boots), dash speed up (blue boots) and the two attack upgrades (speed and range) all count for this achievement. You'll almost unavoidably get many of the attack upgrades, but I had purposely ignored the blue boots since I found the dash to be pretty useless. Make sure you buy them each at least one. 
    • Potions don't impact this achievement. 
    • The wildcard has no impact on this achievement. 
    • As you collect normal keys during each level, don't use them on normal chests. The normal chests almost exclusively contain health or money. Sometimes you'll come across gold chests. These have a chance to contain an item, so save your keys for gold chests. 
    Those general tips will get you almost all of the items, but there are two unique ones:
    • Lord Pecrtron can only be obtained in a specific way. Refer to Lord Pecrtron (25G) for details on how to obtain that item. 
    • The White Hat can only be obtained from a specific character. As you're playing, during any level, in any room, there is a small chance for a character to appear. He'll be wearing a white hat and swinging his arms around. As soon as you enter the room and see him, dash towards him and hit him with your sword before he disappears. You'll be rewarded with the White Hat. This character is a random spawn, so be on the lookout. I encountered him numerous times during my time with the game, so you will have multiple chances to get his hat. 
    Once you've gotten the two unique items and all other achievements in the game, you may still need a few more unique items. My strategy initially was to start from the harder levels, saving more items and hopefully finding rarer items, but this seemed to give the exact opposite result. Instead, when you're left with just hunting down unique items, I recommend you start each new cycle in the Forest. Even though you'll lose almost all of your items, it's the best way to find new ones. After around 10 cycles of the hardest levels, I found no new items, but then in two or three cycles starting from the Forest, I found the last four I needed. 

    I haven't seen any information about this, but I suspect some items may be tied to some levels. This is just a theory of mine, but I never found the ice staff until I went through the Snow level again. Likewise with the Candy Corn and the Forest level. So if you take my advice above and start each new cycle from the Forest level, this won't be an issue. 

    Lastly, regarding tracking which items you've found, there's really no need. Since there aren't any bad items (ones that negatively impact you or your stats), you'll be picking up every item anyway, whether it's a repeat or a new one. So don't worry about making a note of which ones you've found or which you still need. Continue through cycles of all levels and you'll eventually find them all. Unfortunately, that's the best advice I can give. 
  • Obtain the Final Page

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Immediately after beating the boss Discourse, obtaining the fifth page and taking a mandatory death, you'll be back at the main menu. Start a new playthrough and you'll start in your house, head right, but be unable to proceed. Head up to initiate the final boss fight of the game, which is broken up into three phases. Thankfully, if you die you will start back at whichever phase you died during, not back at the beginning. 

    The first phase consists of the scarecrow and some enemies turning into invincible balls and rolling around the screen. Dodge them, focusing on the scarecrow's ball, and when they turn back to normal hit him as much as possible. Repeat this process until he's dead. 

    The second phase is just a chase sequence like you've experienced with the Bad Idea boss. Dodge everything and once you reach the end, the scarecrow will die again. 

    The third phase is very similar to the first except it's more chaotic. I found that this phase is heavily dependent on either your patience or RNG. In addition to all the enemies and balls, a random item will come across the screen after each cycle. These powerups are random, but can heavily influence the fight. For example, my successful run involved me getting three attack speed increases right away. This allowed me to do massive damage to the scarecrow. I recommend that you ignore the regular enemies (they respawn infinitely anyway) and just keep moving alongside the scarecrow, damaging him whenever you can. Once he's finally dead, you'll be done with the fight and receive your final page. 
  • Beat an entire floor as Gambit using only his special ability

    Rede to Void Slayer (50G) for how to unlock Gambit. Once you do, start a new playthrough from Forest with Gambit. As the description says, you need to clear an entire level using only his special dash ability. Forest is the easiest level, so it's best to try it right away. Gambit's dash ability is incredibly strong, so you should have no problems clearing out all the normal enemies in each room using just that and no attacks. Don't forgot that the boss is included too. Thankfully every boss in the game is a really simple fight, and you've likely encountered each one at least once by the time you're going for this achievement anyway.

    Once you successfully finish a floor with using just Gambit's dash ability, you'll unlock this achievement. 
  • Barely make it...

    This achievement requires you to finish any level (meaning the boss fight) with only half a heart of health left.

    There's a pretty decent chance of this happening naturally during one of your first playthroughs, but if not, it's very easy to force. You can either get a boss down to almost no health and then purposely take damage from it until you have half a heart, then finish it off, or you can wait until you face the boss that is two faces facing each other with a laser in between. After killing that boss, you can simply touch the lava over and over until you have half a heart left, then leave in the portal and unlock this achievement. 

    Note that if you get the Deal With The Devil item, which converts your money to your health, you won't be able to unlock this achievement until you lose that powerup either by dying or by giving it up when you start a new cycle of levels. 

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