Sole Survivors Achievement in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

  • Sole Survivors



    Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 5

    How to unlock Sole Survivors

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.

    As the flashback scene with David and Papa comes to a close, Javi is back on the streets right where Episode 4 left off. Frantically, Javi runs to the van while fighting off walkers, but upon arrival, he realizes Kate is missing. David and Javi then reconnect in the middle of the chaos and shortly after, Kate joins in on the undead slaughter. The trio then move to Clementine and Gabe and decide to run into the apartment buildings for safety. After they all head inside, the screen fades to black and the achievement will unlock. 

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  • Why this didn't unlocked?!!!! I have all other chivs but this one

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