Oedipal Complex Achievement

  • Oedipal Complex



    Complete the First Location

    Story-related cannot be missed. Simply complete the first location (Cabot Ridge) you open the game up with and the achievement will unlock.

  • I really hope that they have polished this game, I can't wait to play it. The Walking Dead franchise is amazing and I can't get enough of it.
  • thats gonna be cool this type of game to do something and it will affect your game amazinng like heavy rain on ps3
  • Easy, all you have to do is basically let the walkers topple you so that the cut scene comes up than boom! achievement will pop up on your screen!! All you have to is run through the first part for the walkers to appear.
  • i had greater feelings for this game, it wasn't the worse, but it was a great letdown. it just seemed like some cheap game that was looking to get money. not even the story or graphics were good. but i have to say, i completed the game 100% and it wasn't that hard, just boring.

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