Been Everywhere Achievement

  • Been Everywhere



    Complete All Marked Destinations on the Map

    These are your main storyline missions and will require two full playthroughs to accomplish. This isn't much of a problem and will unlock naturally as you progress through either the Roadmap or simply getting achievements.

  • So it's kind of like Fallout 3?
  • The game is not full free-roam, but instead, you have a road-map and you pick which place to go to next (you cannot go backwards). This achievement will take 2 or even more playthroughs. So basically there is path A, path B, once you start path A, you cannot start path B, but you can switch over onto Path B.
  • This game seems like a Dead Rising 2 type achievments like rescuing people,doin special moves,using all certain weapons on zombies,etc also it has some "Dead Island" elements too. I'm still gonna get it but I wonder if we have reached out limit of zombie games?...just sayin is all But this should be entertaining and that's what it's supposed to do
  • Nope this achievement can be done in one playthrough its just the main markers that need to be completed :)
  • Requires 2 play throughs because your path forks several times. Play once going down the left or right side and the second time going down the opposite.
  • definately 2 playthroughs as there are 2 paths...only about 3 marked locations are shared by the paths
  • Now I have to play it 2 more times

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