That's a Nice Swing You've Got Achievement

  • That's a Nice Swing You've Got



    Kill Walkers Using Every Melee Weapon

    Hunting Knife: Found in Cabot Ridge right after you gain control of Daryl. 

    Hammer: Found in Cabot Ridge right beside Jesse before you go out the back door to begin to find fuel cans.
    Found in Sedalina in the super market under Jimmy Blake. Once you enter the super market make a left and then head down the little isle--the hammer is sitting on a shelf. 
    Found in Pemberton inside the gas station next to the walker feasting by the windows in the front. 

    Lead Pipe: Found in Sedalina right next to the squirrel. In order to get to this location you must go up ontop of the supermarket and then head over to the roof right next to the one Jimmy Blake is standing on. Head down the ladder and right behind you is the lead pipe on the desk. Beware of the walker who is slumped against the wall opposite the pipe as he will wake up if you make too much noise or go close to him.
    Found in Danvers on the bottom floor after opening the security gate. Daryl will make the comment about finding the rest of the team. The pipe is on the ground next to a dead male walker.

    Fire Axe: Found in Danvers, inside the ClaraChem building. When you go up the stairs inside the building it's stuck in the wall at the very top flight of stairs.
    Found in Cleburne holding closed a door marked with "Don't Open! Dead." You will pass this doorway on your way to the morgue. 
    Found in Lafferty right next to Noah if you've saved him or on the middle level shelf adjacent to the ATM machine.

    Hatchet: Found in Taggart behind Charlene's home in the shed. It's on the bench right next to the squirrel. 
    Found in Sherwood inside of Jane's garage behind the desk.

    Baseball Bat: Found in Lemon Hill during the searching for fireworks objective. After you proceed down the long alley way searching for fireworks head up the ladder. Once you arrive at the top hand a left and go up to the next rooftop. You will see a gap and a hanging body to your left. You must jump the gap in order to make it into the next building. Once inside you will see the baseball bat on the desk that is in front of the open doors.
    Found in Taggart inside Charlene's house beside her bed on the floor next to the window.

    Machete: Found in Fontana inside the freezer behind where Scout and Noah are. You need to do the optional questline for Scout in order to retrieve it. 
    Found in Oakview Follow the main objective until you sneak through the hole in the fence, just after the area with the searchlights and people gunning down walkers. Once on the other side of the fence, where all the tents are, keep to your left. There is a chain linked fence erected against a redbrick building, there is a door into the building, which had a chain linked fence door in front of it, neither are accessible. The Machete is on the ground in the grass, almost, in front of that door.
    Found in Archer's Creek after pushing the first car it's along the right hand side behind one of the tents.
    Found in Firesign Stadium at the end of the tents designated for waiting in line. The machete is sitting on a row of desks with computers on them which look like one big check-in station.
    Found in Firesign Stadium to the left of the checkpoint area where the first machete is found. Go through the fence all the way to the two trucks parked on your left hand side. It will be lying on the ground next to a shotgun.

    Sledge Hammer: Found in Lemon Hill when you are passing through the church graveyard you will come upon a shed right before you go to the church itself. The sledgehammer is in the shed. 
    Found in Sherwood in the home of Harrison. Go to the back of the house in the garage, the hammer is standing next to a table with a squirrel on it.

  • knife/hammer/lead pipe/hatchet/machete/baseball bat/sledge hammer/fire axe
  • thanks
  • I can't find the fire axe...I've used all the other melee weapons.
  • the fire axe was in one of the tents right at the starting area of the last level. There are six tents around you and it is in one of them.
  • Yea I can't find hatchet lol. Fire axe is in the hardware shop in the strip mall when you meet Noah for the second time if you didn't go to the hospital. I forget the town's name but you also find an SUV which is great because it carries 4 survivors along with 14 inventory slots.
  • there is a hatchet is at lumber mill, and at one of the camp grounds
  • at the beginning of Garwater after you cross the first bridge you can find one sticking out of a dead zombie on the left side next to the firepit
  • where is that damn machete
  • machete is in like a man's head when you go back to the diner to tell scout that mia is okay when you find her. so you need to do the mission for scout. you find her note and then when you open the door in the back there it is.
  • its fontana, the mission. i think that's the name.
  • thanks #9
  • still cant find that machete. are u sure its there. if any else knows anyother location it would help
  • nvm just found it as soon as i typed that
  • i need the sledge hammer, at the train yard theres one, but a walker was laying on it and i could not get it... any ideas?
  • any idead where the lead pipe is?
  • #14, there is a sledge hammer in the shed in the cemetary when you have to plant all the fireworks in the church, right before the church door. Also, there is a sledge hammer in the garage of the guy who is in Sherwood, the one who's wife is infected.
  • You can also get these achievements in Herd mode. Every weapon in the game is on the map, you just have to get past a few waves so that each area opens up and gives you more weapons.
  • can't find the damn lead pipe either! i found it like 3 times in my first playthrough and didn't use it like an idiot and now i'm on my third playthrough and its nowhere!
  • Can this be done over more than the one play through?
  • About ready to start my 2nd play through, all I need is a kill with the lead pipe and I will let you know if it can span across more than 1 play through.
  • It definitely spans across more than one play through. The lead pipe can be found on the level with the gas station and the copper on the roof. All the achievements do. I'm struggling to find the hatchet at the sawmill, any ideas?
  • @21 On the mission at the drive in theatre: when you go to get her cat there is a hatchet on the table in the shed behind her house.
  • I used the lead pipe during my first playthrough but the achievement never unlocked after finishing the list. I grabbed it on the 2nd time thru & the achievement popped. I know I killed with it previously but for some reason it didnt count. I guess double check every weapon if you're not sure.
  • The machete could be found at the lumber mill camp where you meet Swenson. As soon as you go through the broken fence turn left and walk closely to the wall and the machete should be there.

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