They Know Me at the Range Achievement

  • They Know Me at the Range



    Kill Walkers Using Every Ranged Weapon

    List of ranged weapons and their locations:

    Bolt Action Rifle: Found in Cabot Ridge next to the first fuel can and the pack of ammunition. 
    Found in Sedalina inside the police station by the exit going toward the trailer park. It's resting on the ground next to a walker. Beware the other walker in the room slumped over is not dead. 
    Found in Fontana inside the theater by the back entrance. Coming out of the diner you can see the back entrance door but it is locked. Go through the long hallways wrapping around the theater to get to the rifle resting on a bench.
    Found in Sherwood right next to Aiden ontop of the roof. 

    Revolver: Found in Sedalina on the desk right in front of the open counter in the police station. There is a walker feeding right next to it. 
    Found in Pemberton inside the same building the sheriff is in. If you go down the hall from where he is it will be your first door, open, on your left directly at the intersection of the hallways. 

    Grenade: Found in Pemberton inside the police station in the same room as the revolver. This is down the hall from the sheriff himself. 
    Found in Garwater inside the ranger's house in the room he is trapped in. They are sitting on his desk.
    Found in Danvers passed the security gate bottom floor just pass the elevator on the right hand side.
    Found in Firesign Stadium next to the dead soldiers on the final helipad. 

    Pump Shotgun: Found in Pemberton at the primary objective of finding the sheriff's deputy. The shotgun is on the floor right next to his dead body. 

    Hi-Powered Pistol: Found in Fontana right next to the squirrel. In order to get to the pistol you need to go down the alley you start in all the way until you hit the chain link fence with a pile of boxes next to it. Jump up the boxes and over the fence. Kill the two walkers in this area then climb the car to get on the metal roof. The pistol is in the dead man's hand. 
    Found in Polksville after the helicopter spots you and the horde swarms you. It will be the first open box car down on your left hand side. There is a dead walker right next to it.

    Double Barrel Shotgun: Found in Garwater at the beginning of the mission. It's given to you by the police officer.
    Found in Fontana at the main entrance to the police station. If you work your way from the back the shotgun is down the hallway, to the left, on the desk by the double doors. 
    Found in Barksdale inside the donut shop where you also find a squirrel. The shotgun is on the ground in the room that you click through the hole in the wall to get to. 
    Found in Sherwood inside the home with the black car parked out front. Go all the way to the back in the bedroom with the light on. The shotgun is laying at the foot of the bed on the ground. 

    Fast-Action Pistol: Found in Cleburne on the top floor of the hospital, on the floor, opposite side of a barricade under a blue-lit "Parking" sign. This is JUST before you enter the room with the scientist working on a serum.
    Found in Archer's Creek on the ground right before pushing the second car.

    Crossbow: Found in Barksdale after Merle has it out with his old gang. After you pick up your knife off a dead body and then kill the walker with your bow you will have it.

    Semi-Auto Shotgun: Found in Lemon Hill inside the gas station where Merle is playing with fireworks. It's on the ground right in front of the counter. 
    Found in Archer's Creek right beside the very first car you need to push or at the very back of a pickup you stop pushing the car next to.
    Found in Polksville right across from the boxcar you need to jump up into to continue on with the mission. From where you start after the horde notices you, quickly turn around and it will be the first boxcar on your right. 
    Found in Sherwood inside the mechanic shop where you need to find Aiden. It's on the ground next to the duffle bag.
    Found in Firesign Stadium to the left of the checkpoint area where the first machete is found. Go through the fence all the way to the two trucks parked on your left hand side. It will be lying on the ground next to a machete.

    Semi-Auto Rifle: Found in Lemon Hill in the church right at the foot of the altar. 
    Found in Oakview after you climb up the ladder in order to get through the lumber mill, when you jump off the balcony below you will be a walker laying down on a large log. Land on top of the walker and look to find the rifle laying right under the walker's arm. 
    Found in Polksville in the boxcar you need to climb through in order to progress through the train yard. Right after the horde notices you do a 180 and it will be the first boxcar on your left with 2 open doors. Beware there are 3 walkers in this boxcar so kill them first then grab the rifle.

    Assault Rifle: Found in Firesign Stadium directly in front where you start the mission. There is a walker feasting on a dead soldier. The rifle is behind the ammunition box. 
    Found in Firesign Stadium not too far from where the machete is at the check-in station area. When you emerge from the tents used for holding people in lines make a quick right at the desks and then look to your left before going around the side of the tents. The assault rifle is inside a large tented area. DO NOT go any farther than the rifle itself. There are well over 20 walkers inside the tented area and you will be flanked and killed.

  • revolver, high power pistol, fast action pistol, bolt action rifle, semi auto rifle, double barrel shotgun, pump shotgun, semi automatic shotgun, and the machine gun that you get on the last level
  • Do you know where to get the fast action pistol at? that's the only one i need .
  • I found it.. on the last level there's a point where you walk to a blue barricade and you have to go left and do a zig zag thru some fences to proceed thru the level instead go right and enter the tent there's bodies and walkers everywhere, The fast action pistol is in the corner across from the entrance with ammo.
  • @#1 You forgot the Crossbow, And the machine gun on the last doesn't count for this achievement.
  • @quzup916 Thank you! That was the last one that I needed too. :)
  • I know i have used each weapon to kill a zombie. Does it need to be in a main level and if you die does it reset? Does it need to be in the same playthrough? I am stumped and its one of the last achievements i need please help!

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