Need More Spots Up Front Achievement

  • Need More Spots Up Front



    Dismember 250 Limbs

    Dismember limbs is something that comes natural in zombie games. Your best weapon of choice for this would be getting the fire axe. The fire axe will sever an arm in one shot, a head it one shot, and legs in two. Heads do count toward this achievement as a limb.

    Remember that these stack through deaths, restarted levels, and playthroughs.

  • Easy the last part the ending when you are on the 50 Cal just keep unloading on the walkers bodies dismembering them I restarted this part 3 or 4 times and got the achievement
  • I got mine buy rounding up a bunch of zombies , then jumping on top of a truck. Then crouch and swing away with a sharp weapon.
  • @Huskers B1G I loved the ending part for this achievement because you see arms and legs flying everywhere. Win!
  • Best place I found to farm this was in the train yard. One of the carts has a propane tank in it and there is a door at the back of the same cart. I crouched and just inched my way forward swinging a bladed weapon until it popped. They keep re-spawning and migrating towards you. Took about 15 minutes not counting what I had already managed gotten from playing the game. When your done toss the propane tank and blast you open a hole and then run for your life like the rest of the level. Hope that helps.
  • or just use the herd mode. makes it real easy.
  • Last level, mine popped right at the start of my 3rd attempt.
  • Whenever I stopped at a location to search for supplies I'd just hop on top of the nearest truck, fire off a couple of shots, and then chop of the arms of every zombie that crowded around said truck with a fire axe. Took no time at all.

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