Now Don't You Get Bit! Achievement

  • Now Don't You Get Bit!



    Prevent 50 Walkers from Grabbing You

    This one is probably best done boosting although it could be, in theory, done with natural progression of multiple playthroughs. Essentially what you are looking for here is when a walker goes to grab you, there will be a quick QTE segment in which pressing  will knock the grabbing walker off of you. 

    A good place to boost this would be on the Fontana mission right in front of the theater as there are throngs of walkers outside. Rallying them together, hit the first one, and then watch as they chain try to grab you. If you get good at this sequence you may be able to deflect upwards of 15 grabs per death.

    Remember that these stack through deaths, restarted levels, and playthroughs.

  • Easy mode. Just round up like 5 zombies or so and let one grab you. Then kill said zombie, then mash RB to push the other zombies back to avoid being grappled again. Pushing multiple zombies count towards achievement. EX, Group of
  • Sorry hit Enter lol. Anyways Group of 6 zombies mob you and the first one grabs you. Kill him and if you happen to push the other 5 back then it counts as 5 prevented. took me around 10 mins in Archers hill
  • Thanks a lot, lol I have been punching this one zombie in the face like forever now
  • So one has to grab you, then be killed by you, and then mash RB on the remaining walkers?
  • THANK YOU!! Got it quickly after two play throughs doing it wrong.

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