Good Samaritan Achievement

  • Good Samaritan



    Complete 25 Optional Objectives

    Optional objectives are secondary objectives that will progress the narrative of the story or give you access to new aspects of the game, but are not required for the progression of the game itself. Each mission has at least one optional objective and most missions have a few. 

    These objectives stack with deaths, restarted levels, and new playthroughs.

  • I'm not so sure if i understand this achievement. Can someone please give me an example of this?
  • When you find people they may ask you to do something like "Find food supplies"This is an optional quest, complete 25 and you get the achievement. I'm not to sure if you can do this over multiple play throughs or not though.
  • Does this have to be in one play through? Pretty sure that I've done 25+
  • This achievement was surprisingly easy..Once you find your final survivor the achievement just pops.
  • Excuse my comment above lol i was talking about the every man, every woman and child achievement. For this achievement, Just do william blakes option and than when you get inside the police station you'll see a sheriff asking for food it'll be in the food market that you exit as you go to the police station. Once you do those 2, Just jump off the ledge by william blake and it'll respond those's a restart sort of glitch.
  • so is this basically optional quest

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