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  • Not a Scratch



    Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Taking Any Damage

    Tip: If you fail sometime during the mission if you go either back to the dashboard OR to the main menu you will be able to simply reload and retry the mission instead of having to find another mission completely. This also means that you CANNOT simply restart the level--beware.

    This may prove to be easy or hard depending on how well you can do running and dodging. Note that it cannot be done on the prologue mission as some have stated. There are many stated ways to do this although it's up to you to be able to find which one works best. 

    Sedalia may be a viable option as you can complete the entire mission in about 4 minutes. Here's a quick walkthrough to do it with Sedalia:

    1. Run through the grocery store and kill the walker feasting out in the alley.
    2. Run through the other half of the grocery store remembering TO SPRINT through the doorway otherwise the grabbing walker will slightly damage you even if you are able to knife him first try.
    3. Go around the backside of the map to the trailer park killing walkers with either the crossbow if you are using the relic or executions. (Note that if you run up and shove a walker you have enough time to sneak behind it and execute it every time.
    4. Once you get into the trailer park go around back and push the car to gain access to Uncle Les.
    5. After you kill Les you book it back to Warren and let him know you've got the keys killing no walkers. (Note that the walkers following you from the trailer park and back alley will not go all the way to the gas station).
    6. Turn on the pump and run back to what may be a walker coming from your right hand side. Dispatch it and then pump your fuel.
    7. As soon as you are full make a beeline for the truck with a gas trailer in the middle of the street. Climb up the ladder on the truck.
    8. Take a few deep breathes at this point and see if you can pull the majority of the zombies to the backside of the truck. (Unless you jump the fall will not hurt you).
    9. Now begin to run toward the front of the truck and plot out how you are going to avoid any remaining walker. There may be a few walkers not grouped up by the truck so this is the time to know which route to take in order to get to Jesse.
    10. Mash the  button to finish the level.

  • I'm not for sure how to get this one yet I don't understand what they mean by a marked objective I tried this on one of the break downs I had. It had a marked objective for finding the radiator hose when through found it and didn't get touched but no achievement.
  • First off, "Marked Destinations" means a story related mission. One with an X in it. Not a break down and not a loot mission. And the first mission,were you get the gas from the pump, doesnt work it has to be another map.
  • I got this at the end of the game i got lucky to get very difficult after i got it i started rushing to get other achievements and never got hit so it's rare to be safe plus when you get hit you got hit if you restart it, it aint gonna work good luck to you all!
  • Rather easy on the mission with the old cat lady right at the drive in movie theater, use the projector to get the walers attention then get her cat and make a mad dash back to her then mad dash to her car, also having the crossbow for a few silent kills helps
  • This can be done on the Sedalia mission. However if you fail and need to restart you must exit to main menu and hit continue. Restarting the mission will not work, I found that out the hard way on my first play through. However just tried again on my second play through, using exit to main menu, continue, every time I screwed up and I was able to unlock the achievement. Hope that helps someone(s) in their quest for this irritating achievement. ;)
  • #5 is right about not being able to just restart if you screwed up. This did however unlock for me at the very end of the game, after the mounted gun part. Even though I had used the fire axe earlier in the mission...
  • ^ Second paragraph of my previous post was meant for a different achievement. What I meant to add was that I had taken damage earlier in the mission, but it still unlocked after the gun turret.
  • Like comment #5 Seldalia is your best bet. Also helps if you've done a first play through so you could unlock the crossbow in the beginning to kill any walkers in your way. Forget the optional survivors & just go for the story mission. I knocked this achievement & the True Dixon (Crossbow only) achievement doing this. If you get hit, you gotta restart the level unfortunately. Try not to get grabbed either
  • Lafferty is where I found to be best for me. You can do a run through in about 5 mins and all you need is the crossbow. The downside is its almost at the end of the game
  • Garwater was easiest, you be stealthy and get to the ranger station grab the keys then head back. You can get grabbed by the ranger and by Jess and it doesn't hurt you.
  • Got this at Firesign Stadium after the cutscene with the helicopter. It definitely works. Takes less than five minutes if you run straight through from that cutscene to the point where Merle arrives with the armored truck. (Only hop onto the helipad long enough to shoot a couple of zombies. Once you run down off the ramp all of zombies will follow you. This way you don't have to risk getting overwhelmed and the cutscene triggers within seconds.)
  • I swear I was on a car in Sedalia and had to shoot over 250 zombies but I eventually got it talk about a pain the ass.
  • I managed to get this on the last level as #11 said - I died twice during the level but I didn't get hit (although I didn't realise I hadn't) during the run through the 2nd half of the level but I'm sure there'd be another checkpoint somewhere after this.
  • I did that twice and still did not unlock!
  • I found that you can kill the walker right outside the supermarket by coming right up to the wall on the right side of the door walk will see you and come in
  • Worked like a charm awesomeness
  • Danvers is the easiest and shortest mission available,you must only deal with 3 zombies on the stairs while going up,the rest part of level you can simply sneak past,just stay on main objective,a little hard part is when alarm goes off in the lab,just wait untill the nearest glass door on the left opens and sneak inside,turn around throw flare in the direction from where you came from,and watch as this horde of zombies clears the path to the exit for you,while exiting close that big door behind you,to prevent that horde from chasing after you,and you must only deal with another 3 zombies guarding the small exit to the parking lot. You can easily get tons of other achievements here,like guns only,melee only,crossbow only and stuff,short and simple mission.

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