The Hunted Becomes the Hunter Achievement

  • The Hunted Becomes the Hunter



    Killed 5 Walkers in the Cabot Ridge Creek Bed

    You'll encounter this achievement within the first level of the game. Your objective is to simply kill 5 walkers as Daryl's dad. It doesn't matter how, with what sort of weapon as you the user kill 5. An important note though: The achievement unlocks AFTER the level is completed.

  • Shoot and kill 5 zombies at the very beginning of the game .right after the deer that your hunting runs away.
  • In this URL it shows you how to get the achievement step by step. FINISH THE LEVEL!!!
  • Super Easy way to get this achievement
  • I did this on my second play through and it didn't unlock?
  • Aah, never mind, I'm stupid, didn't even read the first post
  • I keep trying for this but don't have time to take aim, and the hunting rifle is pretty bad. But on the plus side, I did unlock 2 heads are better than one achievement.
  • You have to finish the whole level. Kill the 5 zombies and run, wait for the credits to run and then complete the next part. It should pop after you enter the truck and complete the level.

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