Say Hello to My Little Friend Achievement

  • Say Hello to My Little Friend



    Complete a Marked Map Destination Using Only Firearms

    Just like completing a marked destination only using the crossbow, just using firearms is just as it sounds--you cannot use anything but bullets to kill walkers. This means if you get grabbed you must let the walker kill you as the stabbing with the hunting knife counts as a knife kill. Some levels are of course easier than others, although getting one kill with a gun and then running through the rest of a missions is always a viable option.

  • The way i got this one was during my second play through i chose the relic that allowed me to have and assault rifle or cross bow to start just made my way blowing the walkers away with the assault during the very first part of the game when you are trying to leave the hunting cabin grabbed the three fuel cans and blasted my way to the truck.
  • At the final stage, where you begin to tear through a load of zombies in the turret, just drop all your firearms apart from the bolt action rifle and a pre loaded round. Kill the zombies. Complete the game. Achievement pops. IF you don't get it the first time, you can select 'continue' from the main menu to replay the last level again.
  • Sorry, wrong achievement. Please delete ^^
  • This unlocked for me at the end of the game, after the mounted turret part, even though I had used the fire axe earlier...

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