True Dixon Achievement

  • True Dixon



    Complete a Marked Destination on the Map Using Only the Crossbow

    You get the Crossbow after Barksdale in which Merle goes to meet up with his old gang. The missions following Barksdale are quite tough and laden with walkers so it may be best to do a marked destination on new game+. What you need to do in order to unlock this achievement is use only the crossbow to kill walkers in an entire level. It's believe that executions still count toward only the crossbow being used.

  • The same way I got the only use a firearm achievement is during my second play through i chose the relic that lets you start out with the cross bow. Only difference here is when you are following the blood trail and your dad gets attacked you cant kill any of the walkers during that little scene just go down. Once you are at the cabin pull out the cross bow and make your way through collecting the 3 fuel cans killing only with cross bow.
  • I can confirm this method works. Makes this achievement easy! Thanks!
  • Confirmed to work in the very first mission. Using the bolt action rifle in the beginning doesn't count, but after the cut scene. The cabin mission you must use the cross bow. This would be on your second playthrough considering you need a certain relic to start with the cross bow.
  • i used the knife to execute a walker at the start of the level and the achievement DID NOT pop up. so the knife disables this achievement

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