It's Gotta Be the Brain Achievement

  • It's Gotta Be the Brain



    Dismember All Limbs of 5 Walkers

    This one can be a bit tricky but here's some advise:

    • Use either the Fire Axe or the Machete in order to make this process much easier (and quieter). 
    • Take out the legs first. If you take out the arms first then the walker will die upon losing its legs. 
    • Aim a little bit to the right of the body part you are trying to dismember to ensure you don't accidently hit the head.
  • Easy same strategy as the 250 limbs achievement during the ending when you are on the 50 cal just keep aiming at there limbs with out killing them.
  • I tried the 50 cal idea and still no luck. I even tried the axe thing like sugested on trueachievements, and again failed. And I know the machete does not work. There has to be a way that works. I'd like to get this achieve out of the way..
  • I'm having a lot of trouble with this one is the any other tricks on how to do this achievement?
  • The 50 cal tactic worked first try for me, you just have to make sure to try and take out their legs first
  • This is how i did it. On my second play-through using the assault rifle/crossbow relic i reached the cinema opposite the diner. shoot the horde of zombies in the legs and they will crawl in. jump on top of a counter and then aim down your sights and shoot the leg off first and then both arms. I hacked the head off with a machete to be safe. The zombies will stop crawling if you are far enough away which will make it even easier.
  • Nice cheevo name! Remember in season 1 episode 3 dale cuts the deer eating walker's head off then Daryl shoots it In The head and says "It's gotta be the brain".

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