Two Heads Are Better Than One Achievement

  • Two Heads Are Better Than One



    Kill Multiple Walkers with One Bullet

    I found this easiest by simply "training" the walkers behind me then turning around and quickly scoping a headshot on the lead walker. I used a high powered rifle and it went through actually killing three of the walkers following me. 

    You could also gather the walkers in a large group and shoot for the head with a shotgun as it will also have a similar effect on killing them.

  • A great place ro do this is in the diner in Fontana with a hunting rifle. There are two groups of walkers in front of you when you first see the walkers trying to get to Anna abd Noah. The third and fourth are lined up perfectly to get both of them at once.
  • Use a shotgun, sneak up behind a small group and line a couple heads up
  • Can be done in the very first mission because you're given a bolt action rifle, just line them up and boom! achievement!

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