Ooh, Shiny! Achievement

  • Ooh, Shiny!



    Distract 50 Walkers with Items

    Distracting walkers with items is like throwing bait and having them flock to it. Items that can be used for distractions are as follows:

    • Glass Bottle
    • Flare
    • Car Alarm
  • Got this achievement the first time I distracted a single walker and the very begining of the game! Glitch?
  • yea same happened to me just a minute ago. oh well :)
  • Got this by trying to fight one enemy at a time. I walk up, make one come after me and killed them. No Items used at all and it just unlocked! Weird, but I'll take it!
  • I wish it glitched for me :/ Best place to get this if it doesn't glitch is the drive in movie theater. Just run by the cars and turn on the microphones and it'll eventually pop up
  • took me a while it seems i had to use 50 items not distract 50 zombies as i used some bottles on the zombie hoard on third level there was easily 50 there
  • I got it for throwing a nade into three walkers and killing them

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