Extreme Conditioning Achievement

  • Extreme Conditioning



    Sprint Until You're Exhausted 10 Times in One Level

    Sprinting is done by pressing in the  and pushing it forward. You know you've become exhausted when your character stops running.

    Quick way to grab the achievement early in the game:
    In the very first section of the game, run up and down the river 10 times to unlock it. This of course can be unlocked at any time during the course of your playthroughs, but why not get it done with no chance of walker interference and right away? 

  • The method I used to get this achievement is to load up/start a new game so you're at mission 1 (Cabot Ridge) and stay at the very start when you haven't encountered a single zombie yet, and sprint back and forth 10 times until you get this achievement. This method worked for me.
  • Achievement Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJPCU3fV61M&list=UUPxLfTjjqy-PyrHG_c9sZTA

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