Porcupine Achievement

  • Porcupine



    Shoot a Walker with 10 Bolts without Killing It

    Once you've acquired ten or more bolts for you crossbow, you’ll want to find one walker that you can single out from the rest. Make sure he’s the only walker in the vicinity to ensure you don’t get bitten by other walkers. Once that's done, simply let off ten or more bolts in any part of his body other than his head/neck. Try not to shoot bolts in the same part that you've already hit, as most of the time the bolt will fall off of the walker. After your 10th bolt the achievement will unlock so long as it did not kill the walker.

  • Easy all I did was shot a dead walker 10 times with the cross bow and boom achievement popped.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7VCLeN1w8s video of where I specifically did it but its pretty easy to do anywhere :)
  • Its also easy to do in Fontana. Right as you start you go thru a small parking lot. Off to the right is a fenced in area you can get into by jumping onto some boxes. Inside are 2 walkers. Kill one, then climb into the bed of the truck there & the walker can't even reach you. Plenty of time to line up the shots & you're all set. Worked perfectly.
  • #1 how did you do it on a dead walker,they disappear after you kill them and the ones already dead,tried shooting them and the bolts just bounced off.Never the less,i got it easy on level where you collect fireworks,after you climb on roof,there will be an open doorway that you can jump over to,when inside,get a zombie to follow you back through the door then you can take shots from the other side of the gap,the zombie kept turning in circles slowly when i did it so it was easy not to miss,just start from bottom of the legs and work your way up,just don't hit the same place otherwise the bolts bounce back out.
  • Hmm, did you guys have trouble finding ten bolts to begin with? I just kept on losing mine the odd time I missed a walker. Nevertheless I collected all the relics, for me to unlocked unlimited ammo, then I fired away on one individual lost soul.
  • this achievement wouldn't be so bad if bolts weren't the scarcest fucking thing in the game. and fuck getting all the relics. i'm not trying to play this crappy game 10x. 2.5x is the goal
  • If you guys are having trouble with this one it is quite easy. If you have the relic for having the Crossbow and Assault rifle at the beggining of the game, use it and on the first mission afetr Jess tells you to go out the back door there should be the first walker eating another. Get it's attention letting it walk to you. Go back inside the house and the walker will jus' stand outside and you can shoot the 10 bolts at it. Good luck! :D
  • I got this one in one of the many stop you can make. In one of the train track areas look for a train car on its side. In the bottom of the car is a hole crouch enter turn around and just pop the little sucker full did it without taking any damage

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