Guys Night Out Achievement

  • Guys Night Out



    Arrive at Final Destination with Only Male Survivors

    See "Rosie the Rampager."

  • Does this mean have only male or female survivors by the time you do this, or only keep the male or female survivors throughout the game?
  • There is an achievement for this three times so i'm guessing you have to do three play through's to get all three. I can handle this myself, Guys night out, and Rosie the Rampager. To get this all you need to do is before you go to Sherwood make sure you have either no survivors, all male survivors, and or all female survivors. If i'm thinking correct you have the opportunity to dismiss survivors before you head to Sherwood its right after you have the choice to either rescue the women or the old man. So that very last place you have the ability to either rescue a women or man and once you rescue them they will continue on with you to Sherwood so depending on which achievement you are wanting to get you can choose. If you are wanting the solo just dismiss all before continuing on.
  • I was wrong on the "I can handle this myself" achievement you have to have no survivors with you before you enter Sherwood. But to get the other two you will have the ability to dismiss before you head to the Atlanta.
  • you can get `i can handle this myself` just by dismissing everyone before you actually get to sherwood. and then you can get one of the other achievements when you choose either the woman or the old man. so basically only 2 playthroughs. just get 2 in 1 of the playthroughs.
  • of course, that comment would load after i put mine. stupid computer -.-

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