Rosie the Rampager Achievement

  • Rosie the Rampager



    Arrive at Final Destination with Only Female Survivors

    For both of these achievements your last chance to make sure your group is gender specific is directly after you complete Sherwood. It's best that you dismiss them either after leaving Danvers or Polksville, but you still have a chance before Sherwood. Sherwood even provides you a place to grab either the male or a female survivor with either Harrison or Jane (not able to grab both). This of course will make you have to do 2 playthroughs.

  • If any know how to get this achivement . Please let me know.....
  • Have only women in the car after leaving sherwood, and then do NOT save the man in sherwood. . . save the woman. I've noticed some people didn't realize there was a choice. . . . In the end, when the guy says "Go get my wife and (guys name). . .you dont bring them back, you dont get on the chopper" you have to run back to town. Both houses are overun in the front, but both back doors are clear. The minute you step into one of the houses, you can hear the other person get killed. For this achievement save the girl ( house is on the left when returning to town from the hardware store roof.
  • This game is sooo painfully lame!

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