Need a Hand? Achievement

  • Need a Hand?



    Prevent a Walker from Damaging You by Severing Its Attacking Limb

    This can easily be done with a gun or any axe type weapon. To make this easier shoot off of cut off one of their arms so they only have one viable way to swing at you. Once you've done this go in to bait and attack and when they swing pull back and shoot/chop off the arm. 

    You may actually grab this achievement naturally in your journey through the game.

  • Video of where I got it in Fontana with the Machete!
  • at the end of the game when your on the turret just keep spraying at the walkers bodies and this achievement will pop up !
  • Just got this right at the beginning of the game! Don't even know what I did! Was aiming down the sights of my rifle, trying to line up a head shot, got attacked from behind, "died" and the Achievement unlocked! I seriously didn't even think I did anything.
  • Using the 50 caliber at the end of the game, just wait for a hoard to gather around you and start blasting

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