- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 37 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40-50 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Missable achievements: None – Chapter Select
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [Check Roadmap/Guide]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

After a long ten year hiatus, Eidos Montreal has finally resurrected the classic stealth title of the early 21st century: Thief. This game takes place in a dark, Victorian/Steampunk fantasy world in a city simply named, “The City.” You play as the master thief, Garret, and must steal from the rich and uncover the dark secrets of The City all while using stealthy maneuvers to achieve your goals. The gameplay is choice-driven, which means you can tackle each encounter whichever way you choose to do so. As far as the achievements are concerned, you will unlock your usual “secret” achievements upon completing all eight Chapters within the Story. There are various sets of collectibles to be found, tasks for spending a certain amount of gold, and a behemoth of an achievement for completing the entire game without killing anyone or knocking anyone out. Make sure to stick to the roadmap and guide below in order to obtain your full completion!

Story (Rogue/Thief Difficulty):
I would highly suggest taking your first playthrough of this game very slowly. Set it on one of the easier difficulties so that you can get a nice feel for the basic controls, enemy A.I. behavior, and overall mission level design. During this first playthrough, nine of the twelve secret achievements will come naturally as you complete the Prologue and all eight Chapters in the Story. You should also focus on obtaining "Obsessive Compulsive" and the secret achievement, "Two-Faced", within the very first Chapter of the game. Additionally, "Focus on the Task at Hand", "One Step Ahead", "Hail of Glass", and "Health Hazard" should also be attempted while working through the Story. Also remember to be constantly picking pockets for the "Sleight of Hand" achievement. Lastly, remember to be on the lookout for collectibles, hidden areas, and side jobs for a total of nine additional achievements.

Miscellaneous/Side Activities:
There a number of miscellaneous achievements that can be completed along the course of your first playthrough, subsequent playthroughs, or even after you have completed the game. While you are completing story-based missions, you will want to complete the optional “Thieving Objectives,” which yield "Dark Archer" and "Legend in Leather". Then, you will need to locate all the Hidden Areas around The City for both "Hidden Agenda" and "Finders Keepers". Lastly, completing all the side quests will net you both "Working Overtime" and "Dastardly Deeds". Completing everything should see you well over the fifteen hour mark needed for the "More Heist Less Speed" achievement.

Second Playthrough (Custom Difficulty):
This second, full playthrough of the Story will be much more tedious and stressful, as you will want to try to stack many of the more difficult stealth-related achievements in the game. First off, the achievements that you’ll want to stack are as follows: "Something to Prove", "Mint Condition", "A Moral Victory", and "Clear Headed". These achievements will require you to complete three consecutive Chapters without taking damage and completing the entire game without killing anyone, knocking anyone out, or using the Focus ability. Along the way, you will naturally unlock the "Child of Shadows" achievement as well. Remember, this entire playthrough is on the Master difficulty for the "Hard Times" achievement, so be prepared! For a detailed breakdown on how to set up your custom playthrough please see the relevant section of the guide.

NOTE: The reason we suggest you complete the harder stealth related achievements during the, admittedly, difficult custom playthrough is because the modifiers used in our strategy are not only the easiest combination but lend themselves very well to the stealth based achievements. While it may be easier to obtain "A Moral Victory" on a lower difficulty level you will still likely need to play through custom with the 'No Kill, No Knockout' modifier turned on anyway, as it is worth a lot of points and any other modifier of equal value would make this playthrough much, much harder. Given this all you would be doing is adding another complete playthrough on your road to the 1000.

Challenge Mode:
Challenge mode is a fun little departure from the main game whilst still staying true to what Thief is all about. Loot! Challenge mode ships with 2 maps, Northcrest Manor and The House of Blossoms, and offers you 2 game modes to choose from, chain gain, special loot and chain gain limited. In Chain Gain you have to loot as many items as possible within 60 seconds of each other to score maximum points, Special Loot has the same basic premise running throughout as chain gain but adds in special loot items that you can can find using a hot/cold meter in the top left corner and finally chain gain limited is the same as chain gain with the added crutch of an overall time limit to finish your run in. There is only one achievement gained from challenge mode, "Modesty Denied", for more detailed information please see the relevant ares of the guide.

At this time, you should only have a few achievements left. If necessary, roam around the open world in order to continue working towards the "Sleight of Hand" achievement. Likewise, If you are missing any Hidden Areas or Side Jobs, proceed around The City, loading up previous Chapters where necessary. For the "Priceless" and "What’s Yours is Mine" achievements, make sure to keep hunting down those pesky collectibles! If you haven’t already unlocked them, this would be a great opportunity to pick up "Quickly Pick a Lucky Lock", "Cache Dispense", and "All That Glitters". Moreover, refer to the guide below in case you missed the the final two secret achievements and still need to grab them.

As a general reminder, you can replay chapters by returning to their starting point in the open world. These starting points are usually indicated by a glowing gate or door. Take note, however, that these points are not marked on your map, so you will have to remember where they spawn. Once you choose to replay a Chapter, all of the statistics and challenges from your previous run will RESET. This means that the Thieving Objectives for each Chapter are NOT cumulative, but not missable, either. The collectibles you've found within that Chapter will still be in your inventory and won't be lost, only the statistics will reset.

Overall, Thief is a very enjoyable title for any fan of the stealth genre. While the narrative is unfortunately forgettable, the art style and classic thieving and sneaking gameplay is where the game truly shines. The achievements are both overwhelming and a tad dry, but it shouldn't be too tasking to snag them all across your playthroughs. Whether your a fan of the series, a hardcore stealth gamer, or looking for a new game to try out, Thief is sure to suit your needs due to its compelling and exciting gameplay mechanics. Don't give this game a miss.

[XBA would like to thank Metabolic XBA for this roadmap]

Thief Achievement Guide

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There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Stole all loot and collectibles in a single chapter.

    The earliest you can obtain this achievement is in Chapter 1 - Lockdown. There are only a total of 60 pieces of loot to obtain, which is slightly minimal compared to the later Chapters of the game.

    You will find that loot generally consists of various different items, ranging from pieces of gold, to bracelets, mirrors, purses and more. Each piece of loot will emit a shining glow when you are close by, so make sure to pay attention to your surroundings throughout Chapter 1.

    The achievement WILL NOT unlock immediately after picking up the sixtieth piece of loot. You must complete the mission for it to unlock. The last stash of loot is in the top floor of Jeweler's House, so before climbing out the window, press the back button, select Progression > Statistics, and make sure it says "All Loot Lifted" before climbing out the window to the alleys.

    Refer to video below for a detailed walkthrough by Maka for the locations of all 60 loot pieces.

  • Picked 100 pockets in a single playthrough

    In order to pickpocket an NPC, you must approach them undetected from behind and hold down the button to snatch their purses hoisted around their waist or belt. Take note however, that not all NPCs have purses to steal. It is suggested to use the Focus ability when nearing enemy guards, in order to check from a distance whether or not they can be pickpocketed.

    This achievement is cumulative and will most likely unlock by the end of your first playthrough if you keep it in mind throughout.

  • Picked a lock with masterful speed

    The term 'Lucky Lock' refers to any lock you find throughout the game that can be picked with Garret's tools. To obtain this achievement, you have to complete the pick right in under five seconds. A good trick to utilize is to find a lock, perform a quick save, then attempt the pick. Take note of the positions each spring is located at, for example, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock. After you've memorized the springs' locations, reload your save and quickly pick the lock again. If you do it quick enough, you will unlock the achievement.

  • Finished the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more

    This actually isn’t as daunting as it may first seem when you look at the list of modifiers available. If you like you can stack this with your Master difficulty playthrough as some of the modifiers you will be using are actually beneficial to the more stealth related achievements you are going for in a Master playthrough. More information on that below but first this is the recommended set-up:

    • Master Difficulty [x1 modifier]
    • No Kills or Knockouts [170]
    • No Alerts [145]
    • No Focus [50]
    • Stealth Takedowns Only [50]
    • No Reticle [30]
    • Specialty Arrows Only [50]
    • No Food or Poppies [100]
    • Zero Damage [60]
    • Expensive Resources [70]

    Total = 725

    Here is a break down of exactly why these modifiers were chosen.

    Master Difficulty – There is no other choice here as master is the only point modifier high enough to get above 700, which is why it’s a good chance to stack "Something to Prove" and "Hard Times" if you want to cut down on your playthroughs.
    No Kills or Knockouts – You are going to want to go for "A Moral Victory" on your master playthrough either way, this combined with the high score value makes it an essential modifier.
    No Alerts – Although "Child of the Shadows" is only awarded for completing a single Chapter undetected this is recommended because of it's high point value.
    No Focus – You have to play through to the final Chapter without using focus for "Clear Headed" anyway, so applying this takes away the chance of accidentally hitting and using focus.
    Stealth Takedowns Only – Again, as we are going for "A Moral Victory" this is essentially a free 50 point modifier.
    No Reticle – If you’re not killing anyone the only things you need to be shooting are stationary target’s, some of which will still become highlighted when you have the shot lined up. For anything else it should only take a couple of practice shots to figure out where to aim.
    Specialty Arrows Only – Again, no killing, so no need for regular arrows.
    No Food or Poppies – If you can’t get hit (see below) you don’t need food and if you’re not using focus you don’t need poppies. Another free 100 point modifier.
    Zero Damage – With no kills, no knockouts and no alerts already applied, the only damage you have to worry about is fall damage. Use your judgement and if the jump looks too high find an alternate route down.
    Expensive Resources – The only resource you will be buying is specialty arrows and tools, with all your cash going to these two things this really shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

    It will still be somewhat challenging, but the good thing about this method is that you don’t have to take the ‘Ironman’ modifier which would disable manual and checkpoint saves. Essentially what this means is that before you enter any kind of difficult situation you can just quickly save your game and if you get spotted or mess up you can reload that save and try again.

  • Completed 10 optional Thieving Objectives

    See "Legend in Leather" for more information.

  • Completed 25 optional Thieving Objectives

    For each mission, both story and client jobs, there will be a set of optional thieving objectives. To check what the objectives are for your current mission you can enter your journal by pressing , select 'Player Progression' and then 'Statistics', on this screen the optional objectives are shown on the left hand side. Each mission/job has four objectives, one each for the three different playstyles, Ghost, Opportunist and Predator, with the fourth objective always being to collect all loot, both common and collectible. For the story missions you can only be rewarded for completing 2 objectives per Chapter, one will be tied to whichever playstyle you decide to play and the other will always be the loot based objective. What this means is that you have to pay attention to what the objective is for your playstyle, for example there is no point in going out of your way to pickpocket guards for the opportunist objective if you are killing them all after because your playstyle will be Predator so only the Predator objective will count towards your tally. For the client jobs you will be rewarded for as many additional objectives that you can complete, each one has four with the exception of Ector's final job which only has 1.

    There are a maximum of 16 objectives to be obtained from the main story and 21 from the client jobs for a grand total of 37. You need to complete any combination of 25 across all missions to unlock the achievement. You can check how many objectives you have completed by navigating to the 'Statistics' page again and pressing or to scroll to your overall stats, your total number of objectives completed will be shown on the left hand side.

    Please note that if you choose to replay a mission your previous run, including any optional objectives completed will be reset, so you can not replay a mission 2 or 3 times to try and obtain all objectives. If you do need to replay the missions click this LINK for images showing all the chapter and client job starting points around The City.

  • Finished 3 consecutive chapters without taking damage

    This achievement will come naturally as you work on your Custom-Master playthrough if you use the modifiers and strategy outlined above for "Something to Prove", thanks to the 'Zero Damage' modifier. If you choose to attempt this on a regular playthrough and you take damage from an enemy guard who spots you, load up your last saved checkpoint and try again.

  • Picked a pocket and a lock using the focus ability

    Focus allows you to easily spot collectibles, objects you can interact with and also slows down time. To use you focus ability you press the button. Before you can obtain this achievement you must first use two focus points to level up your Dexterity focus ability. Focus points become available after you visit the Queen of Beggars just prior to beginning Chapter 2, after you visit she will automatically award you with one focus point and the ability to purchase more from her with a donation of gold. You can go directly back to her and purchase one more point allowing you to fully upgrade dexterity. Once you have done that you just need to pick a pocket and a lock whilst in focus mode and the achievement will unlock.

    You don’t have to do both during a single activation of your focus ability.

  • Finished the game without a single kill or knockout

    See "Something to Prove" for more information.

  • Disarmed ten trap mechanisms

    In order to disable an enemy trap, you will need to have first purchased the Wirecutter tool from the Seller. He can be found just outside Basso's shop. The Wirecutter will first be available for purchase after Chapter 2.

    Now, trap mechanisms appear often throughout The City, both while roaming around in between Chapters and during the actual Chapters themselves. An example of a trap is a pressure plate in front of a loot crate.

    When you step on the pressure plate, you will be shot with an arrow. If you are using the Focus ability, you will notice that traps will glow red, rather than blue. You can usually follow the wiring of a trap to it's source, or you may need to find a secret switch around the trap that reveals it's source (power box). Once you have found the power box, pry it open and use the Wirecutter to clip the wiring from the trap. Do this ten times throughout the entire game and the achievement is yours.

  • Reached the final chapter without using the focus ability

    See "Something to Prove" for more information.

  • Finished the game on Master difficulty

    See "Something to Prove" for more information.

  • Scored an epic 5,000,000 or more in a Challenge Map

    To obtain this achievement it is recommended to play a game of regular chain gain on the House of Blossoms map. Chain gain challenges you to loot as many items as possible in quick succession. After you pick up your first piece of loot you will notice a 60 second timer start to count down in the top left corner. Above that will be your current chain number and to the left is your multiplier. The aim of the game is is to loot each consecutive item before the timer runs down, each item you loot will reset the timer, if the timer runs out you current chain number will reset to zero and you will be awarded a chain bonus based on how high your chain was. Allowing the timer to expire will also add a new 45 second countdown, when this expires your round is over. The multiplyer will increase with each successive item looted up to a maximum of x10 and will also degrade the longer you go without finding another piece of loot.

    The House of Blossoms map contains 175 items of loot and you will have to achieve a chain of at least 130 to be sure of obtaining more than 5,000,000 points. As you progress it will not look like your score is going to be anywhere near high enough for the achievement but don't worry the chain bonus is being calculated in the background and if you hit a high enough chain it will be quite large. For example my displayed score during my run was 2.5m, when my chain ended at around 140 my bonus put the score above 6m. Below are some hints to help you in your runs:

    • The guards coin purses are counted in the number of loot items so be sure to pickpocket every guard you are able too. Each guard will normally have 2 or 3 pouches. If you are going to takedown a guard be sure to pickpocket them first.
    • Don't be afraid to take down a few guards if you are having trouble getting to some loot. You are penalized for each takedown but the amount is small compared to how high your final score will be. Taking down 5 guards will lose you 75,000 points.
    • You will obtain a quick chain bonus if you loot your next item within 10 seconds, if you see an area with multiple pieces of loot and a guard patrolling nearby try to let him get as far away as you can so you can loot everything in quick succession.
    • Keep your eye on your minimap, there are a few areas that may not be evident at first but will show on the map. Like the room directly behind you as you start or the door at the far end of the room with the 2 stone staircases that leads to a nice loot room.
    • If you are moving from one area to another that has guards patrolling try to leave one or two pieces of loot close to you so you can assess the situation and if you are waiting too long you have a way to reset your timer without taking the risk of rushing into a room and being spotted. Even if the coast is clear this is useful because you are giving yourself a full 60 second count to get orientated in the next area.

    Play safe and take it as easy as you can. Your biggest advantage is that the loot locations are set and the guards routes stay the same. Practice clearing each new room until you have it down then combine everything into one run. Once you have posted a score above 5,000,000 the achievement
    will unlock.

    Alternatively you can follow the video below for a quick and easy way to complete the achievement:

  • Finished a single chapter without alerting anyone

    See "Something to Prove" for more information.

  • Shot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow

    This can be done at any time during your playthrough. The first opportunity you will want to attempt this achievement is when you are venturing near the Clock Tower Plaza of the open world in between Chapters. If you need help locating this area, it is in front of a shop called "Reynard's Coffeehouse".

    You will find various glass bottles scattered around the tabletops on the street in this area. Equip the bottle and aim your reticle into the air right above you. Toss the bottle up and attempt to put an arrow through it before it hits the ground.

    Also, make sure to save your game before throwing the bottle and attempting this. If you miss your shot, simply reload the last checkpoint and keep trying.

  • Killed or knocked out 10 people using the environment

    There is a really easy way to obtain this achievement during Chapter 3, Dirty Secrets, before you begin you must purchase the wire cutters. Now progress through the beginning of the Chapter until you reach The House of Blossoms proper. When you walk through the first drape directly in front of you will be a hostess and she will start to walk forward as soon as you enter. Follow her to the opposite side of the room, being careful to avoid being seen by guards, and when she gets to the other side of the room she will go through a doorway and start flirting with a guard.

    Leave them be for a minute or two and the guard will eventually leave. Head inside this room, to your left in the center of the room on the lower level is a large opium dispensing contraption that Garret will comment on. Ignore that for now and instead go forward to the other side of the room and you will find a door that needs to be picked. Once you are inside this room look to your left to see a hole in the floor, drop down the hole and follow the crawl space around to the right. You will now be behind the opium machine, to your left on the wall is a trap panel you need to disarm using the wire cutters, once done backtrack back up to the door you picked.

    Head through the door way to the small wall directly in front of you, look down into the room. Below you, on the right of the machine if you were looking straight at it is a lever. There may be a couple of ladies here milling around the machine but don't worry about them. Hop over the wall and drop down, head for the lever and flip it. This will release an opium haze into the entire brothel, knocking everyone out and unlocking the achievement.

  • Completed a collectible set


    See "What’s Yours is Mine" for more information.

  • Completed all collectible sets

    There are a total of 82 collectible to be found within the game. Finding all of them will earn you the achievements "Priceless" and " What's Yours is Mine". A single collectible is obtained automatically during the Prologue and cannot be missed. The rest will be scattered across all the main missions and the open world.

    NOTE: Finding all collectibles in the first Chapter will also unlock the "Two-Faced" achievement. Additionally, finding all collectibles grants you 30k gold coins.

    To see how many collectibles there are in a given area, open up the journal by pressing , and through 'Player Progression' to the 'Statistics' menu. Here, you'll see how many collectibles and loot items you have found in the current Chapter and how many there are in total.

    There's a section titled 'Collectibles' in the Journal, which lists each collectible by its name and breaks them down into categories. That makes it easier to find missing collectibles. Also make sure to buy enough arrows of all types before starting a new mission. Some collectibles can only be reached if you have the right equipment (i.e. Rope Arrows).

    You will also be shown an overview at the end of each Chapter, which tells you how many items you have recovered. You can then replay the Chapter immediately if you missed something. Alternatively, you can also replay Chapters at any given time by returning to their starting point in the open world.

    For a commentary-filled video guide on all the collectibles in the game, be sure to visit Maka's thread HERE

  • Discovered 15 secret areas

    See "Finders Keepers" for more information.

  • Discovered all secret areas

    There are a total of 73 secret areas to be found throughout the story missions and The City. Unfortunately there is no in-game way to track how many you have visited and the only indication that you have found one is a 'chime' that will play when you enter a secret area. Thanks to PowerPyx we now have a complete video guide to all 73 secret areas. Follow along with this video and you should have no problem unlocking both "Hidden Agenda" and "Finders Keepers".

  • Used 40,000 gold

    The majority of the gold you earn will come from locating the collectibles, including a 30,000g bonus for completing all the collections. This combined with the gold earned for finishing the main story will leave you with well over 40,000g by the end of a complete playthrough.

    If you don't want to spend the gold just for the sake of the achievement you can perform a quick save in front of a store then buy whatever you want, once you have spent 40,000g the achievement will unlock and you can reload your save to get your money back.

  • Completed all client jobs in The City

    Client Jobs are essentially smaller side quests that can be found throughout The City as you roam around in between each Chapter or after completing the main Story. There are a total of six Client Jobs, three stemming from two different clients: Ector and Vittori.

    You will first be able to visit Ector after Chapter 1 when you meet Basso at his shop. Accept all of Basso's quests, and one of them will be to visit Ector at his workshop. Alternatively, Vittori is located at on the upper floor of The Siren's Rest Inn which is located in the Southern Quarter of The City near the Docks. You will first come to the Southern Quarter on your way to the start of Chapter 3.

    Below, you can find a list and brief description for all six Client Jobs.

    • Hand Tailored (Ector) - This job requires you to break into a tailor's shop and recover a mechanical hand.
    • Silence is Golden (Ector) - This job requires you to steal another mechanical item, this time, a voice box.
    • Heartbroken (Ector) - This last job from Ector requires you to steal a mechanical heart.
    • Happy Medium (Vittori) - This short job requires you to recover Vittori's stolen skull.
    • The Carnal Connoisseur (Vittori) - This job requires you to recover one of Vittori's prized attractions, the wonderfully named 'Octopuss'.
    • Sideshow Attraction (Vittori) - This job requires you to free Vittori's love from the watch guard post where she has been detained as a 'streetwalker'.

    Once all six Client Jobs have been successfully completed, the achievement will unlock. Remember that there are collectibles during each Job to be retrieved!

  • Completed all Basso Jobs in The City

    You will first meet Basso, Garret's associate, right after leaving the Clock Tower and following the objective marker after Chapter 1. Once you have spoken to him via a cutscene, you can now visit him in between Chapters and collect side jobs. He will usually have multiple jobs available at once, so simply accept them all and they will be stored in your journal under the Objectives tab.

    From there, you will see that all jobs related to Basso have a solid white circle next to them, while story and client jobs have different icons. You can tap in order to track which job you want to start focusing on. Most of Basso's jobs usually require you to traverse around The City and steal valuable loot from different people or different locations. After the main requirement is achieved, the job will be complete. Below, you will see a list of all Basso's jobs; there are twenty-five jobs in total.

    • Sick Willy: Steal Sick Willy's golden watch
    • Beauty Within: Steal the hand-mirror
    • Medical Misery: Steal the medication bottle
    • Writing Wrongs: Steal the Thief Manuscript
    • Machinations: Meet Ector in his workshop
    • A Stroke of Madness: Steal the painting
    • The Disappearing Poet: Retrieve the poet's last pieces
    • Taking a Fence: Steal everything in the fence shop
    • A Lady's Bequest: Steal Lady Christina's testament
    • Saving Face: Steal lord Alderly's bust
    • Casing the Cargo: Steal the Watch census
    • Shark Bait: Plunder Eddy Levack's office
    • Fit for a Queen: Retrieve Comfort's necklace
    • Long Drop Full Stop: Retrieve Basso's Pen
    • The Path to Riches: Steal White Sail's Documents
    • Eyes on the Prize: Steal the telescope mechanism
    • Check, Mate: Steal back Basso's chess piece
    • A Grave Matter: Steal Grandpa's ashes
    • The Rule of Thumb: Steal Jeb's scissor
    • The Witch of Stonemarket: Steal the ritual knife
    • The Point of No Return: Steal Stumble Gate Store loot
    • The Tinker's Trinket: Steal the Thief-Taker's Trinket
    • Watch Your Step: Deactivate all the traps
    • Poor Protection: Plunder the Eel's Stash
    • Carnivalesque: Meet Vittori at the Siren's Rest
  • Stole 5 collectibles


    Please refer back to "Obsessive Compulsive" for more information. This achievement will essentially be obtained naturally as you work towards said achievement.

  • Finished the game in 15 hours or more

    This should come naturally if you take your time, complete all the side jobs and go for all the collectibles. You can check you total playtime in the Player Progression section of the menu. If you are approaching the end game and are still somewhat short you can leave your game idling for a few hours to make up the difference.

    NOTE: If you do complete the main story short of the fifteen hour mark it has been confirmed that you can go back out into the city, finish up anything you need or simply idle to pass the time, then go back and complete Chapter 8 again to unlock the achievement.


Secret achievements

  • Sweet sixteen. Snuff said.

    This secret achievement is very straightforward. Simply approach a lit candle and tap to snuff it out. You will want to repeat this action a total of sixteen times in order to unlock the achievement. This is cumulative across all Chapters, so do not worry about trying to snuff out every single candle in a single Chapter.

    Please note that snuffing out a cluster of candles will only count as 1 towards the achievement.

  • Found all the secret stashes in Moira

    This achievement is obtained during Chapter 5. Hidden throughout the first half of the asylum are 5 loot stashes, however there is nothing to differentiate them from regular loot. Please see the video below to see exactly where all five are hidden.

  • Uncovered Lyegrove's secret

    This achievement is unlocked during Chapter 1. Once you reach the mid-way point of this Chapter, Garret will mention needing to gain entry to the Jeweler's Shop. Once you have located the building and have made your way inside, you will need to find two flashy party masks scattered around the house. The first mask is located in the cellar, inside a locked safe behind a painted portrait. The combination to this safe is 7-3-9. Alternatively, the second mask is located upstairs, within one of the locked cabinets that line the showroom. Be careful here, as there is an NPC in the cellar who will alert the guards if he spots you and the showroom has a guard patrolling about. It would be wise to take them out before attempting to loot the party masks. Either way, once both masks are retrieved, you will unlock the achievement.

  • Finished the Prologue

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Prologue – The Drop’.

  • Finished Chapter One

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Chapter 1 – Lockdown’.

  • Finished Chapter Two

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Chapter 2 – Dust to Dust’.

  • Finished Chapter Three

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Chapter 3 – Dirty Secrets’.

  • Finished Chapter Four

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Chapter 4 – A Friend in Need’.

  • Finished Chapter Five

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Chapter 5 – The Forsaken’.

  • Finished Chapter Six

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Chapter 6 – A Man Apart’.

  • Finished Chapter Seven

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Chapter 7 – The Hidden City’.

  • Finished Chapter Eight

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocked after completing ‘Chapter 8 – The Dawn’s Light’.

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