Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 Achievement Guide

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There are 16 achievements with a total of 960 points

  • Make 50 wagers

    This one isn't a difficult achievement to unlock, just takes some time to do. Try only playing in wager matches to speed it up a bit.

  • Win 50 wagers


    Same as the previous achievement, but this time you have to win the wagers. It doesn't matter how big the wagers are.

  • Make 50 Eagles


    You will pick these up by simply playing in online matches. A way to speed this up is by playing in the daily online tournament. You can compete in these up to 100 times a day, so you can get it quite quickly depending on your patience.

  • Play in 5 Online Tournaments


    Wont take long to do- only an hour or so. Can all be done on the same 1 days touurnament.

  • Make 100 Birdies

    Sama as the eagles here, either in normal online play or the daily tournaments.

  • Win 5 online matches

    The easiest achivement in the game pretty much, wont take you long at all.

  • Shoot a best round of 62 or less


    The tournaments are the easiest way here- bit of practuise and youll be shooting in the 50s on a regular basis.

  • Have an average score of 65 or less


    Make sure you keep your average score down in the tournaments!

  • Average less than 1.75 putts per hole


    Just keep your approach shots close to the flag

  • Make 25 Hole in Ones


    Same as the eagles and birdies, but on this you'll all but definately need to use gamebreakers!

  • Have a win streak of 15 games or more in a game mode


    As the description says. Win 15 times or more on a row.

  • Compete in each of the online game modes at least once


    (Glitched Achievement)

  • Achieve #1 ranking in any online game mode

    (Glitched Achievement)

  • Finish an online Tournament at the top of the leaderboard


    You have to pretty much sink most of your approach shots. Game breakers a must here

  • Earn a million dollars online


    Gonna take a while to get good enough to play with the big boys! Playing for $100 wagers is gonna take you a long time, so your gonna need to start playing some $20k + wagers and it will still take time

  • Compete in 1,000 online matches


    The achievement for the master of patience. Compete in 1 000 online matches to get this achievement.

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