- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline 24 [950]
- Online 3 [50]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 15-25 Hours to 950
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed 1 Tour & Multiple Challanges
- Number of missable achievements None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Only "Too Easy"
- Glitchy achievements None
- Unobtainable achievements: "Getting the Hang of It", "High Roller", "Play in 5 online Tournaments"
- Extra equipment needed: Some Achievements easier with second controller

*Please note that due to the online servers being taken down, the online achievements are no longer available, so unless you have them already, you will only be able to get a maximum of 950 from this game.

Welcome to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, the 2007 version of EA's golf sim. As with any golf game, practice makes perfect, so you will need a lot of that to get many of the achievements in this game. There is no quick way to get good, so keep at it and you will get there.

Knocking out a few easy achievements
Lets get a few quick ones out of the way.
First of all, quickly create a male and a female golfer to net you the respective 5 achievements. Can't get much easier than that.
Play any of the training challenges to unlock..."Play a Training Challenge". They sure were imaginative with achievement names in 2007 huh?

Now set up a game of One Ball, and play against your second controller at St. Andrews, only playing the par 3s. Win this (there are only 2 holes to play) to unlock "Win a game of One Ball". Use this method (doesn't matter which course) to get "Win a game of T-I-G-E-R", "Win a game of 21", "Win a game of Seven", "Win a game of Bloodsome" and "Win a game of Greensome".

Tiger Challenges
This is where we are going to improve our golfer. Play through these challenges, on easy difficulty if you like, and if you mess up you can just play them again until you win. When you have finished the challenges you will have "Play a Tiger Challenge Event", "Beat Luke Donald", "Beat Mike Weir", "Beat Chris DiMarco", "Beat Colin Montgomerie" and "Beat Tiger". You will get skill upgrades every time you play, so by the time you have beaten tiger, your golfer should be pretty much ready to win anything.

Tour Mode
Once your golfer is good enough, it's time to play through the tournaments. Make sure you play all of the tournaments to gain FedEx points to qualify for the FedEx Cup. You may take a few tries to win these, however your created golfer should be good enough to make the cut to the final round if you just simulate until the final round. If you don't make the cut, you can just quit to dashboard and try again, playing if you need to. You will unlock "Play A PGA Tour Season Event", "Win The UK Major", "Win The US Major", "Win The Southern Major", "Race for the Cup" and "Win the PGA Tour Major".

TOUR Difficulty
Luckily there is only one difficulty related achievement, "Too Easy?". Make sure you turn the difficulty to TOUR and play at St. Andrews. Make sure you turn mulligans on (this way you can retake any shot if you aren't happy), and finish under par to unlock this.

Mopping Up
So now you should just need "Collect the Whole Set" and "Finish Everything". For these two, you must have bought everything in the shop, and have all the trophy balls and all tiger challenge balls. You can view what you have missing and still need to do in the trophy room. This will take a lot of time unless you are somehow able to get a lot of them during regular playthrough

Tiger Woods 07 is a solid enough golf game, which will take you quite a while to get everything done. It has some unobtainable achievements, but much fewer than some of the more recent games as it only has 3 online ones. You will get most of the achievements by just playing through, and if you have the skill you will have no problem getting most of them. Play like Tiger and enjoy!

[XBA would like to thank Corrupt. for this Roadmap]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Achievement Guide

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There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Create a Male Gameface character

    Pretty easy to do. Just make a male golfer.

  • Create a Female Gameface character

    This is a tough achievement. You have to create a female character.

  • Win a game of Seven

    See “Win a game of Bloodsome”.

  • Win a game of 21

    See “Win a game of Bloodsome”.

  • Win a game of T-I-G-E-R

    See “Win a game of Bloodsome”.

  • Play a Tiger Challenge Event

    Just play a tiger challenge event and you’ll get the achievement

  • Play a Training Challenge

    Just do a training challenge (where you boost your power, ball striking, etc) and you’ll get this achievement

  • Win a game of One Ball

    See “Win a game of Bloodsome”.

  • Win a game of Greensome

    See “Win a game of Bloodsome”.

  • Win a game of Bloodsome

    You can use a second controller for all of these.

  • Win 5 online matches


    See “High Roller”.

  • Make 25 online wagers


    You can boost for both high roller and getting the hang of it. Just make a 3-hole lobby game and let your friend join it. Then let them win 5 times (or you) and vice versa. That should be 10 wagers. 15 more wagers and you have the achievement.

  • Play a PGA TOUR® Season Event

    You should get this after finishing your first event in the PGA tour season. You can simulate the first two rounds and then play the next 2.

  • Beat Par in an 18 hole round on TOUR difficulty

    You may or may not have trouble with this. All you have to do is beat 18 holes on TOUR difficulty.

    Now if you want to make sure you do really well, I suggest you finish the TIGER challenges first then put it on St.Andrews, 18 holes, calm wind, white tee, soft greens, very fast fairways, and slow green. If you’ve beaten all the tiger challenges, you should be able to green-in-one most of the PAR 4s in St.Andrews.

  • Play in 5 online Tournaments


    This achievement is currently glitched. Only a few people have it at the moment. Apparently the achievement only worked for the first few days the game came out and now it doesn’t work.

  • Defeat Mike Weir in the Tiger Challenge

    See “Beat Tiger".

  • Defeat Luke Donald in the Tiger Challenge

    See “Beat Tiger".

  • Defeat Colin Montgomerie in the Tiger Challenge

    See “Beat Tiger".

  • Defeat Chris DiMarco in the Tiger Challenge

    See “Beat Tiger".

  • Win the Southern Major

    See “Win the PGA TOUR® Major”.

  • Win the US Major Championship

    See “Win the PGA TOUR® Major”.

  • Win the UK Major Championship

    See “Win the PGA TOUR® Major”.

  • Win the PGA TOUR® Major Championship

    For these all you have to do is win. There’s nothing to do difficult out of it. My biggest recommendation is to have finished the entire Tigers challenge first that way you can completely dominate the competition. These golfers should generally stay around -10. With the game on easy and your golfers’ stats full, you should have no problem beating this. Also, you can simulate the first two rounds and play the next two and win.

  • Win every Trophy Ball

    • Long Drive Event - Bomb A 350 Yard Drive – You’ll get this often once you max out your power/power boost modifier and stats.
    • Birdie Buster - Record 6 Birdies In A Row – The easiest way to get this is by putting it on St.Andrews with easy settings (assuming you have gotten this through normal play).
    • Eagle Extravaganza - Record 4 Eagles – The same as the birdie buster. Just put it on St.Andrews and you should be hitting drives onto the green in one. This should allow you for a pretty close eagle put and if you miss, you still have the birdie putt. 
    • Aces High - Record A Hole In One – This was one of my first trophy balls. If you haven’t gotten it after maxing out your player, go to Carnoustie or St.Andrews because they have really easy PAR 3s.
    • Birdie Streak - Record 12 Birdies In A Round – Just make 12 birdies in a round. Use the usual settings of 18 holes, St.Andrews, and easy settings.
    • Back-To-Back Eagles - Record Back-To-Back Eagles – This can be difficult if you’re trying to do it during the PGA season. I managed to do it that way by getting an eagle then a double-eagle. If you’re having trouble, just set up the St.Andrews course (or Carnoustie) on easy settings and this should come easy.
    • Long Putt Challenge - Sink A 55+ Foot Putt – Carnoustie has the biggest, longest, and easiest greens in the game. You can try to get there or through regular play.
    • Fairway Challenge - Hit All Fairways In A Round – Pick any course (preferably St.Andrews or Carnoustie) and hit all the fairways. This is really easy if you turn off the wind. Make sure you don’t slice or hook it. Don’t try any shortcuts and you have to do this on 18 holes.  
    • G.I.R Challenge - Hit All Greens In Regulation In A Round – Carnoustie and St.Andrews have some fairly large greens. They’re extremely easy to hit. Put it on 18 holes and hit them all with easy settings.
    • Pin Seeker - Hit The Pin – This should come naturally. There’s no real tips for getting this other then make sure your ball-striking is really good on your character and you have some accuracy.
    • Eagle Hunt - Eagle Every Par 5s In The Game – There’s an option which shows you which courses you’ve eagled and not eagled. For the one’s you haven’t eagled, just put it on easy settings and pick the “PAR 5s” option. You don’t have to do all 18. A tough one I had trouble with was the prince course. It was the first par 5. My golfer had all modifiers and stats full. I then 3 wooded to the edge of the first separate piece. Once I did that, I was in range for a 3 wood onto the green. Sometimes I wouldn’t be close enough and I would sand it or rough it. So make sure you get near the edge on the first piece off the tee.
    • Chip In Challenge - Chip In From 30 Yards – This will come naturally. There is no real advice other then make sure your approach and ball-striking are full. This will make your shots a lot straighter.
    • Top Of The Tournaments - Place 1st In All Tornaments In A Single Season – Just play through the PGA season tourneys and come in first for all of them. You can simulate the first two rounds and do the next two.
    • Complete Tiger Challenge - Complete The Tiger Challenge Game Mode – Just complete the tiger challenge.
    • My First Eagle - Record An Eagle – This will be one of your first achievements. Once your golfers’ stats are high enough, this will happen 3-4 times a round.
    • My First Double Eagle - Record A Double Eagle – You will get this through progress. There is no real advice to get one of these. Just get really close on a PAR 5.
    • My First Tournament Win - Win 1st Place In A Tournament – You’ll get this as you progress through the PGA tour season.
    • My First Round Under Par - Finish A Round Under Par – Just finish a round under par. So that basically means don’t get more bogeys then pars, birdies, and eagles.
    • My First Bogey Free Round - Shoot A Bogey Free Round – This is easiest on St.Andrews and Carnoustie.
    • My First Par 4 Green In One - Reach A Par 4 Green In One – ST.ANDREWS!!! If you have your stats maxed, you might even over-green some of the par 4s on this course.
    • 100% Complete - Achieve 100% Game Completion – refer to the achievement.
  • Win the Fed Ex Cup

    You’ll need score the most points in a season. Since you’ll be needing to place first in every tourney during the season, this is a guarantee. One word of advice though. Before you start the season, make sure you have finished the tiger challenge event and maxed out all your stats. As you progress through the season, make sure you buy gear that adds modifiers to your stats.

  • Defeat Tiger Woods in the Tiger Challenge

    Alright; all you have to do is beat each of these guys as you go along. If you want to make this really easy there is a specific way I did it that way my skill meter would rise and I could train them to their current potential.

    What I did was I beat the first person of each of the 4 rows. Once I beat the first person, I moved on and beat the second person. I continued to do the same method and by the time I reached the final 4, my potential meter was really high and I maxed them all out. I was out driving them most of the time and I finished it after 10-11 holes.

  • Attain 100% Game Completion

    For a 100% completion, you’ll need to buy everything in the store except the EA special driver, all tiger tracking balls except one, and get every single trophy ball.
    I found the hole-in-one tiger tracking ball the easiest. Go put it on PAR 3, St. Andrews with easy settings and let it rip. St.Andrews only has 2 par 3s but they’re extremely easy. I had a couple of aces from there. I have 26 aces currently.
    As for the rest of achievements, make sure you don’t bogey any rounds or you won’t get the 67 in a row par or better achievement. If you did, just aim for the 50 events one instead.
    As for the season tracking balls, don’t worry if you’re not leading in some of them at the beginning. Eventually, you’ll start blowing everyone away and you’ll end up being in first for almost everything.

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