- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 23
- Online: 11
- Approximate amount of time to 200/1000: 20-25 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 FedExCup, 48 Skills Challenged, 1 Ryder Cup
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

You may have to play a few extra rounds to get some of the leftover achievements after the Skills Challenge, etc.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour '11 is the sixth installment for the Xbox 360. This year there is an emphasis on Team Play with the addition of 12v12 online matches, as well as the Ryder Cup in single player. The new Focus Meter has you making decisions before and during every shot. Add power or spin to your shot, or use it on a putt preview. Make shots without using Focus, and you will refill some of your Focus Meter. Other features like PGA Season, GamerNet challenges, the FedExCup, and online tournaments make their return.

Achievement Synopsis:
The achievement list this year is a lot easier than the past few years. A lot are stackable for getting a certain amount of birdies/eagles, climbing your way to Level 7, or accumulating GamerNet points. While there are more achievements this year than last, they are generally easier. Several involve simply entering a match under certain criteria or even taking a survey. The online achievements require very little time to get, so long as you can organize or find a 12v12 match. The rest of the online ones should only take a day or so. If you are renting or borrowing this game, you will either be required to buy a $10 Online Pass, or start a 7-Day free trial of the online features. Seven days is plenty of time to get these achievements but to be safe make sure to do them when you know you have the time. Building your created golfer's XP first will help with the online achievements, so it would probably be best if you did single player stuff first.

Step #1: Skills Challenges and building XP
After the game's opening tutorial, I suggest diving into the Skills Challenges. A lot of them don't require playing full rounds and you get good XP for doing them. After completing all 48 of them, you can keep re-doing the last one for some very easy XP. It nets you 5,000 XP each time, and 100,000 is required to reach Level 7. Level 10 is the max level, and it is up to you if you want to get yourself there to unlock more items in the shop, but is not required for any achievements. Periodically visit the shop to purchase upgraded clubs and accessories to improve your game.

Doing these challenges will help you accumulate some birdies/eagles for several stackable achievements, and you'll get several more for some of the simplest of tasks.

Step #2: Ryder Cup and FedExCup
The Ryder Cup is cake. Following the method in the achievement guide, and you can get the two achievements for them in one round.

The FedExCup is apart of your PGA Tour Season, and winning it is one of the two achievements in that mode. The other has you making three straight cuts during a season. It's best to do these two achievements in two different years. In your first season, set your season to "FedExCup Only" and to one round tournaments. Winning all 4 tournaments in the FedExCup is not required, but you need to either; a) Have the most Cup points after all 4 tournaments or b) be in the Top 5 and WIN the last tournament.

For your second season, you will then go for making three straight cuts. Set your rounds to 4 (the rest won't matter). If your golfer's stats are good enough, you can simulate the first three rounds and just play the last. To be safe, you might want to play one round to make the cut and the last to win the tournament.

Step #3: Xbox Live
Your golfer should have high stats by now which will make GamerNet considerably easier. Look for unbusted clips and plug away at 10,000 points. 18 hole challenges can net you big points, but will be a large waste of time if you fail late. Long drive challenges can be re-tried quickly, but some are very difficult and depend largely on the wind. It's your choice really, whatever you feel comfortable with. I suggest you lean toward medium difficulty 9 or 18 hole challenges however. While on the subject of GamerNet, you will need to post your own clip, and beat a "Daily" GamerNet challenge that pop up mid-round in single player.

The other online achievements don't require skill, but rather participation. Start any user tournament with ball paths turned on (should be the default). Complete 18 holes of Play-the-Pros (score doesn't matter), and play in a 12v12 Team Play match. Look for lobbies or create your own to get the max amount of people. Sometimes events are organized on the x360a forums to help get this too, so keep an eye out.

Use the achievement guide to help get whatever else is left. If you followed the map correctly, you shouldn't have much left anyways, and whatever that may be probably didn't matter much which order you did them in.

[x360a would like to thank litepink for this road map]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Achieve Level 1 with a created golfer


    See "Hall of Famer"

  • Achieve Level 3 with a created golfer


    See "Hall of Famer"

  • Achieve Level 5 with a created golfer


    See "Hall of Famer"

  • Achieve Level 7 with a created golfer


    You can earn XP on practically every shot to increase your level. You need 100,000 XP to reach Level 7. The more you play the more XP you can earn, as XP is rewarded for good shots, scores, records, Skill Challenges, etc. Playing any mode with your created golfer will build your stats up.

    Earning XP can be really slow. However, there is an exploit to earn 2.5-5K XP every few minutes. After completing every Skill Challenge, you can replay the last one against Tiger Woods and re-earn the XP. Some people get the 2,500 XP for completing it AND the 2,500 XP for completing all challenges, each time they re-do it.

    You can also earn XP by inviting people to play the Tiger Woods Demo. There is an option called Invite Friends from the main menu. You get 25 XP per person invited. You can only invite someone once, and is limited to those on your friends list and those who haven't already downloaded the demo.

  • Complete the training intro with a created golfer


    The training will introduce you to some of this year's new features as well as the basics.

  • Complete an 18 hole round with a final score under par using True-Aim


    True-Aim is a new way to play in Tiger '11. It essentially removes the chase camera and aiming circle. You can create a custom course with all the same hole to shoot under par. Pick an easy hole for every one like St. Andrews #9, a short Par 4. The hole is drive-able from the white tees and you will one or two putt most likely.

  • Use Focus to hit a 375 yard long drive

    This could happen naturally after building up your golfer's stats and equipment. However, this can be easily done with Tiger Woods right from the beginning. Start a round on Torrey Pines. The first hole is a huge downhill which makes for big drives. You will need to use your Focus by tapping repeatedly in your backswing. For the weather conditions, it is possible to do it in calm winds, but gale force winds would help. If you opt to use wind, you may have to restart until the wind is facing out.

  • Play in an Online Team Play Match

    Just starting any Team Play match unlocks this achievement.

  • Compete in a 12 vs. 12 Online Team Play Match

    This requires a full 24 people in Team Play. You can adjust your search criteria when looking for a match or organize a match with friends or those on the forums.

  • Beat an EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Daily Challenge

    Daily GamerNet Challenges are those that pop up in your regular round rather than going to the GamerNet menu. These pop up frequently, like off the tee for instance. Eventually you will bust one of these without even trying, several usually pop up every round.

  • Play a Live Tournament with ball paths turned ON


    New to Tiger '11 is the ability to watch the ball paths of top players during online Live Tournaments. Play a full round with the ball paths turned ON and you might learn some tips while you're at it. This is the default setting, but before entering a tournament you can press to check your settings.

  • Participate in the Ryder Cup (Ryder Cup Mode)


    Simply start a Ryder Cup match in single player.

  • Win the Ryder Cup

    This is can be done by only playing 18 holes. Start a Ryder Cup as either team, USA or Europe, and set one of the match types to Singles, and the other four to NONE. Now, under the Singles match type, choose 2 pairings which is the minimum. Both matches take place simultaneously, so you can switch between the two matches after each hole if you please. Build a comfortable lead and switch to other other match should your CPU teammate be trailing or not leading by much. Win both matches, or win one and tie the other to win the Ryder Cup.

  • Provide feedback by taking a survey

    Select an answer to a one question survey under Latest News

  • Watch a Video in Latest News

    Watch a video from the Latest News section. Videos appear occasionally after major PGA events or alongside other EA announcements.

  • Complete the Skills Challenge mode.

    Skills Challenge replaces the Tournament Challenge from last year. The challenges progressively get harder, but if you fail you can simply replay them. Sometimes you need to know when to lay up or save your Focus rather than trying to rip everything. Some challenges require you to hit fairways or greens in regulation so score isn't as important.

  • Win the FedExCup (PGA TOUR Season)


    Start a new season and select the FedExCup only option. Difficulty or # of rounds does not matter. Play on Beginner and 1 round only to make this go the quickest.

  • Total 25 Birdies with a created golfer


    See "Armchair Golfer"

  • Total 125 Birdies with a created golfer


    See "Armchair Golfer"

  • Total 250 Birdies with a created golfer


    See "Armchair Golfer"

  • Total 15 Eagles with a created golfer


    See "Armchair Golfer"

  • Total 50 Eagles with a created golfer


    Naturally earn Birdies and Eagles throughout the PGA Season and other playtypes with your created golfer. When you are all done with your other achievements, you can play on a custom course with easy Par 5, or an easy Par 4 like St. Andrews #9.

  • Spend 2,011 XP


    2,011 XP will come quickly after a few rounds. Spend this XP on clubs or equipment in the shop rather than on your golfer's stats.

  • Tune your Clubs with a created golfer in Club Tuner


    Go into the Club Tuner section under My Tiger '11 and adjust any club(s) attributes and save.

  • Post an EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Challenge


    After your shot is complete and in the time before your next shot, you can hit to bring up your GamerNet menu. From there, you can post a shot for others to beat. You can also do this after any hole, 9 holes, or round.

  • Bust an EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Challenge


    See "GamerNet Pack Rat"

  • Earn 5,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet


    See "GamerNet Pack Rat"

  • Earn 10,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet


    GamerNet challenges are user created challenges based off long drives, trick shots, or low scoring rounds or holes. Once you built up your XP and bought some nice Expert clubs you should beat challenges with ease. Look for challenges that haven't been beat yet, as you will get x2 point bonus. You could do this in just three, somewhat challenging, unbeaten 18 hole showdowns. Give or take a few rounds depending on the points you earn. Another advantage of waiting until later is that you may have already built up some GamerNet points from Daily Challenges.

  • Submit a score in a Play the Pros Live Tournament

    Play a full 18 holes of a Play the Pros tournament. No matter the score, you will get the achievement as long as you submit it at the end of the round. Play the Pros tournaments start on Thursdays and usually end on Mondays.


Secret achievements

  • Turkey



    Make three consecutive cuts in the PGA TOUR

    Perform well in the first two rounds of a tournament and you will make the cut and advance to the final two rounds. You are allowed to simulate any or all of the first three rounds, but must play the last. If your golfers stats are all above 90, you might be able to simulate through the cut. Otherwise, playing one of the first two rounds should ensure you make the cut.

    Tournament rounds must be set to 4 for this achievement. If you have already started a season with less, then finish that season and you can change the settings for the next. Making three cuts during the FedExCup seems to not work for this, so it is best to just do "First Class" in a separate season.

  • Land the ball on the Green with at least 2 fewer strokes than par. GIR = Green in Regulation

    See "Fairway in Regulation"

  • Land the ball on the Fairway after your tee shot. FIR = Fairway in Regulation

    The descriptions of these two achievements say it all. They are the most basic of tasks, and should happen automatically many times per round. If not, without putting this too harsh, you are playing the wrong game and need to move on to some other genre.

  • Sink a 50 foot putt


    Save up your Focus for the green so you can use multiple putt previews to sink a long putt. Also, you are required to sink a 61 ft. putt in the last Skills Challenge anyways, so if you plan on completing the game fully this will come naturally.

  • Hit the green on your first stroke at Sawgrass 17

    This hole comes up in the Skills Challenge. It's a Par 3 with a green that is almost entirely surrounded by water. Sounds hard, but the green is so big that it is quite easy. When you come across this hole, just focus on hitting the middle of the green instead of of the pin so it doesn't roll off or fall short. You can also find this hole in the Play Now game mode.

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