-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 42 (925)
-Online: 4 (75) (Pin Collector, GamerNet Tourist, Hold my bag as I post my clip, and Online Participation)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60-70 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (8 seasons)
-Number of missable achievements: 10 (Refer to introduction)
-Glitched achievements: Pin Collector (Refer to introduction)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters is EA's annual Tiger Woods game. To begin, there are several missable achievements:

  • Who's your Caddie?! - Can be missed if you skip the prologue. The only way to get it again is to start a new char.
  • Broken Record - If you don't reach number one quickly enough, you won't get this.
  • Masters Legend - You can only try the Masters eight times, and you have to win seven of them.
  • Training Wheels and Give me the Goodies - Can be missed if you choose not to participate in a sponsored or training event.
  • Shark Attack - If you don't unlock the club by the end of the career, you'll have to start the career over again.
  • HAMMERhead Swag - If you don't unlock this in time, you'll have to start the career over again.
  • Commercial Icon, Ad Wizard, Sponsorship is Calling, and Ping Pitchman - Can be missed if you don't complete enough sponsor objectives.

In addition, Pin Collector can be glitchy if you purchase the level four sponsor clubs through Xbox Live, so it's advised not to do so.

Now that you know what yo look out for, the quickest way to complete the game is by playing on ametuer difficulty and by abusing LB and focus.

Step 1: Misc./First Tournament
The first achievement you can get here is after taking your shot and the ball is mid-flight double tap Y, which will unlock Tiger Quickness. Double tapping Y (Tiger Quickness) can save hours - especially if you know it is straight down the middle on a drive or you don't want to apply focus.

In the intro, you can't miss the putt and you'll automatically win the Green Jacket. After the cutscene, you'll get  Whos your Caddie?!.

Next you have to create your Pro and choose your level. All achievements except one can be unlocked at Amateur level and this can be changed at any point. The higher the level you set this at, the more XP you will get and faster your character will max out his/her stats, but the more difficult the game will be.

Now it is time to start your Road to the Masters. You start with the EA Tiburon Classic. Landing your first drive on the fairway will earn you FIR and hitting the next shot onto the green will earn you GIR. Your caddie needs to level up a bit, so don't always trust him right off the bat. This is an easy competition as the rest of the field score +1 at best meaning coming in at par or better will win you the tournament after the 9 holes.

Take this oportunity to press Start and go to options and turn EA GamerNet Daily Challenges on. Next time you take a shot that is half decent, press RT and post challenge. This will net you Hold my bag as I post my clip.

During this initial round, you can pick up a few achievements, but don't worry too much yet. A lot of them will unlock naturally.

Step 2: Xbox Live/Getting Experience
Now your focus is getting experience. In order to level up your character and do well in tournaments, you need to buy some more skills. So take a step back from career for a while and work on some other achievements.

First, get Live Tournament by taking part in a live event using your golfer. You can use Tiger here but the ~5k experience seems wasted to me if you choose that option. Eventually, you will need to win 10 online games for Pin Collector, and that will also net you some experience. You can do that now if you'd like or wait until later.

Go to the main menu and select Quick Play - Xbox Live - Live Tournaments to find them. Complete 18, post a score and net yourself  Online Participation.

Now go to Quickplay - Tiger at the Masters - 2005 - Round 1 and play the round. You don't have to play it, but you will get History is Yours.

Next it's Quickplay - The President's Cup. Win this for  The Presidents Cup Champion and a healthy chunk of experience before returning to career mode.

Step 3: Career
The first option is Holiday Amateur cup. Complete and win the training challenge for Training Wheels and complete and win the Sponsor Event for Give me the Goodies. Equip the items you unlock for progress towards the sponsorship achievements. Once you complete the AM tour, you'll get Aspiring Amateur.

Now complete Nationwide Tour for We've Only Just Begun and  Q-school for Earned my Card.

By now you should have unlocked 3 pins. Equip them from the pin awards page to unlock Bling my Tag.

The next thing to do is to check this thread out and plan how you want to work your sponsorships out.

Now, get on the PGA Tour and into the top 100 to qualify for the Masters. The key is to get to number one in the world as fast as possible. The hardest achievement in game is Broken Record which requires you to hold the number one spot for 281 weeks. The career mode lasts nine years, meaning you have to be number by the end of the first season of play and hold your spot for the rest of the career. While daunting, it isn't hard on ametuer.

At this point, It is worth having a club of each sponsor you unlock equipped as you can add to more than one sponsorship achievement's progress, even if it is not selected and can save some time later. Now just beat the career, and watch out for the missable achievements. If, at the end of the career, you have any achievemnents left, refer to the guide below and you should be close to the full 1000.

Step 4: GamerNet Tourist
The final online achievement is GamerNet Tourist which requires you to spend an hour on the GamerNet challenges and notch up 2500 points. These can be found on the Quickplay - XBL - EASports GamerNet - Online Challenges. These points are cumulative and don't require you to complete them on the same day. I found completing the freestyle ones was the quickest. These may well pop during normal play, too, so don't stress too much on this.

If you've followed the guide and road map to this point, you should have the full 1000 in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. Congratulations on a completion well-earned! 


[x360a would like to thank GuinnessUK for this road map]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Sink a Hole in One using a Caddie Recommendation

    This one is easiest on amateur, although I got it on pro fairly early on. Most par threes are reachable in one shot in the game and the key is to use the spin after you have taken a shot. This is essential as the Caddie is useless at first. Even with his faults, it's worth remembering that he is useful at selecting the right club for the height / weather conditions and you have to keep it in his initial setup for it to pop. If you think it needs to go further left than he suggests, then as you push the stick back forward slightly curve the forward path to the left. With a bit of trial and error and you'll get to grips with this.

    This has to be completed in Road to the Masters.

  • This requires patience and will pop once you have mastered 16 courses.

    Every time you play on a course you have the chance to complete objectives for that course. To see your current objectives go to Road to the Masters - My Career - Course Mastery.

    You can see which courses you have at which level. The higher your level here, the better your Caddie is at picking a decent shot out.

  • Master 1 course

    Refer to Caddie with a Master's Degree.

  • Master 8 courses

    Refer to Caddie with a Master's Degree.

  • Complete the EA SPORTS™ AM TOUR

    Story-related, can't be missed.

  • Break the top 10 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings

    Refer to On top of the World.

  • Become #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings

    This is an offline achievement and is part of Road to the Masters. Becoming number one isn't just based on winning tournaments (although it does help). You also have to consider you GIR, FIR, number of putts and saves from sand etc. Once you hit #1 the achievement pops. If you are struggling, change the difficulty to amateur. It is highly recommended you get this by the end of the 2nd year if you wish to get the Broken Record achievement.

  • Break the top 50 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings

    Refer to On top of the World.

  • Compete in a Nationwide Tour event

    Story-related, can't be missed.

  • Complete Q-School

    Story-related, can't be missed.

  • Earn All Pins

    This one is the hardest, and last achievement you will unlock and requires online play.

    Completing various tasks (like getting 100 birdies) will unlock you a pin, which is similar to a mini-achievement in game. Collect allof the pins to unlock this.

    The harshest ones include 25 hole-in-ones, winning 10 online games, eagle every par 5 on 12 courses, and 18 birdies in a row.

    For the aces, you can make a custom course of your favourite par three hole, however after obtaining 25 hole-in-ones, you'll still need to get one within a tournament in the Road to the Masters mode. Otherwise it won't unlock the pins for 10/25 aces.

    For the 10 online wins, just make sure it's a ranked online match. The three-hole mini course is ideal to complete as it is very quick to do.

    This achievement can be buggy.  There are 44 pins required to unlock this achievement. One pin in particular (Hammerhead pin) requires that you unlock all of the Hammerhead clubs (by acquiring level 4 sponsorships) during tournament play. If you purchase level 4 sponsorships with Microsoft points, the pin will not unlock.

    To see your current progress click on Road to the Masters - Mr Career - Pin Awards.

    Check this thread for more details.

  • Play a Live Tournament

    This is an easy achievement, but it requires an XBL Gold subscription. Simply go to Quickplay - Xbox Live - Live Tournaments and play in one of the competitions on there. Submit your score at the end and this achievement will unlock.

  • Complete an 18 hole round under par with Tournament Difficulty turned ON

    This is much easier than it looks.

    Before you start the round, go to Road to the Masters - My Career - Options - Game Options and turn the difficulty to tournament. Then go to Road to the Masters, then Next Event and play the first hole of the event and once it loads up with the second hole, save and exit the game. From there, go to Options - Settings and turn the difficulty to amateur, then go back to the Road to the Masters and hit load last hole. Complete the game on this setting until you are on the 18th tee, save and exit again, and turn the difficulty back up to tournament. Complete the 18th hole on this setting. This achievement will unlock along with no focus, even if you used focus during the 16 holes completed on amateur.

    This is also a great way of levelling up if you don't mind playing with the options a lot.

  • Complete the Prologue

    Story-related, can't be missed.

  • Use the new Speed Play option in game

    Just double-tap Y after taking a shot and this will unlock.

  • Apply 3 pins to your Bag Tag

    Once you unlock three pin awards you can equip them by pressing A on them. Equip three and this achievement is yours.

  • Earn 15 pins

    Refer to Pin Collector.

  • Earn 2,500 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet

    You need to turn these on in the options before you start. As you go through the game Road to the Masters GN points will slowly tick up and this will eventually unlock.

    These can be found on the Quickplay - XBL - EASports GamerNet - Online Challenges. These points are cumulative and don't require you to complete them on the same day. I completed the freestyle ones quickest and got my 2500 in just over an hour. These will pop during normal play, too, so it might be worthwhile leaving this until you're almost done with the game.

  • Win The Presidents Cup

    The Presidents Cup can be found on the Quickplay menu and relies on your partner to play as well as you. It works very similarly to the Ryder Cup in last years' Tiger. If you're struggling, knock it down to amateur and you should win easily enough.

  • Post an EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Challenge

    You have to turn these on in the options. Once they're on,  play a shot, press RT, and hit upload challenge. Set win conditions, and then submit it.

  • Win the Green Jacket in the Road to the Masters mode.

    You have to win the Road to the Masters mode. On ametuer difficulty, this is a breeze.

  • Win the Green Jacket for a Record 7 times in the Road to the Masters mode.

    Simply win The Masters seven times in career mode. You have eight years in which to complete this achievement. The issue for this one is qualifying for the Masters early enough. If you haven't got enough points to unlock it try completing the Masters Moments. As the achievement states, you have to get this 7/8 times to unlock. Again, ametuer difficulty makes this much easier.

  • Win the 2005 Historic Masters Event (Tiger at the Masters)

    Go to Quickplay and select  Tiger at the Masters - 2005 Masters.  You have to complete all 4 days of this tournament and win it to unlock this achievement. This is one of the trickier ones, so ametuer difficulty is recommended.

    This will also unlock the History is Yours achievement.

  • From the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 100 yards out using a Custom shot.

    You will probably unlock this early on when you don't believe your Caddie. Just pick a club that is 100% to the pin on a non-windy hole and this should pop.

  • Compete in a Historic Masters Event (Tiger at the Masters)

    Refer to 2005 Masters Champion.

  • Win both the Par 3 and the Masters on the same week in the Road to the Masters mode.

    Before you complete the Masters event you need to complete the Par 3 sponsor challenge and come in under par. Then straight afterwards you need to win the Masters. It's very easy on ametuer difficulty.

  • Hold down the #1 spot on the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings for more than 281 weeks

    This is on the in-game single player leader boards and not online, however, this is still a beast of an achievement.

    In career mode you play 9 seasons and the general consensus is that you pretty much need to get #1 in your first year, and win the 7 green jackets of the Masters Legend achievement.  Aside from that, just try not to skip any events and consistently place well. Remember you can also save if after 16 holes you are winning and bottle it due to squeeky bum time. Simply quit to dashboard and reload it back up.

  • Land within 1 yard of the flagstick using a choked approach shot from at least 50 yards out.

    To choke a shot you have to push in the right stick. Simply choke a shot from the required distance and this will unlock.

  • Play in a Major with Nike Level 4 Sponsorship equipped

    In a similar way that you master the courses by ticking off objectives, you will also receive credit for ticking off sponsor objectives. These have to be completed for Nike, Ping, Callaway and Cleveland. You can track your progress with each sponsor.

    I recommend having an item of each equipped as they seem to tick off even if you don't have them selected as your main sponsor. I would still recommend taking each one up to level 4 before switching over, though, as progress can get lost.

    A more in depth explanation of the requirements of each can be found here.

  • Equip a HAMMERhead Prototype Club

    You can spend real money on this, but buying them using Microsoft Points it can make the Pin Collector achievement go buggy.

    To unlock it normally, you need to unlock every single club of that type. (for example. if you want the HAMMERhead irons you have to unlock all of the other irons in the game first).

  • Play in a Major with Callaway Golf® Level 4 Sponsorship equipped

    Refer to Commercial Iron.

  • Play in a Major with Cleveland Golf Level 4 Sponsorship equipped

    Refer to Commercial Iron.

  • Play in a Major with PING® Level 4 Sponsorship equipped

    Refer to Commercial Iron.

  • Equip a HAMMERhead Prototype Outfit

    Unlock everything in the proshop and you'll get this. I suggest playing all sponsor events before tournaments as well as doing all sponsorships challenges.

  • Win a Sponsored Challenge Event in the Road to the Masters mode.

    When you select an event in Road to the Masters you usually get the opportunity to complete a sponsor task. Win the event to unlock this. You still need to do these after you have this achievement, but you don't have to do them all.

  • Sink a 30ft putt without boosting the green read

    It's best to get this early on whilst the greens are easy. Simply take a straight put without pressing forward on left stick or pressing LB for putt preview. Like many of the achievements in this game, it is much easier on ametuer.

  • Win a training event in the Road to the Masters mode.

    When you select an event in Road to the Masters you usually get the opportunity to complete a training task. Win the event to unlock this.

  • Defend your title in any Major

    In the second year, you simply need to win a Major you won the previous year. You'll most likely get this by going for Masters Legend.

  • Be the #1 Ranked Golfer for 10 consecutive weeks.

    Refer to Broken Record.


Secret achievements

  • Accept and follow thru on 25 Caddie Suggestions in an 18 hole round of golf

    Your caddie sucks sometimes, but to get this you need to accept 25 of his suggestions in a round. You can still add topspin and other effects and give 110% power without endaring this achievement.

  • FIR



    Land the ball on the Fairway after your tee shot. FIR = Fairway in Regulation

    You will probably unlock this playing as Tiger in the introduction. Simply hit the ball on the fairway from the tee shot.

  • GIR



    Land the ball on the Green with at least 2 fewer strokes than par. GIR = Green in Regulation

    As with FIR, you will probably get this during the intro. Just get it on the green in 2 shots on a par 4 (or 3 on a 5, etc.).

  • Beat the course record of 63 at the Masters (In Road to the Masters)

    Much easier to do this on Amateur. Once you get into the full swing of The Masters and PGA tour you will get to Augusta.

    One suggestion is to get your course mastery up to gold by playing online with a friend or in normal play so your caddie can help you out with tricky shots.

  • Master Augusta National & Augusta Par 3 (Gold Course Mastery)

    You need to get both on Gold. This does not have to happen during the Road to the Masters.

  • Beat the course record of 20 at Augusta Par 3

    Again, this achievement is much easier to do on amateur. If you're struggling it might be a good idea to remove your high irons and replace them with the the wedges. The last trick is if you don't fancy the greens, use a punch shot off the tee.

  • Hole in one on Hole 4 of Augusta (only one hole in one has ever been recorded on this hole)

    I would recommend getting your caddie to gold level on Augusta and attempt this on amateur if you are struggling.

    The most reliable method, and the one that has been confirmed by a couple of people now is to go into your course mastery list in Road to the Masters. Select Augusta (should be the selected as soon as you go into the list) and hit to play the course. In the setup menu, go to Course Options. Go down to Hole Select and set it at Custom Select. Now hit the button again and select ONLY hole 4, make sure there aren't any others selected. Set the pins to Thursday, the tees to white and start playing. If you don't make it, just quit and restart as your settings will be saved.

    This has to be on Augusta, not the par 3 course.

    Another way to do this is simply go to quick play, select only hole 4 of the Augusta National, and select four players. That way you get 4 attempts at the hole under the same condition.

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