Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 39 [885]
Online: 7 [115]
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 35-40hrs (dependent on how fast you progress through career mode for "Unstopable!" and course play for "Like a Boss")
Minimum number of play-throughs needed: Must advance through 7 years and win the Masters each year in career mode for "Unstopable!"
Missable achievements: No
Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
Does difficulty affect Achievements?: Only for Like a Metronome & Check out my Custom Settings
Unobtainable/glitched achievements?: None at this time
Extra equipment needed?: Kinect can be used but not needed


Welcome to another installment of golf from the EA automated duplication factory. This year is very similar to Tiger '12. The big differences are the addition of online Country Clubs, in game currency (Coins), Pins, modified swing mechanics and the Tiger Legacy mode. Just like last year, you have the ability to create a new player and advance him/her through the different levels of a PGA career. All the while you will be collecting XP to improve your player as well as Country Club point and Coins. There is also online tournaments and Head-2-Head play similar to last years version allowing you to compete again other players and Country Clubs. Additionally you can play the Tiger Legacy mode which walks you through the entire life of Tiger highlighting some of the biggest moments of his career.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

There are basically 2 modes to play through, career and Tiger Legacy. About a 3rd of the achievements are earned through career play while another 3rd can be earned through career or quick play. The final chunk is earned though advancing through all the steps of the Tiger Legacy mode. More than likely some of the achievements will pop simply while playing while others will take a little time to complete.

Career Mode:

The following are obtained while advancing through a new career. All are very easy to get and almost all you will get by the middle of the second year of career if you play most of the tournaments. It will take you longer to advance in the Rankings if you skip weeks. You will have to make it through 7 years of career mode in order to obtain Unstoppable! Unlike last year though there is no achievement to maintain the #1 ranking for 281 weeks so you can skip the majority of tournaments once you unlock King of the Hill. It has been noted though that you will need to at least maintain a spot in the top 100 in order to have access to the following years Masters tournament.

  • When do we get paid?
  • Never leave home without it
  • Top 50 Countdown
  • Top 10 Hits
  • King of the Hill
  • Don't quit your day job
  • I Own this Place
  • One Small Step for Mankind
  • Unstoppable!

Tiger Legacy Mode:

The following are earned exclusively through the Legacy mode.These are separate from the career achievements. Most of these are fairly straight forward and typically have 4-6 events to play to earn each of the year achievements.

  • Toddler Years
  • Early Years
  • Junior Years
  • Amateur Years
  • Rookie Years
  • Tiger Slam
  • Pro Years
  • Present Day
  • The Future


A new feature added this year is an attempt for EA to allow you to play every course available without have to spend MS points on DLC content. How it works is simply collecting coins for playing the game on any mode. You will earn coins for basically everything you do. Once you have earned a specific amount you can then spend them either on rounds to play the DLC content or on boost/course pins. Once you "Master" the DLC course you will in turn earn unlimited play on that course in effect unlocking that course permanently without having to pay for it. This is a welcome change to play DLC content you really want without having to pay for it and at 400 MS points per course, that adds up quick! Of course, the cost per round is quite expensive in Coin amount. It costs 6000 Coins per round if you buy a round individually. You can also buy in bulk for 2 rounds at 9000 coins and 3 rounds at 12000 coins. Also once in a rare time EA does a promotion for discounted rounds in relation to the coins. If you buy the rounds individually, it will take you at least 5.55 rounds to master a course. 5.55 comes from the highest mastery objective of earning 100 pars or better on a given course. So you will need to earn at least 34,000 Coins to unlock a DLC course. It is a bit cheaper at 24,000 coins if you buy the 3 pack round twice, but of course that means you just have to save up a bunch and if your impatient like me, i tend to blow the coins way before piling up that much. Either way, as you can see it will take ALOT of game play to earn enough coins to unlock all the DLC courses but on the other hand its all free and just a time sink.

Country Clubs:

Another addition this years is Country Clubs. Anyone can make a CC or you can join any club you like but can only be part of one club at any given time. There are rankings and CC tournaments within the clubs as well as small coin bonuses the higher you CC is ranked. You earn "rep" with your CC in a similar fashion to how you earn Coins through almost any type of game play. This rep levels your CC as well and increases you standing/rank within the club. Although, there are no achievements associated with this ranking system. The country club achievements that do exist are simple to obtain and you need at most another player in your CC to earn "Internal Conflict".


If you are looking to get 1000 as fast as possible I recommend working your way though career mode first as you will unlock the majority along the way. Once that is complete, knock out any remaining individual achievements and the handful of online achievements. Then finally work your way though Tiger Legacy mode as it is quite easy save a couple of specific challenges. Once you finish that you should be sitting close to if not on 1000.

All in all this game is about on par with last year as far as achievement difficulty and is somewhat easier to obtain 1000with less of a time sink in career mode. The addition of Country Clubs and Coins is a cool change but from an overall game play improvement nothing earth shattering.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Achievement Guide

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There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Land on the green from over 175 yards away using a Hybrid

    This can be done in any mode and simply requires you to have the Hybrid equipped. If you are using the caddy automatically, simply change the club to the Hybrid and ensure you are at least 175 yards from the green. This can be done easily on any par 5 and many par 4's. More than likely you will achieve this naturally as you progress through career.

    Alternatively, this is easily done from career mode and the Practice Facility. Just be sure to edit your clubs and make sure one of your 14 clubs is a hybrid (recommend having one in the bag anyways).

  • Play in a Live Tournament


    Simply select a tournament from the Xbox Live menu. Upon starting the round the achievement will unlock. You can either quit or play the round as it does not affect the achievement at that point.

  • Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent FIR. FIR = Fairway in Regulation

    This simply requires you to hit every fairway off the drive on par 4 and 5's on any course. Par 3's do not matter for this achieve. Set your difficulty to Amateur and calm weather to make this as easy as possible if you are having trouble swinging the club accurately. Many have found St Andrews to be one of the easiest because of the very wide fairways and very little hazards. You will likely achieve this simply playing through the career.

  • Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent GIR. GIR = Green in Regulation

    Similar to the FIR achievement, you need to hit all 18 greens. For par 3's you need to hit the green off the tee, for par 4's you need to land on the green by your 2nd shot and for par 5's you must land on the green by your 3rd shot. Of course reaching the green under those requirements count as well. Again i would recommend St Andrews, on Amateur difficulty settings and with calm weather if you are having difficulty. Again, you will likely achieve this simply playing through the career.

  • Actually get a hole in 1 in the 1982 First Hole in One event in Tiger Legacy Challenge

    This is the last objective in the Toddler Years. The goal of that objective is to land within 2 feet of the hole but to unlock the achievement you need to actually make a hole in one. This may take you quite a few attempts to make this shot. There is defiantly some luck involved and unfortunately there is no magic secret to accomplish this since there are so many variables involved with the shot. (Wind, aim, swing, etc...)

    The best suggestion is to again use amateur settings and use the caddy to assist you with the shot. I have found it the easiest to use the 5 wood which will hit on the front of the green and roll up to the hole. You may need to use some spin to influence the shot as well, but not much is needed as it is mostly a straight on shot. Just a couple of ticks of spin one way or another may be all you need and its possible you may not need to add extra spin at all. I have also noticed it was easier to make it when there was little to no wind or if it was either blowing directly into or away from me. Just keep plugging away at this shot and it should come the more you attempt it as you will being to figure out the exact shot you need to make it in the hole.

  • Complete Amen Corner (Augusta 11,12,13) with a birdie or better on each in a single round.

    Use Amateur difficulty settings and calm weather to make this easier. You do not have to play the whole course to unlock this and can be play on a quick play, custom hole setup with just these 3 holes selected or can be achieved in Tiger Legacy mode. The 11th hole is a par 4, the 12th is a par 3 and the 13th is a par 5. All are fairly easy to birdie with all the settings turned down as low as possible. This will still take a little bit of skill as you will still need to land close to give yourself an easy birdie put on the 11th and 12th. The 13th is very easy to birdie and more than likely most will end up with an eagle on this hole.

  • Master 1 Course

    See "Like a Boss" for more information

  • Master 8 Courses

    See "Like a Boss" for more information

  • Master 16 Courses

    This requires you to complete the gold course mastery objectives for any 16 courses. The gold objectives for each course are the same (except for the Augusta Par 3 course) and are listed below:

    • 6 under par round
    • Hazard free round
    • 60 Career FIRs
    • 80 Career GIRs
    • 20 Career one putts
    • 100 Career pars or better
    • 30 Career birdies or better
    • 5 Career eagles or better

    The 100 career pars being the largest total, it will take you 5 1/2 rounds of 18 holes on a course at a minimum to master that course. Completing challenges in career mode, playing the courses through a career, playing online in H2H or tournaments and quick play all count toward these totals. Once those requirements are met, that course is mastered. Complete this for 1, 8 & 16 separate courses to unlock the 3 Mastery achievements.

  • Make a hole in one

    This has worked for most to unlock in Tiger Legacy during "1978 First Television Appearance" objective. Simply aim at around 18-19 yards and after hitting the net you will see the ball drop and then a hole out sounds. This can also be made in conjunction with No Handouts Please in Tiger Legacy which requires you to make a hole in one for that achievement during the objective.

  • Complete an 18 hole round using the Red Tees

    This requires you to play a "Play Now" event and select any course you like. Verify that the course has red tees. When setting up the game, you can select any options you want but verify that the "Tee Select" option is set to Red. Then simply play the round and once the 18th hole is complete, the achievement will pop. This can be done in conjunction with other miscellaneous achievements.

  • Compete in an amateur championship

    Begin a new career. You will then need to play 2 tournaments before you can reach the Amateur Championship. Since you are not required to win, you simply need to play the round for the achievement to pop. Of course if you are working for King of the Hill you would be best served to win every tournament to advance quicker. You also will need to win the championship to be invited to your first Masters tournament.

  • Earn PGA TOUR card

    Once you Win the Amateur championship you will be invited to play in the Masters. Since you are going for the 7 Masters wins, you will want to win at your first Masters. Upon winning you will unlock your PGA card and this achievement.

  • Break the top 50 in EA SPORTS Golf Rankings

    See "King of the Hill" for more information

  • Break the top 10 in EA SPORTS Golf Rankings

    See "King of the Hill" for more information

  • Become #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings

    Similar to Tiger '12 achieving the #1 rank will take quite a few wins to overtake the #1 spot. You will more than likely obtain this by the end of your 2nd season if you play and win every tournament available. Turning down the AI scoring difficulty when setting up the season settings will make winning very easy to achieve. You then simply need to keep winning until your rank surpasses 50, 10 and eventually the #1 spot. When you are in positing to take the #1 spot you will play against Tiger for a round(s) of the next tournament. You will of course need to win to overtake the position. It has been reported by many and happened to me as well that this achievement will not pop until playing and winning the following tournament after beating Tiger. The good news is unlike Tiger '12, you do not have to maintain the #1 after unlocking the achievement.

  • Win the Masters as an amateur

    You will earn this in conjunction with "Never leave home without it". Simply win the Amateur championship to be invited to the Masters. Once there, simply win the tournament. Turn the setting to Amateur to make winning this easier if you are having trouble.

  • Sink a 40ft putt

    As the description states, make a 40 ft or greater but on any green in the game with any difficulty set. Again the easiest is to set the difficulty to Amateur and play any hole. You can also use the caddy suggestion  as well as the putt preview  before the putt to line it up as close as possible and just ensure you are greater than 40 ft away from the hole. This will more than likely come naturally playing through career.

  • From the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 150 yards out

    Fairly self explanatory and you will more than likely unlock this simply playing through the career. Again, the easiest method to increase accuracy would be to set it to Amateur settings, calm weather and the caddy on and use the suggested hit option . This can be done on any course and any play method. Verify that the landing area of the shot is close to the pin and swing the desired power and of course verify you are greater than 150 yards form the green and in the fairway. Par 3's do not count nor does hitting it out of the rough or second cut.

  • Defend your title in any Major

    Upon winning the Master as an Amateur, the following years Masters tournament will be your first opportunity to defend a Major title. Simply win the Masters the second year and this will unlock once the tournament is over.

  • Complete an 18 hole online head-to-head match with toddler Tiger

    Toddler Tiger is unlocked by completing the Toddler Years in Tiger Legacy mode. Once unlocked you need to go online and can either be against a CC member, custom match or a quick match setup. Simply select toddler Tiger and play a 18 hole round. Once the 18th hole is completed the achievement will unlock.

  • Play a Four Player online match with all players using toddlers

    Simply gather 4 players into one match. Ensure that all players are using a toddler character, tiger, ricky or rory. Once the match begins the achievement will unlock. You do not have to play to round and can quit out once it unlocks.

  • Play an 18 hole round with Boost Pins equipped

    Simply play any round and ensure you select 3 pins to add to your tag on the last screen before starting the round. Also ensure that the setting for the round have Boost Pins enabled. You can purchase boost pins from the in game store with Coins if you do not have enough. It costs 4000 Coins to purchase the cheapest combo pack.

  • Complete Toddler Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    1978 First Television Appearance

    • Simply accomplish the very easy goals of the challenge. All of these first years objectives are meant to get you use to the game and the swing/putt mechanics.

    1978 Backyard Golf

    • Simply accomplish the very easy goals of the challenge.

    1978 Learning from Dad

    • Simply accomplish the very easy goals of the challenge.

    1979 Tiger Par

    • Simply accomplish the very easy goals of the challenge.

    1978 Drive, Pitch & Putt Competition

    • Simply accomplish the very easy goals of the challenge.

    1980 Training with Coach

    • Simply accomplish the very easy goals of the challenge.

    1982 First Hole in One

    • This is the first challenging objective in Tiger Legacy mode. To actually pass the objective you simply need to land the ball within 2 yards of the hole. But more than likely you will be working toward No Handouts Please on this challenge to actually make a hole in one. Follow the suggestions for that achievement and you should unlock that achievement as well as beat this challenge. Once you beat this challenge the achievement will unlock for Toddler Years.
  • Complete the Early Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    1983 Always on the Course

    • Score 6 over par or better on 5 holes.

    1983 Youth Golf Tournament

    • Score 3 over par or better and make at least 1 Par.

    1984 Junior World Golf Championship

    • Win the final match against Scott Ratchman in a 9 hole playoff.

    1984 In the Bag

    • Land 3 shots in the bag or within the landing zone.

    1986 Major Dream: Jack's 18th Major

    • Score 2 under par on the final 3 holes at the Masters. Once you finish this challenge within the required goals, the achievement will unlock.
  • Complete the Junior Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    1988 Distraction Training

    • Stay even par over 4 holes. The game will make noises and vibrations during your swing but its nothing that should affect your play.

    1990 Junior World Golf Championship

    • Defeat Scott Ratchman in the final matchup of a 5 hole playoff.

    1991 Putting Practice

    • Sink 3 putts into the practice putting toy & Sink 3 putts on Tiger's homemade practice green.

    1991 Junior World Golf Championship

    • Score 1 under par and hit at least 2 GIR's through 4 holes.

    1991 Junior AM Player of the Year

    • Defeat Scott Ratchman in a 6 hole playoff. Once you beat this challenge the achievement will unlock for Junior Years.
  • Complete the Amateur Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    1994 Perfecting Tiger's Drive

    • Hit 3 drives with a total distance over 800 yards.

    1994 Tiger at Stanford

    • Score 3 under and hit 3 FIRs on 6 holes.

    1994 U.S. Amateur

    • Rally back within striking distance of the leader scoring at least 3 under and/or 3 birdies through 7 holes.
    • Make Tiger's amazing putt on the 17th.
    • Close out with a par and win the event on the 18th.

    1995 First Masters

    • Stay even par and hit at least 2 FIRs during the 2nd round to help Tiger make the cut through 5 holes.

    1996 College Invitational

    • Defeat your opponent in match play through 9 holes to claim the College Slam. Once you win this challenge you will unlock the Amateur Years achievement.
  • Complete the Rookie Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    1997 First Major Win

    • Finish the second nine at the Masters at 6 under 30 during the first round with at least a 2 birdie streak. You will also be able to unlock Shouting at Amen Corner if you meet the requirements of that achievement while playing this challenge.
    • Sink the final putt to win.

    1998 First Presidents Cup

    • Score 2 under on the Par 3's at Royal Melbourne.

    1998 Fight the Winds

    • Fight against the high winds and stay even over 3 holes.

    1998 First Tiger Woods Video Game

    • Defeat Jim Furyk in Battle Golf through 9 holes.

    1997 Phoenix Open

    One of the most difficult challenges in Tiger Legacy at least for me. It took me about 45 mins to get within a foot of the hole and when i finally beat this i actually ended up getting a hole in one. The goal of this challenge is to land within 1 yard or the hole or better on the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale. I will refer to the hole in one on the 1982 challenge in Toddler Years as they are similar. There again is some luck involved since there are so many variables involved with the shot. (Wind, aim, swing, etc...) 

    The best suggestion is to again use amateur settings and use the caddy to assist you with the shot. It again helps if the wind is minimal. Ensure the aim is very close to the hole and you will more than likely need to use the spin control one direction or another depending on the wind to help dial in this shot. Just keep plugging away at this shot and it should come the more you attempt it as you will being to figure out the exact shot you need to land it near or in the hole. Once you accomplish the goal of this challenge you will unlock the achievement for Rookie Years.

  • Complete the Tiger Slam in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    2000 U.S. Open Championship

    • Score 3 under with 3 birdies in a row through 4 holes.

    2000 Open Championship

    • Score a birdie in a row on the 9th, 12th and 14th holes at St Andrews.

    2000 PGA Championship

    • Sink the 25ft birdie putt to secure Tiger's victory in the Playoffs

    2001 The Players Championship

    • Sink the snake putt on the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass.

    2001 Tiger Slam Complete

    • Birdie 4 holes in a row at the Masters.
    • Sink the final birdie putt to complete the Tiger Slam.

    2000 Pebble Beach National Pro-AM

    • Score 8 under on the final 7 holes at Pebble Beach.

    This challenge has given some players trouble. The best advice i can give is just to set the settings to Amateur with the caddie on. Use the suggestions as a guide and tweak the shots as desired. You will need to eagle at least one hole while birdieing the rest in order to shoot 8 under and your best chance at that will be the final hole. Although if the wind is calm you may be able to eagle the 14th as well but the distance and pin position makes this hole more difficult. Also trying to hole out from the fairway on the second shots of par 4s will make this much easier as well. Once finishing this challenge you will unlock the achievement for Tiger Slam.

  • Complete the Pro Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    2002 Back to Back Masters

    • Score 4 under on the second nine of Tiger's 3rd round at the Masters.

    2002 U.S. Open Championship

    • Hit all the fairways and score 1 under thru 5 holes at Bethpage.

    2005 Greatest Shot

    • Land within 1 foot of the hole or in on the 16th hole at the Masters.

    2005 Open Practice

    • Drive the ball a total of 825 yards in 3 attempts.
    • Land 3 shots within a total of 20 yards to the hole.
    • Land 4 shots within the landing zone.

    2005 Open Championship

    • Birdie both the Par 5's at St Andrews.

    2007 Inaugural FedEx Champion

    • Match or beat Tiger's 28 on the Front 9 at East Lake.

    2008 U.S. Open Championship

    • Sink the putt on the 18th to send the event into a playoff.
    • Defeat Rocco Mediate in the playoffs.

    2008 Walk on Water

    • Land within 1 foot of the hole or better for the EA commercial. Once you compete this challenge you will unlock the achievement for Pro Years.
  • Complete the Present Day in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    2010 Ryder Cup

    • Land within 2 feet of the hole or better.

    2011 Presidents Cup

    • Score 4 under through 6 holes.

    2012 Tiger's Next Major

    • Rally back with 3 birdies in a row.
    • Sink a birdie chip shot for the win.

    2012 Tiger Woods Foundation

    • Defeat Roenick in a Skins match with no Fairway Woods or Drivers through 9 holes.

    2013 Masters

    • Score a perfect 4 under on Amen Corner (2 birdies, 1 eagle). Again use Amateur settings if your having trouble. This is also another opportunity to get Shouting at Amen Corner as well.

    2011 Around the Trees

    • The goal is to execute a hook shot around the trees and land on the green within approx 5 yards of the hole. There have been multiple suggestions on how to accomplish this. What i did depending on the wind was just hit a 3 to 5 iron, aim at the white leader board to the right of the green, then put the draw as far to the left as it would go, hit it with a full swing and put full left spin on it. You may have to tweak it just a tiny bit depending on where you aim but that should get you 95% of the way there. Completing this challenge will unlock the Present Day achievement.
  • Complete the Future in Tiger Legacy Challenge


    2014 Major Playoff

    • Score 6 under on the final 11 holes at Valhalla.
    • Defeat Hunter Mahan in a Playoff.

    2014 Major Champions

    • Defeat your opponent in Stroke Play through 9 holes.

    2015 Tie Jack's Major Record?

    • Defeat Ross Fisher and Graeme McDowell through 6 holes.

    2016 Top of the World

    • Land within 2 yards or better from an impossible location at St Andrews.

    2018 EA Sports Pro-AM

    • Team up with Dwight Howard to defeat Ian Poulter and Theo Walcott in Fourball through 9 holes. Once you finish this challenge you will unlock the achievement for The Future.
  • Land within 1 yard of the flagstick from a bunker

    Another achievement that will probably pop as you progress through career mode. To do it quickly select the Amateur settings and a Play now course. Any course will do and i recommend just playing the par 3's in custom mode. Simply land you tee shot in the bunker. Then use the caddy recommendation to line up your chip and ensure that the target line ends at either the cup or right next to it. Simply swing the recommended power and you should land within a yard easily. This can also be achieved in any Tiger Legacy objective or online play as well.

  • Hit a drive over 400 yards

    There are multiple options here, but the main goal is to pick a strong golfer like Bubba Watson or Tiger and select Gale Force winds from the options menu. The recommendation below is what i personally used. Took quite a few tries though to get the wind in the right direction. Went about 450ish with the driver and power pins attached.

    Note: Insure you have mulligans turned off as this voids the achievement.

    Additional info: Augusta, 2nd hole. Use Tiger, Gale Force winds, fast course, and the boost pins for Tiger and Driver. First time I tried it the wind was across and opposite the direction of the dogleg and I still got 380; second try the wind was almost straight with me and I got 410. Of course use the forward spin for extra roll.

  • Complete 10 perfect Tempo Swings with TOUR Pro Difficulty or better

    By far the hardest achievement in my opinion in terms of difficulty due to the severe sensitivity of the swing meter in TOUR Pro difficulty. This will more than likely take 30 mins to an hour depending on how accurate you can swing. These do accumulate over time though and do not have to be back to back perfect. This was a bit of a pain but the achievement popped exactly on my 10th perfect attempt as I was keeping track on each success.

    Note: This must be done from the tee box to register the swing to count toward the achievement.

    If you have the Masters Edition of the game try this method:

    Ensure you have the difficulty set to TOUR Pro before entering the practice range.

    Main Menu -> Settings -> Difficulty = TOUR Pro
    Once on the practice range aim at the far right green.
    Press to switch from target to target until you are using the 6 or 8 iron.
    Both meters top and bottom need to say perfect to count.

    If you have the regular version you can go into Tiger Legacy and follow the recommendation:

    Settings > Game Settings > Difficulty Level: TOUR Pro
    Game Modes > Tiger Legacy Challenge > Rookie Years > 1997 Phoenix Open

    Now try and get "perfect" on your backswing and forward swing if you don't get if pause the game and retry event until you get get both "perfect". Then continue the challenge and it will save. Now just rinse and repeat until the achievement pops.

  • Complete an 18 hole round using a Custom Difficulty

    Go into the Gameplay Settings from the main menu and turn one of the options off. The easiest would be to select Amateur settings and then scroll down the Ball Spin and disable it. You will notice that the Difficulty level now reads "Custom". Now simply play a full round and the achievement will pop after completing the 18th hole. This can be achieved in conjunction with From the Ladies Tees.

  • Create or Join a Country Club in Game

    Anyone can create a CC or you can join a friends club or one of the clubs in the forums. Once you join the club the achievement will unlock.

  • Play in a Country Club Tournament

    Simply enter into any tournament inside the CC. These are difference from the Xbox Live tournaments. If you are the owner of the CC simply create a CC tournament. If your a member, the leader more than likely already created some. If not ask the leader to create a few tournaments. As with most of the other online achievements once you start the round the achievement will unlock and you do not need to finish if you like.

    To create a CC tournament:

    First you have to be a GM in your club. If not ask the GM to do this so you at least get some tournies going and you get your achievement for playing in one. Simply go to easports.com, hit the Tiger Woods link, sign in to the site and hit the Country Clubs tab. In there you can create daily, and weekly tournies for your club.

  • Earn a Four Day loyalty Bonus

    After joining a CC you will then need to then perform some activity 4 separate days in a row in order to unlock this. Almost all activities performed earns you club points. The easiest way would be to either play the daily tournament or work on your career 4 days in a row. On the 4th consecutive day of activity the achievement will unlock.

  • Compete with a teammate in a head-to-head match launched from the Clubhouse lobby

    This will require at least 2 people in the same Country Club in order to achieve this. Once you are in the the CC menus go to the CC lobby and have the other member go into the lobby as well. Once there, setup a new round and either invite the other memeber or have him/her join the created session. Once the round starts the achievement will unlock. You do not have to play out the round if desired and can quit out.

  • Make a putt from the rough

    It needs to be proper rough (long grass) and it must be sunk in the hole using a putter nothing else. Easiest way to get this is to set up a match on Bethpage (Black Course) on hole 2 (par 4). Over hit the green and land in the rough at the back. On this hole the rough is right next to the putting green and the green is flat, so no angles to factor in aim around 17ft and you should be golden.

  • Win the Green Jacket in Career Mode

    This will unlock in conjunction with achieving "Don't quit your day job". When winning the Masters as an amateur this achievement will unlock. Note that this must be done in career mode and not in quick play.

  • Win the Green Jacket for a Record 7 times in Career Mode

    This will be the most time consuming of the Career achievements but isnt very difficult. You can skip the majority of the tournaments in a season once you reach and unlock the #1 ranking achievement. Then you will simply need to win enough tournaments to stay within the top 100 in the rankings. It is recommended that you play the majors in the season and a couple of the 4 star tournaments to maintain a decent ranking. You may not even need to play that many but you can easily check your rank after each week and if you see yourself getting close to loosing a top 100 position, simply win some tournaments to get back into position to qualify for the following years Masters.


Secret achievements

  • Whiff the ball

    Extremely easy to achieve. In any mode, in any type of play and on any swing simply line up for a shot. Before swinging, press up on  as far as it will go ( if you have the swing control switched). You will notice the hit meter on the ball in the right bottom corner is all the way at the top. Just swing away and you will miss completely.

  • Complete an 18 hole round with toddler Ricky

    To unlock toddler Ricky, you must first play through Tiger Legacy and finish the "Record Books" objective "2019 Tiger's Record". This will in turn unlock the Bonus Challenges. You must finish the challenge "Young Gun Rickie Fowler" successfully to unlock him. Once unlocked, go to the main menu to a play now event and ensure you select toddler Ricky as your golfer. Once you finish the 18th hole on any course, the achievement will pop.

  • Beat the course record of 63 at the Masters (In Career Mode)

    Easily done on you first visit to the Masters in career mode on Amateur settings. Note that spin is disabled for the masters round(s) so you will need to aim a bit more carefully as you will not have spin to correct swing mistakes. Using the caddie recommendations will usually get you pretty close to the pin for an easy birdie putt.

    Additional Note: This must be done during the career and cannot be achieved in quick play. Seeing as you will need to win the Masters 7 times for Unstoppable! anyway, you will have plenty of opportunities but again you will likely get this on your first attempt. To increase your chances if you are having trouble, increase the round total to 4 for the tournament to quadruple your chances to break 63.

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